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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta October 31st 2017

Once we arrived in Yogyakarta I fell violently ill for about 12 hours with food poisoning , of which I will spare the details but my last beloved meal of fried noodles “Mie Goreng” will sadly never have the same appeal to me. Ive only been similarly sick two other times, once while tea house trekking in Nepal and the other in India. Happily this happened during a time in the trip when we had some downtime and were situated in a comfortable room and I could hang out around a clean toilet. Our hotel (D’Anjek Hotel $25) was situated literally right next door to a Mosque so we got woken up to call to prayer every morning at the ridiculous hours of 0420 and again at about 0520. Coupled with our daily scavenger hunt to ... read more
Interview time

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta August 12th 2017

This morning started with another bus transfer to the outskirts of the city, where we would embark on a 20km cycle ride. En route, we stopped off at a tofu producer, where we learned about how it's made. We watched the hot, heavy work of boiling soya beans down, before mushing them and boiling them again and pressing them in. a process not dissimilar to making cheese. Then we were fortunate enough to taste fried tofu straight from the source, which was crispy, light and delicious. Soon, we were at our bikes, helmets on (not the usual cycle helmets of the west, but more like the bucket ones favoured by climbers and cavers! Very attractive, and of course, with absolutely ZERO ventilation!) The temperature was already 31 degrees and we would spend the morning with relatively ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta August 11th 2017

We woke up at 4.15 in order to be ready for the meeting time of 4.50, when we sleepily dragged ourselves onto the minibus, accompanied by the call to prayer. Through the darkness, we could make out the blurry forms of worshippers heading to the mosque, the traffic far less frantic than it had been on the previous evening. We devoured our pack-up breakfasts in the way that only the sleep-deprived can, and soon we were out of the city as the sky began to lighten around us, a faint pink beginning to appear in the inky dawn. As the sun began to rise, we were able to see more of the scenery around us, and soon the imposing form of Mt. Merapi emerged from the darkness, a plume of steam rising from it, tinged a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta August 10th 2017

This morning started with an early photography walk along the sea front, watching the fishermen haul in their catch and then a little light retail therapy, buying lightweight clothing from the stalls lining the road. Our minibus packed and ready after breakfast, we headed out of Pangandaran towards the train station where we would board our train bound for Yogyakarta. Our journey took us back some way along the road we had arrived on, and the twists and turns were every bit as brutal as they were on the way in. Fortunately, this journey was to be broken up by a visit to a local brickmaker, who would show us his craft and explain the long process of creating bricks from the natural environment. We got off the bus, alighting by the side of the road ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta May 15th 2017

We left the beaches for a few days of culture in Yogyakarta (pronounced and also spelt Jogjakarta) or Yogya (Jogja). The main tourist attractions in the area are the temples which are said to be on a par with Angkor Wat, in Cambodia. The great thing about leaving the beaches behind is you find accommodation, food and drink are much cheaper. This meant we were able to stay in a lovely hotel (with a pool!) on a street that ran parallel to the main backpacker hub. The not so good thing about being in a city is the stiflingly heat, and gridlocked roads. We had three nights in Yogyakarta, which basically gave us two days of sightseeing. Our first stop on day one were the temples at Prambanan, just 17km away. Unfortunately due to traffic it ... read more
Candi Shiva
No shame!
View of Merapi volcano (still active!)

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta January 23rd 2017

No, I’m not a history buff. But it interests me sometimes! Since I visited the Angkor Wat in Cambodia a couple of years ago, I became interested in Buddhism and Indian culture in Indonesia. What I learned from Angkor Wat, the archeology here is a fusion of Buddhism and Hindu faith that occurred at the time of Khmer Empire in Cambodia. Some of the influence may have come from Java. That was one good reason that I was curious to learn a bit about Borobudur, now an UN Heritage site. I flew from Labuan Bajo for a short day trip to Yogyakarta, more commonly known as Jogjakarta or simply Jogja. ************** When my Garuda flight landed in Jogja after 9:30 pm, it was pouring outside. I was not surprised to see that there was no air-bridge, ... read more
Ladies doing work out inside the Borobudur compund
At the entrance of the temple

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta January 15th 2017

Isn't it funny...I lost my new camera...on the bus!!! great. from now on...only from my inefficient phone camera! well...getting less and less...less and less ...the kind of traveler view I guess. Yogjakarta is nice city, of course the main intention is the Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, but also the city life are well worth, The main stream must be the Malioboro, it is shopping, street foods, market, museum, horse-cart and all sort of vendor, one end is the train station and the other is the Alun-Alun. anyways...a must see in everyday visit. Beside the water castle with the old town street, the nearby night center with cartoon car parade. Then I mostly trying the foods in town, although Indonesia has a lot of street foods, but I think it not really up to my taste...sorry! so ... read more
Borobudur Temple

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta November 14th 2016

After an eight hour ride on the train in second class (which isn't all that much) that cost $IDR170,000 I had arrived in the center of Java in the city of Yogyakarta (the Y's are pronounced like J's). Yogyakarta is billed as the epicenter of Javanese culture and is famed for its artwork and handicrafts - neither of which interested me - and everyone on the street has a brother with a private exhibition special just for you. Even if I was interested in buying art, where would I put the stuff anyways? I had come here for other reasons; to visit Borobudur a massive ancient Buddhist Temple, to visit Prambanan a massive ancient Hindu temple, and to visit The Kraton which is the ornate and decadent palace of the Sultan who rules Yogyakarta. Unfortunately I ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta October 10th 2016

Day 5 So you want to go on a Jamu Tour? Best laid plans went astray so instead of catching a morning train to Surabaya I had to catch a flight. Went for the $40 cheap option, which as a bonus, also happened to be the earliest flight I could take (3pm). My time in Surabaya was going to be short. So, back to the story- what to do in the morning? Shopping on the famous Malioboro St? Nope - experiences, not things is the new mantra (apparently). The nearby "proper" (read... decent flat white) coffee place, aside from selling coffee (which it actually didn't on Days 3 & 4 due to broken coffee machine) also offers "experiences" (read... tours) my short notice/ short time frame meant I could choose from a cooking experience, a walking ... read more
Jamu Tour Begins
Wall Art
Jamu Kitchen

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta October 8th 2016

Day 3, 4 Warning- Lots of photos. Finally got to have one of the Good Karma legendary breakfasts- lots of fruit, delicious fresh omlette. Chatted with a few girls in Yogya for a few days, originally French, they are university in Jakarta for a year, then my day began. Gave in and took a becak with the becak driver across the road. It's actually quite a nice way to get around the city. Went to the Kraton- Sultan's Palace set to wander around for a few hours only to find it utterly deserted. Closed. One of the infrequent days that it is closed actually. Anyway I decided to just wander aimlessly and ended up at the Water Castle- Taman Sari. This is part of the Sultanate's Kraton and was built as a royal garden in the ... read more

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