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December 27th 2008
Published: January 4th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

My best friend been booking me for a getaway trip this holiday. We were planning to go to Lombok but its impossible to get tickets in such a short time. And family matters always come around Christmas too.
So I suggest to go to this place ive been checking on internet and been wanting to go to. It’s at south part of West Java.
So we did a road trip for 3 hours from Sentul to get the Pelabuhan Ratu. The beach is favorite for surfers. High tide Indian Ocean not a kind of beach to swim. But we just want to relax so we don’t mind.
After calling for reservation the villa owner told us just to walk in because he never be sure when he has available rooms or not. Fortunately when we got there they do have 2 rooms left. We took the one with aircon for about 30us$.
This villa is just amazing, its on the top of the hill face right to the ocean. The architecture is just fabulous. It has 10 different kind of rooms with greatest views. It has an entertainment lounge on ground floor, even the facilities are not too well maintained it’s still so cozy to relax and sit around. It has kitchen, swimming pool, 2 terraces and 3 comfortable verandah. The second floor is the best. They have a room on the edge of the cliff you’d feel like flying when you’re there. Too bad someone was already booked it. I don’t think we have guts to sleep there anyway.
The villa has a viewing point. It was very tall the owner has to make sure that we really don’t have height phobia before we went up. I do a bit but I still wanted to go. It was very nice. I could see all Pelabuhan Ratu area. He said “Now you see its so green, great beach and you see people are surfing. Doesn’t it feel like you’re in Hawaii” I said “I never been to Hawaii before but what ive been imagining about it is not too far from this.”
When the stage starts to moving (because the wind, it was so scary but he was just laughing at me) I go down and put our stuff to the room.
Basically what I did at this place for 3 days was just a getaway break. It means we did nothing we were just sitting around the place, eat junks, drinking beers and getting high all the time.

There aren’t too many places to eat and drink at this area. Very seldom ones sell with pretty expensive prices if you compare it with the cities. We went to a place called Any’s Tavern and chat with the owner who is a German guy. He was complaining about how difficult to get booze and supplies for the restaurant.
We also went to further restaurants at surfers point called Cimaja. First one is called Desa which means village. It looks like a very cool place to stay in. the restaurant is okay. We were experiencing this munching thing so after we ate there and decided we still craving for some food we crossed the road and went to this place called Ombak Tujuh. Another surfers’ inn. It has an open air restaurant and pretty good food. The price is okay too. After beautiful sunset and almost exploded belly we decided to go back to villa and just hang around there.
We went back to Bogor in the morning the next day. Craving for food we ate pizza and chicken steak at Kedai Kita, it was soo good.
I think after the parties and barbarian eating this end of the year it wont be difficult for me to start my 2009 resolution which is to not eating any meat that used to have feet. After I write it here it sounds like a very stupid resolution. But a lame person like me has to have one so I’ll just go for it.

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