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Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Labuanbajo May 1st 2018

Just got back from 3 days at sea and I do look a bit like a drunk trying to walk straight! Can’t seem to find my land legs and it’s making me laugh out loud which makes me look even more so drunk ! 😂😆🤣 I won’t bore you with a dive by dive account of the trip but suffice to say it was BRILLIANT 👍😃. In a nutshell it was: Dive - Eat - Chill/Sleep/Sunbathe - Repeat! And this was 4 times per day so now I’m exhausted! (definitely going to write to my boss for an extension on the trip so I can relax a bit as well Lol)😉 Straight off, about 10 mins into the boat trip I spotted a pod of dolphins 🐬 (& the dive shop said it wasn’t possible to ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Labuanbajo March 7th 2018

Dnes som si pospal o hodinu dlhsie, no pospal. Vypadla elektrika, takze klima dost dlho nesla. Na ranajky ma cakal donuts, sladka tycinka a caj. V uber dive som bol prvy. Nelenim a hned posielam foto. Dobra sprava, v kupangu mam dohodnute cs na dve noci a ak chcem tak na noc aj v atambua. Zrejme teda trosku zmenim plany. Potapat sa budem s dvoma svedmi, nastarost nas ma domaci divemaster. Pesi presun k pristavu, tu nahadzanie topanok do plastoveho kybla. Lod oproti vcerajsku vacsia, na poschodi odpocivaren, dole vzadu nachystane flase spolu s jacketmi,,v strede kuchynka a vpredu briefing plac. Potapaci zvacsa vsetko skusny borci mimo nasej skupiny. Na ranajky kolaciky, banany, kava, caj a voda. Banany boli zelene nie zlte, chutili dobre ale zlte su chutnejsie. Plavba na siaba besar Ubehla rychlo, bo som ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Labuanbajo March 6th 2018

Budicek o 4.30, ranajky este samozrejme neboli, v dedine tez este nic otvorene tak dnes bude hladovka. Pred agenturov ma vyzdvihuje moj predajca, nezabuda dodat aby som cenu nikomu neprezradil. Zacina zhananie snorchla a plutiev. V prvom nemali, v druhom sme uspesny. Predajca ich vyplaca, zda sa mi, ze mu daval 5k ale neni som si isty. V pristave sa nalodujem na malu kocapku. Postupne prichadzaju dalsi ucastnici zajazdu. Nakoniec nas tu je 11. Z toho 4 domaci (starsi par a 2 zahalenkyne. V igelitke dostavam dnesny obed. Taky maly obedar. Dnu ziadna slava, kura je fakt mini, na ranajky si z neho davam male tofu. Fasujem aj 1.5l vodu. Skupinka chilanov dostala aj ranajky. Ti su na mensom tripe, odtialto letia cez jakartu a kl do laosu a potom domov. Na lodi je francuz co ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Labuanbajo March 5th 2018

V noci som sa 2x zobudil na teplo, stropny ventilator sa tocil dost pomali. Po sprche a ociste behnutie na ranajky. Zapeceny toat s cokoladou a balijska kava. Normalna zalievana kava to bola, fuj. Presun na postu, podla googla mali otvarat o 8.30 ale realita je o 10.00. V ulicke domaci davaju obete bohom. V kosiku neake kvety a zapalene tycinky, popri tom neake to pozehnanie. Navrat na izbu a smer pesi letisko. V restikach uz kopa ludi na ranajkach. Opat otravny mototaxi a maserky ale v usiach mp3. To tez volako zacina haprovat. Neislo vobec zapat, nastasti v jednom stanku mali spinku tak reset a uz funguje. Hned sa ma chalan pytal ci som z ruska. A povedal mi spasiba. Kesku nelovim, bo opat umiestnenie v hoteli, taketo skryte marketingove uz ignorujem. V bocnej ulicke ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Labuanbajo February 23rd 2018

