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Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan » Putussibau December 7th 2015

‘Orangutan!’ my guide excitedly shouts, pointing up a tree, where a shadowy ape looks down on us from up high. The sack full of ants which had fallen down on me from a low hanging branch, when we had glided with our rickety longboat through the flooded forest, was quickly forgotten. Just a minute ago, I had shrieked like a little baby because ants were crawling all over me. Nasty little biting ants. On my head, on my arms, my legs, my shirt, and in my shorts. Ants everywhere, which I was frantically trying to brush of my body and clothes, while simultaneously keeping my balance on the now dangerously wobbly boat. Longboats, I contemplated were not made for lumbering Dutchmen fighting off ants. My guide and the captain of this glorified hollow tree trunk, which ... read more
Lanjak to Meliau
Lanjak to Meliau
Lanjak to Meliau

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan » Pontianak November 30th 2015

As I stand waiting for an Ankot (minibus) to the bus terminal in Banjarmasin, an old toothless man turns up, seemingly out of nowhere. Or to be more exact he climbs over a fence and through some bushes, a rather interesting approach I have to admit. ‘Where are you going sir?’ ‘To the bus terminal.’ ‘And then?’ ‘I want to buy a ticket to Pangkalan Bun.’ ‘Ah, for Tanjung Puting. For orangutan.’ And so our monkey business starts. The old man knows another (old) man, who knows another man, who can arrange a cheap tour of Tanjung Puting. Am I interested? Not really, I confess. Nevertheless he gives me a number and a name in Pangkalan Bun. You might wonder why I am not interested in Tanjung Puting and its orangutans. So let me clarify that. ... read more
Pangkalan Bun
Tanjung Puting
Tanjung Puting

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan » Pangkalan Bun September 18th 2015

Camp Leakey is door dr. Galdikas in 1971 opgericht om het gedrag van de orang utangs te bestuderen, het bijzondere is dat in dit kamp al ruim 40 jaar hetzelfde onderzoeksteam werkt. Het is gekkenhuis met Klotoks aan de pier, er liggen er wel een paar dozijn. Via een lang houten pad op palen komen we bij het informatiecentrum, waar alles wordt uitgelegd over de orang utangs. Het centrum is nog niet erg met de moderne tijd meegegaan, overal hangen vergeelde foto's en de informatie is een paar decennia terug afgedrukt en ingelijst. Na het informatiecentrum lopen we door het woud naar het voederplatform, waar we een ware nachtmerrie aantreffen. Natuurlijk zijn de ouwetjes van National Geographic al aanwezig, maar ook al de andere buitenlandse toeristen en een blik irritante Indonesische die meer aandacht hebben voor ... read more
Woudreus met parasietboom
Even banaantje oppeuzelen

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan » Pangkalan Bun September 15th 2015

Om kwart voor zes staan we op en gaan naar het ontbijt, waar we een grote variëteit aan koude en warme gerechten aantreffen. Heel druk is het nog niet, alleen wat Japanse jongeren, waarvan de meisjes al giechelend het buffet afstruinen. De shuttle brengt ons vandaag veel sneller naar de binnenlandse terminal toe, waar het erg druk is. In Indonesië mogen alleen passagiers de terminal in en wordt al je bagage bij de ingang gescand. Geheel volgens verwachting zegt de dame aan de balie schaamteloos dat de vlucht naar Pangkalan Bun twee uur vertraagd is, en dat om half acht ‘s ochtends. Wij zijn niet verbaasd want thuis heeft Robbert de vluchten bekeken, en minstens een uur vertraging is normaal op deze route. We nemen de shuttle naar de internationale terminal en wisselen daar wat euro's, ... read more
Onze Klotok
Even slingeren
Wat er allemaal 's nachts door het bos kruipt....

