Kalimantan Boat Cruise: Journey into Tanjung Puting National Park [Easter Break . April 16-21, 2014]

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April 27th 2014
Published: April 27th 2014
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Leading up to Easter, there was an Easter Egg Hunt at one of our dinner club nights. One of our friends had gotten a lot of American candy sent to her from her family with a bunch of plastic eggs. She had stuffed each egg with goodies, labeled our names on them and hid them around her apartment for all of us – it was such a great surprise and it was a mad dash to see if you could be the first t... Read Full Entry

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The orangutans are the largest aboreal mammals on the earth

The orangutan would silently swing between the trees high above us. It was amazing how effortlessly they would swing back and forth and bend branches into position so they could move from tree to tree.

We slept in the open air at the edge of the jungle.

The boat is where we ate, slept, used the washroom and observed the jungle and its creatures glide past. The crew, including our guide, captain, the deck hands, and cooks lived down below. We had the top deck. For sleeping, the table and chairs were removed and replaced with mattresses and mosquito netting.

Dayak Village

Kids in the Dayak Village having fun in the water. Someone had created this swing for them. They took turns flipping each other into the water.

5th July 2014

Question on Malaria medicine
We love to see Orangutan in either Tanjung Putting National Park or in Kalimantan, but we are afraid of taking malaria medicine. Did you take the medicine?

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