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September 17th 2012
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The journey to Gili Air was really simple, the three Gili islands are so close together that there’s an island hopping boat service that takes you there. The journey took all of 20 minutes via Gili Meno. Although as always it took as about an hour to find out what time it left in the morning, after being told 5 different times!

Before we made the short trip across top Gili Air we’d had a quick look on the internet for a few ideas on places to stay, it wasn’t really a surprise to find next to nothing so as soon as we arrived we headed off to find somewhere for to stay. We looked at 3 or 4 places before deciding on bungalow set about 50 yards from the beach, it was fairly basic but had everything we were looking for, for a few nights.

Gili Air is even smaller than Gili Trawangen, maybe 2km by 2km, and there’re even less people on the island. It wasn’t exactly difficult to find a spot on the beach with no one else in sight. Like Trawangen the beaches were coral beaches, sandy out of the water but as soon as you went in, your feet were walking on crunchy dead coral (pretty uncomfortable walking). We were lucky to find an area of about 50 yards in the sea that was sandy in the water to quite far out, we spent most of our time here.

As before it was all days lying reading on the beach and afternoons walking round the island and watching the sunset.

The evenings in Gili Air were spent wandering around trying to find a bar with more that about 2 people in it, it really was that quiet. Most people that were around all seemed to be French and German and not all that interested in talking to us. Lot of French in Lombok!

One night we had a couple of drinks on the beach by a fire that a couple of Indonesian lads had lit. They were playing guitars, singing reggae and dancing and just generally having a bit of fun (the Indonesians really do love reggae). One of them told us that they during the day they went spearfishing and sold their catch to the restaurants on the island, as well as trying to sell the odd tour here and there. At night they slept on some of the benches in the restaurant near to where they were playing. We saw some of them during the day just playing Frisbee on the beach…not a bad life!

Like on Trawangen we went snorkeling, lots of colourful tropical fish again, and no turtles this time but we did see a bright blue starfish. Mental.

On to Lombok, and another journey on a local boat….great stuff!

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