It‘s Not Always Easy Getting To Where You’re Going . . . I have alluded to the fact that travel is a commitment fueled by passion: by a desire to experience; to discover; to learn; to grow. I have also mentioned several times in various blog entries that travel is not always easy, as evidenced again by our recent excursion to Labuan Bajo, on the Indonesian island province of Flores. Our journey begins at 7 a.m. on the island of Gili Trawangan, Lombok. Our scheduled itinerary will have us being transported by water taxi for fifteen minutes to mainland Lombok, where we will pick up another taxi that will deliver us to the airport in Mataram an hour and a half later. From there, we will fly to Denpasar, Bali, where we will pick up another ... read more
Bali’s Mount Agung
Flying to Flores Through Tumultuous Skies
Heading into Wild Waters in Komodo

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Labuanbajo November 30th 2017

You know that feeling when you are travelling and you realise that somehow time has slipped away like sand through your fingers? You have all these plans, but suddenly they seem unfeasible because what you thought was a lot of time, turned out to be outrageously inadequate? Well, that moment arrived for me when I returned to Kupang from my little visa-run to Timor Leste. Thirty days seemed like a lot on paper, but when I looked at what I still wanted to do, those same thirty days shriveled to nothing. Reality kicked in. Flores, Sumba and Sumbawa in thirty days? No way!! You would think, three islands, ten days each, what’s the problem? Well, ten days for each only works in theory, in reality, you end up with much less, especially when you have to ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Labuanbajo November 19th 2017

So here I was, on the last little leg, the last week of my journey that started just over two years ago as I boarded a flight from Barcelona to São Paulo. When you're exhausted after so long on the road and you literally can't wait for the end - when the much anticipated relief of getting home overrides the excitement of exploring somewhere new and seeing some amazing sights - this is when you know that it is time to stop. I now just had one week to go. With my cash budget almost exhausted and my body too, this therefore explains why I had chosen to fly in and out of Flores rather than taking a four-day boat from Lombok or what would have been the longest bus ride of my entire trip. I ... read more
Sunrise Over Mt Kelimutu
Manta Ray
Another Stunning Sunset

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Labuanbajo August 1st 2017

A Soft Landing in Indonesia It has been a while since I have traveled for a prolonged period of time, so I thought a soft landing into Indonesia would help me ease in, as past experience has taught me that independent travel in Indonesia requires patience and a sense of humor. My flight into Bali landed at 3.30pm on July 30, and I was booked to fly to Labuanbajo the next morning. I chose a hotel near the airport offering a free transfer. It turned out to be a good choice as I did not clear immigration and customs until well past 5pm. I arrived at The Radiant Hotel and Spa around sunset and elected to eat at the hotel restaurant (rare for me), chill in the pool and have a good sleep. I can't praise ... read more
View From My Seat While Flying to Labuanbajo
Padar Island

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Labuanbajo May 11th 2017

Labuan Bajo is a harbour town which the Lonely Planet describes as gorgeous but ramshackled - erm, well, I'm not sure our expectations were very well managed! Walking into the town on our first evening (in the rain!) was definitely a low point of our trip. As we turned onto the main drag we were greeted with traffic speeding by, horns beeping and the lovely smell of diesel. There was no footpath so it was a case of walking single file on the side of the road and hoping the scouters didn't clip you as they whisked past. It was a far cry from meandering down the sandy paths on Gili Air, where there are no motorised vehicles, just push bikes and the odd horse. We found refuge in the first half decent restaurant we saw ... read more
A room with a view
Watching the sunset from Treetop bar
Boat trip!

Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Labuanbajo February 25th 2016

UPDATE: de computer hier pakt mijn camera niet, dus voorlopig alleen duikfoto's van Komodo van Tessa's camera. Ik zal later proberen andere foto's te uploaden. Na meer dan 2 weken tijd, is het weer tijd voor een update. We zijn sinds het laatste verslag alweer op een heleboel verschillende plekken geweest: eerst 6 dagen Kuala Lumpur, toen een week Bali en inmiddels al 4 dagen op Flores/Komodo. Na Kalimantan moesten we tijdelijk weg uit Indonesie omdat ons visum verliep. Daarom vertrokken we 6 dagen naar Kuala Lumpur. Achteraf kunnen we wel stellen dat we beter een andere plek hadden kunnen zoeken, want zowel Tessa en ik vonden KL een behoorlijke teleurstelling. Het enige waar KL uit bestaat zijn wolkenkrabbers en winkelcentra. Er is weinig te zien, en de toeristische trekpleisters die er zijn, zoals de centrale ... read more

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