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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Borobudur October 20th 2009

We have only seen it in photos. Yet we were not prepared for it. We were not discouraged that one of my friends suffered a leg problem on our first day in Yogyakarta and had to drag her leg while clocking it around the temple as locals do. But it certainly helped that we were with very competent local guides Bellong and Yantong who made sure their Ibu (mother in Bahasa Indonesia) did not miss this highlight of our trip. Awesome Borobudur This 9th century Buddhist temple is enough reason to make this trip to Yogyakarta. Or for that matter, to make this trip to Indonesia . Who has not heard of Candi Borobudur? Candi in Bahasa means Temple, or more loosely, any ancient structure. Borobudur means mountain having many terraces (budhara). The idea is to ... read more
The Many Stupas of Borobudur
Would Elizabeth make it?
Lovely Corridor

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Borobudur September 11th 2009

Por la mañana muy tempano nos fuimos a el aeropuerto de Denpasar para coger un avión a Joyakarta (que no es Jakarta, aunque esta en la misma isla de Java). Y hay unos templos ahí muy impresionantes. Nos vinieron a buscar a el aeropuerto y de ahí tuvimos nuestro conductor privado todo el día, cada templo que pasábamos teníamos también nuestro propio guiá, así da gusto viajar, porque nos enteramos de todo perfectamente y podíamos preguntar, nos explicaron cuando se hicieron como se hicieron. En Indonesia hay muchísimos volcanes a parte de muchísimos movimientos sísmicos, los pliegues de la tierra tienen distintos movimientos, pues casi cada una de las islas de Indonesia tiene cada uno el suyo por eso chocan y hay muchísimos terremotos (como el gran tsunami hace unos años). Por lo que los templos ... read more
nosotros en una postal
En Nirvana con la familia
Templos en Joyakarta

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Borobudur July 14th 2009

Our weekend break back in time, to a historic and a timeless wonder and to tranquility was truly enriching one. That's Yogyakarta for you! Commonly known as Jogja, this place is definitely a nice getaway for a short break from Singapore. If you are visiting Asia on a long haul holiday, then Jogja can be a refreshing place to go to. We booked a direct flight from Singapore to Jogja on Air Asia for two nights / three days break, though i would recommend a three nights / four days to see the town completely. We reached Jogja only at about 12 + in the noon. The airport is tiny and a full load flight can easily disrupt the visa on arrival and immigration procedures. Once past that you can easily take the pre-paid taxi from ... read more
Taman Sari
Taman Sari

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Borobudur June 22nd 2009

Have you ever ridden a motorbike in a foreign land, densely populated, completely and utterly unlike your native country? Have you ever taken yourself to where the obscure organized tours only sometimes lead and beyond? Have you ever narrowly escaped death only to be stopped by the police without a valid license, asked to pay a small fine and sent on your way? Have you done all this on the last day of your vacation? gulp, gulp, gulp. It started with a trip to Jogja. A series of quick shots capture the scenery rolling past the train window: a sway of sugarcane, a small town station, the excitement of Prabamanan, a stack of temples zipping past, and the varied position of passengers, growing restless. I'm seated next to my friend Irwan. By friend, i mean lover ... read more
when in Prambanan...
kereta kelinci, Jogja
Wahana temple balustrade

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Borobudur November 16th 2008

Hi people, I am already back since quiet a while, but I never really finished my blog. I hoped to do it faster, but it didn't work out all that well. Anyway here is the first part (of two) about Indonesia. I don't think anybody is still reading this, but maybe for myself it's psychologically ending my travels.. 31 july-20 august part one: This would be the last part of my trip...I was glad and sad at the same time. I had enough of sun lotion, mosquito-repellent, heat, being the center of attention, inspecting the food before eating it, guessing who to trust and who not to trust,... but I knew I would miss the feeling of freedom when getting up in the morning, not knowing where you will be the next day, meeting new people ... read more
muslims praying next to the crater
Tonno and Bieke

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Borobudur October 20th 2008

After being softly rocked to sleep in a wooden-panelled cabin while our train wound it's way through the mountains of Sapa last November, we decided that we would travel by night train whenever possible. Now, with Jakarta's Gambir train station a short walk from our front door and the bus stop far outside town, we figured this would be another perfect opportunity to spend the night on the train as we travelled the 10 hours East to Yogyakarta. Getting the train ticket turned out to be relatively hassle-free, so we were feeling pretty good when we arrived at the station later in the evening with our backpacks. We found space to stash our loads above our heads, and the train pulled off at exactly the predicted time. We had not paid for air-con, and we were ... read more
Buddha silhouette
A fancy breakfast

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Borobudur October 4th 2008

I'm in city of Yogyakarta. Tourism is flourishing here, because of the buddhist temple Borobodur, and hinduist temple Prambanan in their vicinity. Both as Unesco heritage. I made both of them today, with a tour. Beautiful places, just bit overcrowded. Thousands of tourists, and Indonesians mainly. Therefore for may of the visitors I was a bigger attraction than the temples themselves. Countless of people have asked me to take photo with them. One girl told me that many of them are from villages, so they probably have never seen a foreigner in their life. Or if they saw, not as tall one as I'm :) Few times I asked them to take the pictures also with my camera. So some of them in the photogallery section.... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Borobudur September 11th 2008

We continue to settle in to life in Semarang. Last night there was a colossal thunderstorm that rolled in after dark. We were on the top of our stairs listening to the echo of the evening prayer call and watching the lightning creep across the horizon. When it finally reached us the rain was tremendous, literally flooding the street in seconds. It was deafening. We were enjoying the action until a huge clap of thunder and blinding lightning broke over our heads and scared us inside. Probably the most intense storm I have ever seen. Last weekend we went to Barobudur, to see the famous temple. Supposedly, it is Java’s most visited tourist attraction; though on this particular weekend it was pretty quiet. The village of Barobudur is located about three hours from Semarang by bus. ... read more
The lovely grounds of our hotel
Stone Reliefs

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Borobudur September 7th 2008

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Borobudur July 14th 2008

Before we entered a different indonesia, what java to us looked, first lets get the update of the last days in Sumatra! A 15 hour bus ride took us from Lake Toba to Bukitingi, a nice mountain city....when it's not raining. The second day we did a tour around the region to see some coffee plantations, rice fields, the biggest flower (the rafflesia) and our highlight of the day was a visit to a longhouse!! We got invited to come inside and they were very happy to be on one of our photo's. We were offered some good traditional food and they did't even accept money for it! After dinner we packed our bags for the night since we had made a plan to climb the nearby vulcano Merapi! After a couple hours sleep we got ... read more
Ann and me in Prambanan
Working hard at the rice fields
Vulcan Merapi Sumatra

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