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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta October 1st 2018

Not such an early start this morning for us. The aforementioned heavenly beds and luxurious aircon kept us snuggled up in bed until 8am. By 8:15am I was ready to rock and roll, get busy livin', and enjoy a morning engulfed in the Bali experience. Briony was ready at 9:15am. So off we ventured, a quick trip to the beach was on the cards. The sun was beaming, and the phone stating a 30° heat. Not too shabby for monsoon season! But all too quickly this short walk turned into harassment city. Every vendor vying for us to spend our cash in their small boutique. Each market stall a replica of the many before it, I can understand their need to be slightly more aggressive in gaining my custom due to the sheer volume of competition ... read more
Market streets
Shopping Mall
Avocado on bread with poached egg

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta October 1st 2018

Some additional photos of our travel to Bali. Briony x... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Denpasar September 30th 2018

Nach einer nur kleinen Mütze Schlaf starten wir in unseren ersten Urlaubstag. Auf dem Programm? Strand! (und natürlich das Stadtderby in Hamburg...). Wir packen nach dem Frühstück unsere Badesachen ein und dann geht es Richtung Wasser. Was wir auf dem Weg dorthin sehen, gefällt uns gut und wir erfreuen uns schon an dem, was noch kommt. Der Strand ist Abschnittsweise mit Lokalen und schattenspendenden Bäumen gesäumt und liegt hinter einem Korallenriff, sodass der vordere Teil sehr ruhig ist, während sich am Riff die großen Wellen brechen. Wir planschen und spielen Ball und genießen unsere 20m Abstand zum nächsten Strandgast und die tolle Aussicht. Tyrone geniesst das warme Meer ausführlich, während Anja den Reiseführer studiert und uns über die landestypischen Spezialitäten aufklärt. Am Nachmittag verspüren wir Hummeln im Hintern und machen uns auf, die Gegend n... read more
Bali Boot
Beach Sanur

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Denpasar September 29th 2018

Ein Ritt war es - und was für einer - aber ein guter... Über Mangel an Interesse an unserer Abreise können wir uns wahrlich nicht beschweren. Ilona und Rene bringen Netti und mich zum Flughafen und auch Emma‘s Familie lässt sich nicht lumpen. So wundert es auch kaum, dass es dann irgendwann tatsächlich richtig eng wird: an der Sicherheitskontrolle dauert es eine Weile und schon sind wir im Stechschritt unterwegs... Der Flug nach Helsinki hat außer ein paar kleineren Turbulenzen und einem ausgesprochen leckeren Chickenwrap nicht viel zu bieten. In Helsinki ist es dann mächtig kalt und die Massen, die sich in den Flieger drängen sind lustig zu beobachten. 10 Std. sind es nach Bangkok - pünktlich starten tun wir nicht, aber bei Landung ist alles wieder eingeholt. Der Flug verläuft ruhig und die erschlichenen premium ... read more
Der A1 Airport Bus
Suche auf der Anzeigekarte nach unserer Bahnlinie

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Denpasar August 23rd 2018

We knew the day would come when we would have to leave Asia and return to reality. Honestly, after seven weeks of travel, we were both ready to head home. The prior day we arranged to have a late checkout at 2pm so we leisurely ate breakfast in the late morning. We lounged in the room and packed for our 12,000-mile voyage home. When we did depart the hotel, we took a grab back into Kuta to pick up our custom bags from Bali Soul Leather. The ride took a little over an hour and only cost about 120K IDR (~$8). Our leather bags turned out great! The craftsmen picked up on some details from the url= read more
Kristy and Brad Doha to Houston
Kristy's Bag 2
Kristy's Bag 1

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 22nd 2018

We wanted to do something special on the last full day of our honeymoon, so of course, we were going to go to Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park.Kristy read some particularly positive reviews regarding the parks. There was a bird feeding and the opportunity to take pictures at 9:30. We raced out of bed and scarfed down an abbreviated breakfast and dashed out the door so we could get to the park in time for the feeding. We ended up buying the first and second Bird Park ticket of the day. The photo opportunity started at 9:30, but was available all day. The mix-up turned out to be a blessing as we toured the facility without the large crowds that would show up later. Throughout the morning we saw just about everything the Bird Park ... read more
Kristy and Brad at Bali Bird Park 2
Kristy and a Pelican
Bali Bird Park Komodo Dragon

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 21st 2018

Today, Kristy had us scheduled to go to a batik class where we would learn to make the traditional Indonesian fabric which is used for decorations and garments. We had breakfast at the Sthala then took a grab to Widya’s Batik Studio. We ended up getting there late for the 10:00 class because the studio was on the other side of Ubud and we got stuck in traffic. When we arrived, the class was already working on their creation. Widya gave us a quick crash course in what we would be doing to craft our masterpieces. The first step was to select a pattern. Second, trace the pattern onto cotton cloth with a pencil then again with hot wax. Next, fill in the traced pattern with watercolor paint. Finally, the batik needed to be color-stayed by ... read more
Brad Painting Batik
Batik Final Product
Kristy's Batik pre-dip

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta August 20th 2018

We made it through our last night in Kuta without any more noticeable quakes. Kristy had us signed up for a morning Indonesian cooking class at Bamboo Shoots.We had a quick early breakfast before checking out and taking a grab to class. Before the start of our 9:00 class, we were offered breakfast which we turned down. There were six other students in our class. Two pairs of students were from the same small town in Australia. The other couple was from the Netherlands. On the agenda for class was: -Beef Rendang -Mie Goreng -Spring Roll -Chicken Satay (peanut sauce) -Chicken Curry -Rice Pudding We got a little instruction from the teachers and went to work. We started by chopping up some vegetables and herbs. Then came some grinding with mortars and pestles. We had three ... read more
Kristy with Mortar and Pestle
Brad Making Spring Rolls
Chicken Satay

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta August 19th 2018

Today was our last full day in Kuta and we were determined to make the most of being at the beach. We got up fairly early and grabbed another breakfast at the Four Points. We were at the beach early, before 11:00. We set up our towels on a cozy incline along the beach. We baked in the rays for nearly an hour before getting into the ocean. The waves were large on that day which drew many surfers. Fortunately, the surfers were not all out yet and we could freely swim. Brad took advantage of the breakers and rode several all the way up to the beach. When we headed back to our towels, Brad came up with the idea to build beach chairs out of the sand. We both dug in the sand to ... read more
Handmade Beach Chairs
Ned Kelly Portrait at Pads

Asia » Indonesia » Bali August 18th 2018

The next morning’s weather was not much better than of the previous day. We again had breakfast at the Four Points which was nearly identical to the breakfast the day before. After we ate, we retired to our room and waited out the rain. Kristy wrote some wedding thank you postcards. Brad recorded the previous few days in this blog. When lunchtime rolled around we went to a small street restaurant near the Four Points. The food was fine; however, it took an incredibly long time to be prepared. After lunch, we went back to the Circle K for more beer. We brought a few back to the room and under passing rain clouds and sunshine, we imbibed in the lagoon while listening to music from our porch. The weather never improved enough to warrant heading ... read more
Brad at the Lagoon
Ned Kelly Portrait at Pads
The Pad Bar & Grill 2

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