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October 4th 2009
Published: October 26th 2009
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This blog is about a beautiful island towards the top of Kalimantan where the sand is pure white, the sea is crystal clear, turtles play around in the surf every single day, the coral is pristine and if this isn't enough you can venture out to visit jellyfish lagoons and manta rays gangs in neighbouring islands.. and best of all you have it all to yourself as there are no other tourists there to t... Read Full Entry

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Sophie & Mr ArisSophie & Mr Aris
Sophie & Mr Aris

he was fantastic
Final warung fish & rice dinner in IndonesiaFinal warung fish & rice dinner in Indonesia
Final warung fish & rice dinner in Indonesia

This was pretty much our standard evening meal (and lunchtime too!) for our entire stay in Indonesia!
The roadside warungThe roadside warung
The roadside warung

Notice the cat collection waiting for any leftovers!

26th October 2009

Your trip sounds so exciting and it has really inspired me to travel to Indonesia! I love discovering the differences in places and although they may be frustrating, it is a learning experience... thank you for sharing!
11th March 2010

really enjoyed reading your blog, thanks! I'll hopefully be in this archipelago somewher in july/august. could je tell me anythting about prices for getting to derawan from berau (or other coastal place) en staying on derawan? would be a great help, thanks! tom
25th April 2010

Hi Tom Please send us your email and we'll give you as much information as we can. Thanks
12th August 2010

Hermit Crab in Sardine Can
The one you mentioned as "coconut crab and his house" is actually not a coconut crab, but a very large hermit crab - this species scientific name is Coenobita brevimanus. They did not have any choice that they had to use metal can as shell. If you offered a quite large gastropod shell to that hermit crab for sure he would have abandoned such ugly can.
19th November 2010

Hi Sophie & Dale, When I was about to visit Derawan, I browse about Derawan & found you blog. It made me more eager to visit Derawan. Finally, I visited it last month. I stayed in Losmen Danakan & I think I stayed the same room as you guys :p Too bad I couldn't meet the mantas & couldn't watch the turtles laying eggs. But overal, it was an amazing trip, an almost perfect trip. Hopefuly I have the chance to go back there and make it as a perfect trip.
6th December 2010
Sophie and Sangalaki sunset

great photo and colors !

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