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December 8th 2006
Published: December 18th 2006
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After we spent the morning at the Borobudur we set our sites on the Prambanan. This Hindu temple was created in the ninth century and consists of a large court that housed a massive temple dedicated to the god Shiva, the Destroyer, surrounded two medium and five smaller temples. Outside of the main courtyard on a lower level were four rings of crumbled ruins from temples erected by local chieftains. The main temple was unfortunately fenced off because of the earthquake in May 2006 that severely damaged the area. A few of the temples were wrapped in scaffolding as crews tried to stop them from toppling. The main temple dedicated to Shiva set in the center of the court was relatively undamaged whereas the two medium temples dedicated to the gods Brahma, the creator, and Vishnu, the keeper, damage was clearly visible. Our guide laughed that Shiva was too powerful to make angry by having an earthquake cause damage to her temple.
We did stop by another small temple in Yogajakarta but we can not remember the name nor find it on the internet. We have posted the few photos we took.
That night at the hotel the electricity went out due to a big rain/thunderstorm storm. We were having dinner and the restuarant was then lit with candles. It was great ambiance. We leave for Jakarta in the morning.

We did not spend much time in Jakarta, on the way to Bali we spent 6 hours at a shopping complex and on the way back to Malaysia we spent the night at a hotel in Jakarta. Our impression of Jakarta is only from our taxi rides to the hotel and the shopping mall is that Jakarta has the most extreme poverty we have seen to date. Many people were living under the bridges and street people were a common site. One of our taxi drivers said that it is due to too many people and too few jobs.

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