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August 30th 2015
Published: August 30th 2015
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• Based on the fitness testing swim results we had every student do back in February, students from each house team are selected to participate in the annual swimming carnival we have every May. I was a finish judge for this event and again got to work on my tan! Not a bad day to spend at work J

• At the university nearby there is currently a group of students from Nepal studying there. After the earthquake happened we talked to them and raised some funds to distribute among the families of the students who lost their homes.

• A new campus was started this year in a different part of the city. Some of my previous colleagues moved to help start the new campus. One of them is moving back to Maine in June so another friend and I decided to go to that part of the city for the weekend. We saw the new school, where they live etc. It was nice to hang-out and say our final goodbyes.

• Because I had taken up swimming so much averaging 5 times a week in the pool – I developed swimmers ear. One of my friends took me to the doctor to get it checked out and got some ear drops. It helped tremendously. I was a little disappointed because then it meant I couldn’t swim for a little bit.

• Over this past year I have gotten to know some of the families better. A few of us had a Mexican fiesta night – I coordinated the evening with the mom of this particular family and we invited one other young married couple and the friend I went to the Maldives with. This family just so happens to have three girls which always makes me feel like I am right at home. They happen to be Canadian too – from Ontario though, but nonetheless, a little piece of home – more than they realize I think. The girls were so excited to have us over for this dinner party and games that they had created a drink menu for us. We were to choose from their menu what drink we wanted and they would serve it to us. The funniest thing was at the bottom of the menu which read “Sorry, no beer and wine. Ask mom or dad”. They also verbally reminded us that they weren’t old enough to serve alcohol to us – was too cute!

• Pool party and Poolside BBQ: Celebrated the end of the year and some birthdays.

• The end of the year wrap up activities began and things started winding down with ceremony season. At the orphanage for example we always throw them two parties a year – one at Christmas and one at the end of the year. This year we had breakfast with them – a pancake breakfast where we made the pancakes at home, prepared the topping and then brought it all to them. It was a great way to end off the year.

• We got another 4 day weekend and I was off this time to the Gili Islands right off the coast of Lombok. The island beside Bali. I had heard so much about this spot and was eager to see and experience it for myself. I went with two others.


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