Only us and 9 whale sharks - but hordes of people and 1 vulcano (Probolinggo and Mount Bromo)

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December 25th 2019
Published: February 14th 2020
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We left Yogyakarta at 9am by train. Getting train tickets in Indonesia is pretty straightforward once you know how the system works. Kereta Api, the indonesia railway, has a website where you can easily book the train you want. However, many international credit cards are not accepted there. So we booked the train tickets easily on You can chose between ekonomi class (lowest), bisni... Read Full Entry

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Wisata Pantai BentarWisata Pantai Bentar
Wisata Pantai Bentar

where the boats depart for the whale sharks

16th February 2020

How amazing it must have felt to see those sharks! I can totally understand how you felt because I feel euphoric whenever I'm around animals in their own habitats too. I'm so happy your gamble to hire the boat paid off, especially in contrast to the hordes of tourism you'd experienced earlier that day.
16th February 2020
view from the crater rim down to the hindu temple in the sea of sands

Cool pic
That temple has a pretty stunning setting. I really love volcanoes and reading your blogs brings back some fond memories from my own trip many years ago. I have to brag a bit now. I have slept one night on Krakatau Volcano. /Ake
24th February 2020
view from the crater rim down to the hindu temple in the sea of sands

wow, sleeping on a vulcano is surely quite an interesting experience.
23rd February 2020

Volcano and Sharks
I remember the circus of jeeps and tourists when I visited Mt Bromo 13 years ago. I imagine it must be even more chaotic today. I'm glad you were able to find some quiet spots to enjoy the beauty. And I'm so pleased you were able to see the whale sharks!! Wonderful to read 😀
24th February 2020

tourist craziness
Oh yes, it is a complete chaos especially for the environment. And it is a national park. A lot of locals are not happy with the situation and insult the government to just do nothing but taking the tourists money..... Sad thing and we feel bad having supported it.
20th March 2020

Thankful with life
What an amazing experience! Whale sharks, whale sharks and more whale sharks.

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