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan » Pangkalan Bun July 20th 2015

Today we are leaving Borobudur to Borneo. Borobudur was awesome. So, we took a taxi to the airport and flew to Borneo after catching a connecting flight. When we got to Borneo we took a taxi to our hotel. Our hotel was amazing!!! It had an infinity pool and a masssage chair in our room. We went into the pool for a little bit and ordered room service for dinner. I had fried rice, Ania had fish and my dad had Gado Gado. We watched TV and went to bed. When we woke up we got ready and checked out of this hotel. We were going to stay at a lodge for a night and stay on a boat for the other night. We got in the taxi to get to our boat. When we go ... read more
Looking for Monkeys in Borneo
King #2

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan » Pontianak March 5th 2015

Singkawang is a small town located in a very western part of Kalimantan, Indonesia on the island of Borneo. Cultural and ethnic diversity makes Singkawang so special. Every year the city celebrates Chap Go Meh in a very unusual way compare to other parts of the region. Chinese community here lives harmoniously with the Malays and the Dayaks, but spiritually they are still strong practicing the Chinese culture. Singkawang also known as 'city of a thousand temples' and it has the most traditionally iconic Chinese festivals called the 'Chap Go Meh'. The uniqueness of Chap Go Meh celebration in Singkawang extends beyond similar festivals in other cities in Indonesia as well as Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. Believe it or not, the whole cities are celebrating the glorious festival. Chap Go Meh celebrated fifteen days after the ... read more
Tatung Warrior Oranges
Pondok Gravitasi 
Chap Go Meh celebration in Pontianak city

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan October 18th 2014

Saturday 11th - we got picked up by a little speedboat and taken to the dock of the Park Tourist office and dropped straight onto our new boat for the next 2 days. It was narrow & wooden with 2 floors, the upper for us with a bed already laid out and a small table to the rear with a few chairs. Beneath was where the driver and assistant engineer (boatboy) and the cook hung out to do their work. While Mr Yono went to get our park permits we walked down the street of uninspiring Kumai to get some money from the ATM. It was a typical dusty road with hazardous paving and lined with small shops. What was different were large featureless block buildings- like apartment buildings where they forgot to put the windows ... read more
Entering the park Tanjung Putting
Proboscus monkey
family picture

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan October 12th 2014

The passage to Bawean was one of the most pleasant overnighters so far and we made good speed with 15-20 knots up the bum all the way. It would have been more relaxing if we didn’t have to be so vigilant about the fish traps that started about 70 miles out from the island. They were no longer platforms, but large palm tree trunks, often with only a frond or flag sticking up to show itself and sometimes these were missing. Just as it was getting dark around 7pm there was banging noises on the side of the boat and Naomi, who was out on watch, exclaimed “we just hit one!”. From downstairs I hadn’t heard any grinding along the hull so I think just the flag hit the rail of the boat. These things were ... read more
fish trap
exploring the village in Bawean
Luna Ray's scars

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan » Pangkalan Bun August 1st 2014

We arrived in Pangkalan Bun on an hour and a half flight from Jakarta. Pangkalan Bun is in Kalimantan which is the Indonesian side of the island of Borneo. The main tourist attraction here is the Tanjung Puting National Park. We have arranged for a three day, two night trip up the river into the park on a klotok (houseboat). The owner of the tour company we booked our trip through met us at the airport and drove us into town. He recommended a cheap hotel to spend the night while we await our trip to start early the next day. The place was a bit of a dive but it worked for one night. The next day we were met by our tour guide and we loaded up for the 20 mins drive out to ... read more
Alex & our guide
First encounter
Feigning bravery

Asia » Indonesia » Kalimantan April 27th 2014

Leading up to Easter, there was an Easter Egg Hunt at one of our dinner club nights. One of our friends had gotten a lot of American candy sent to her from her family with a bunch of plastic eggs. She had stuffed each egg with goodies, labeled our names on them and hid them around her apartment for all of us – it was such a great surprise and it was a mad dash to see if you could be the first to find yours! Over Easter, we had a six day holiday. Three others and I headed off to Borneo, the largest island in Asia and the world’s third largest island for a cruise. Borneo is comprised of three different countries: Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. The Indonesian part of the island is called Kalimantan. ... read more

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