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Asia » Indonesia » Bangka Belitung Islands » Belitung February 9th 2014

Please check out my primary blog: for more about day to day living in Indonesia Back in August 2013, I visited the Island of Belitung, off the East coast of Sumatra, just North of Java. It was here that I met a research specimen by the name of Benji. He was a member of an Endangered species called Tarsiers, a small monkey found in Asia. While the species is remarkable, I soon found out that there were things which set the Belitung subspecies (Tarsius bancanus saltator) apart from the rest. Tarsiers are the smallest species of monkey and are only found in Asia. They are nocturnal carnivores which typically prey on insects, bu... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bangka Belitung Islands » Belitung September 3rd 2013

Belitung (or Belitong to the natives) is a beautiful Island off the East coast of Southern Sumatra. It is a undiscovered and unpolished jewel in the treasure chest that is Indonesia. It is a good sized island with just over 200,000 inhabitants. It has the potential to be a major tourist destination. The island is framed by stunning beaches with white soft sand, clear calm water and dramatic groupings of large boulders begging to be climbed upon and explored. This is then completed with lush primary forest in the middle of the island, home to crystal clear rivers and unique fauna. I set out to Belitong on a long weekend trip with my girlfriend (Chrissy), it was our first trip away together and we were looking for a good time exploring this relatively untouched and unvisited ... read more
Unique scene
Chinese Temple
Stunning sunset

Asia » Indonesia » Bangka Belitung Islands » Belitung October 2nd 2011

When Puang Madonna, my fellow reporter preach when our pitching approved by the News Division Head, I'm really excited. Can you imagine? We will come to the island's most often talked about two hundred million people in Indonesia. The island is so famous for its best-selling novel about the story of a young poor kid reach his goal. And islands to be written in itinerary by every foreign tourist who has seen the film in Cannes, France. Yes! The next coverage, we will go to the Belitung island! Exciting, isn't?! Donna and I landed at the H.AS. Hanandjoeddin airport On May, 25 2011 ago. Not a soft landing because the runway is shorter than Soekarno-Hatta airport's runway. But is okay, the sky at 9 a.m at Tanjung Pandan was dark blue! It is outrageous, even the ... read more
Belitung Noodle.
Fisherman's boat
Fisherman's boat

Asia » Indonesia » Bangka Belitung Islands » Belitung May 30th 2010

I always feel excited when it comes to go to an island. This time was my another adventures visiting Bangka Belitung (BABEL) islands in Sumatera, one of my favorite beautiful islands in Indonesia besides Bali, Lombok, Komodo, Raja Ampat. Belitung is island with beautiful beaches, unique landscape with white sand, and the crystal clear seawater. Belitung is also popular with its granite white stones beach in Tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung Kelayang, Tanjung Binga dan Lengkuas Island. There are small islands too. Belitung was formerly known as tin producer. We're staying here only for 4 days (too bad i don't have much time:-( ). Tanjung Kelayang beach After we arrived at Belitung airport Tanjung Pandan we directly go to the Tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung Kelayang, Tanjung Binga beach. These beaches are so quite, full of big granite stones. The ... read more
Batu Berlayar island
beautiful island

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