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July 11th 2011
Published: July 12th 2011
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Today is the long journey to Mt Bromo. A hour bus trip which i shared with 6 student backpackers. 4 guys from Wales and a couple from Germany.
We had some good banter along the way and for the most part it was an uneventful trip. I did see a tiny monkey dressed up in clothes dancing on the side of the road for money.
We arrived at cemaro lewang late at night. We were pretty high up and it was chilly.
The next day i got up at 3:30am to take a jeep partial up the viewpoint mountain for the famous sunrise view. After a short climb i reached the top and waited for the sunrise while taking tons of pictures. I met and talked with a number of other tourists including the dutch couple i met in Jogja, 2 American girls, a Canadian girl from toronto (first Canadian ive met on this trip), a British girl, and a British guy who has similar travel plans as me side we might cross paths. Everyone else goes to bali. Its about the only place foreigners go. Everyone, locals and foreigners alike are always surprised to hear where i am going.
Saw the sunrise which was beautiful. Bromo is one volcano crater of many located in an ancient supervolcano. The valley floor is covered with about 200m of ash. The stuff is everywhere. Hiked back down to the jeep and we drove into the giant crater to.Mt Bromo itself. I got talking to a middle aged American man and had a number of discussions largely about my experiences in China. Turns out he is a teacher as well in an inner city school in LA. We climbed up the mountain of ash to the rather unstable lip of the active Mt Bromo. It was pumping out volumes of ash as you peers into the depths of the crater. To slip here was death as you would tumble into the hole in the crater and likely die from the hot ash burning you or suffocating you. Pleasant eh? We climbed or well mostly slid down the ash to the bottom to the jeep and onwards to breakfast. Showers were freezing so i just washed the feet and hair. We headed down to the gateway town of probolingo to catch our respective buses.
I caught the bus to surabaya and made it with good time but i had played it safe and booked a flight the next morning. I surged in surabaya getting a nicer hotel with hot water and then relaxed for the evening.

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