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Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan » Derawan April 30th 2007

Derawan Island group off Berau Kalimantan Paradise how long. We arrived at Derawan, the main island in the group and went first to stay at Lestari losmen, As others have commented the best rooms are over the sea on stilts, rooms up the back not so nice and pretty stuffy. There was a long walk to the toilet at the back which didn’t go down to well in the middle of the night. Main problem for us was that there was a Polish Dive operation staying there next door to us, they were nice people and we became friendly with them they run tours from Poland at budget prices both to Derawan and Papua. Staying 3 months in each and moving all there kit in the middle of the season. The problem was that there room ... read more
Stuck turtle
Sandbars to die for
Samama Island

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan April 19th 2007

Two days on the road are ahead of me. I am on my way to Banjarmasin, a town in southern Kalimantan. Because of its channels and waterways it is nicknamed the Venice of Borneo. My first leg go from Kumai to the inland rivertown of Palangkaraya, meaning “big and holy place”. The view is is little inspiring. Most of the jungle has ben cut down, or even more vastefull-burned down. There are big areas where black logs still stand upright like fingers accusingly pointing to the sky. Frquently we meet trucks carrying logs to the many small roadside sawmills busy in cutting the branch that they sit on. Litterally. Then it is more uplifting to see tucks carrying rattanpalms. This is a crop unable to grow without jungle. They are climbing palms depending on larger trunks ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan April 19th 2007

Tanjung Puting My reason for visiting Kumai is Tanjung Puting Nationalpark, a junglearea on the other side of the river. It was declared a gamereserve allready in 1935, and got its nationalparkstatus in 1982. It has suffered from weak protection and a lack of ruleenforcing, but it has avoided destruction. Yet. So far luck has been better than the action. Now it seems that authorities to some extent have started to recognise the areas big biological value. Here is mangrove-an extremely important vegetationtype-did you know that even life on many big coralreefs need mangrove? Their offspring often have a lifestage in the shelteringmangrove, beside-it hinder erosion. Here is swap and wetland. The jungle itself is one of Kalimantans biggest remaining patches of jungles of its kind. The park cover 3040 squarekilometers, but it only reaches 30 ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan December 15th 2006

So we flew to Changi (again) and from there we caught a flight into Jakarta, Indonesia. The first thing we noticed about Indonesia was how unwieldy the currency is. Following the economic crisis in 1998 you can now get 17,350 rupiah to the pound. Thus we withdrew a modest amount of cash and became instant millionaires! The only problem is then carrying it around, putting it into my money belt made me look suddenly six months pregnant. Nevermind. We spent only one night in Jakarta, a huge sprawling city, before flying on to Semarang. Here we planned to buy tickets to hop over to Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. Unfortunately all flights were full for a couple of days so we ended up kicking around Semarang for 3 nights. We stayed in the very nice ... read more
I think perhaps, Mr Orangutan Sir, you should read the sign....
Princess and baby Percy ask, "So what time is this show starting?"
5 month old baby clings to mum

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan » Balikpapan October 17th 2006

Its getting closed to my way to Norway...its just 3 days left. I m getting nervous, its all coz of thinking i would be so much long in the flight trip and also I m wishing NOT get lost in the huge airport while im transitting in Amsterdam... I havent pack,yet..but tommorow i will try to get things i need and pack so nothings left coz im worry for that least i dont forget to bring the coffee for my sayang :)... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan » Bontang April 2nd 2006

Its been a while since I was able to write any news updates, as time has been short and Internet access (the kind where you dont wait 10 minutes for the webpage to load) is hard to come by. This weekend we went to Bontang, a small city in the north-east of Kalimantan, and owe a lot of its existance to the two major companies here, a fertilizer industry and a gas liquifier plant. Compared to the hectical city of Balikpapan, Bontang is like a little garden of eden; quiet and with large green open spaces and parks. I haven't been write much about Cecilia in this blog, but she's the most amazing and wonderful girl in the whole world. I was very nervous for our meeting when I arrived to Indonesia, but we managed to ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan » Balikpapan March 22nd 2006

Its been a while since I was able to update but I finally found an Internet cafe or maybe Internet Online game-joint would be more appropriate because thats what most of the customers here are doing. But I have been offered tea to drink and once been informed that smoking was allowed here :) After landing at the Balikpapan airport, we were picked up by a minibuss and driven to the terminal. Getting Visa was just simply standing at the right counter, handing over the passport and $25 for the 30 days as Balikpapan is one of the entry points to Indonesia. Then it was time to get my luggage, which I located immediately because there was only two suitcases there but was nevertheless helped by a man (he had probably been assigned to making sure ... read more

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