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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta November 10th 2014

I am a Thai woman, who lives in Australia, who decided to take a holiday in Bali with my Aussie friends. I had visited back in 2002, and I loved it. Bali has become a popular location on a global level because of its beaches, heritage, rich culture and history. Additionally, the people are friendly and the weather is perfect.Bali has famously been known as the Island of the Gods because of the rich variety of hills, mountains, sandy beaches and rugged coastlines. The area has a deeply spiritual and unique culture. People have access to top-notch surfi... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Bukit Peninsula October 20th 2014

Da Rebecca seit zwei Jahren nicht mehr aktiver Verkehrsteilnehmer war und ich den Orientierungssinn eines Goldfischs habe, haben wir uns für ein statt zwei Mopeds entschieden - trotz Abraten aller männlichen Chillhousefamilienmitglieder. Rebe war nun das Navi und ich Driver. Zu beachten gab es, nebst dem Linksverkehr, eigentlich nur eine Regel: es gibt keine Regeln! Puh... Nun ja, haben wir uns also einen Roller gemietet - den Pong und das für nur CHF 2.- /Tag! Jetzt nur noch die kleinen Rucksäcke (die grossen konnten wir im Chillhouse lassen) packen und los gings. Erster Stopp: Tanah Lot, der Wassertempel, mit dem anscheinend schönsten Sonnenuntergang. Auf diesen konzentrieren, konnten wir uns allerdings nicht, zu gross war der Touristenandrang. Nebstdem mussten wir für unzählige Fotos posieren, da die asiatischen Jungs irgendwie einen Narren an uns gefressen hatten. Das ging ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali October 17th 2014

Bali 2014. We arrived in Bali about 30 mins earlier than the expected 8.00pm, but the crowds in the new terminal made the wait to get through customs take a lot longer than we had hoped. Things have certainly become more modernized since 2012, with many more new buildings going up everywhere. The taxi driver who took us to the hotel was very tired and it looked as if he was having micro sleeps as he was driving which scared the pants off us for the first time. We are well aware of the chaotic traffic in Bali but to have a driver nod off a couple of times during the drive is daunting to say the least. Hotel Vila Lumbung was a very nice resort. We had a budget room at the back of the ... read more
Puri Candikuning
Temple at Lake Bratan
Twin Lakes Lookout

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud October 17th 2014

Om Swasti Astu, I've been in Bali for a week and a half now. I've settled into my new place here in Ubud. It is a family homestay and the Balinese family here are very nice. The place is peaceful and I have a beautiful view of the valley. The climate is perfect and there is a gentle breeze always running through my room. The room is a open air traditional bungalow, so geckos, mosquitos, etc. all come in but the mosquitos are not too bad since it's usually a bit windy. There is a nice pool here to swim. Every day, I hear the roosters crowing, dogs barking in the middle of the night, people chanting and praying...there is a Balinese family temple next to my room and I hear children chanting in the evening. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud October 8th 2014

The 6th October was a public holiday in Singapore, so I decided to extend this long weekend by another two days and spend five days on Bali. That’s easy because from Singapore it is only a 2.5 hour flight. I decided to spend two nights in Ubud, inland and the cultural heart of Bali, and two nights on Nongsa Lembongan, a small island just 30 minutes off the coast from Sanur. I left early on a Friday morning and arrived in Denpasar, Bali, around noon. A driver picked me up and took me to my hotel in Ubud. It was on Monkey Forest Road pretty much in the city centre. The road is a one-way road and most of the time it is just one big traffic jam. On both sides of the road there are ... read more
Ubud II
Ubud III
Ubud IV

Asia » Indonesia » Bali October 4th 2014

We motored out of Bali International Marina early, before the staff and other yachties had stirred. Followed the markers through the channel that was so much quieter than our entry 11 days earlier but still got a few parps from the horn of a tanker as it chased us out to sea. The strait down the east side of Bali is notorious in its strength but also that it always runs south- not much help to us now- but apparently weakened by a rising tide. To overcome this we followed the advise to hug the coast to stay out of the current as much as possible but still crawled along at 2 knots for some hours, watching the surfers, but later in the day we had current pushing us north at about 8 knots - perhaps ... read more
beaches lined with fishing boats
one of many fishing boats steering around us
arrival at Amat Roads anchorage

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Benoa October 1st 2014

We left early out of the narrow entrance the next morning and it had been 2 days since my repair to the engine to stop air getting in the fuel so I was getting confident the problem had been solved. As you might have guessed this was not the case. We had no wind all day, motoring over glassy water when the engine started making its familiar rev fluctuations until it conked out! I could bleed it and restart it but each time it would not last as long. We were aiming for a small flat coral island just off the NE coast Lombok and we were ahead of the other boats going the same way - but as our engine stopped repeatedly they overtook us. They were all anchored as we closed in on the ... read more
Luna Ray at NE lombok
Luna Ray passing north of Lombok Island
fishermen almost net us

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Canggu September 20th 2014

Nach einem schlaflosen Horrorflug mit 5 schreienden Babies, inkompetenten Müttern und Turbulenzen (inkl. um's Leben schreiender Frau), sind Rebecca und ich endlich in Bali angekommen. Am Flughafen wurden wir bereits erwartet und so gings bequem nach Canggu, ins Chillhouse. Welcome to paradise - genau das empfand ich, als wir an der Rezeption von der Campmama herzlich mit einer frischen Kokosnuss empfangen wurden. Die Chillavilla, mit unserem und 2 anderen Doppelzimmern, eigenem Pool und bequemen Chillecken, die zum Erholen einluden, nannten wir von nun an, für eine Woche unser zuhause. Der Umgang im Camp war herzlich und familiär. Täglich um 19 Uhr haben sich alle zum Abendessen an 2 langen Holztischen getroffen. Jung und alt, Päärchen und Singles, alles war vertreten und mit allen konnte man stundenlang verweilen. Am Montag gings nun endlich los: die erste Surfstunde ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran September 19th 2014

Jour 1 en Indonésie fût plutôt bref : j'étais brûlée à mon arrivée. C'est environ 5 heures de vol entre Taipei et Bali. C'était plutôt festif : plein de japonais en route pour les vacances. On aurait dit un vol Montréal-Cuba ! Une fois arrivée à l'aéroport, c'était autre chose : teeeeellllllleeeemmmmeeeennntt de monde ! Je n'ai pas attendu longtemps pour acheter mon visa mais j'ai attendu un peu plus de 2h00 pour passer aux douanes. Après, ça s'est bien déroulé. Ah oui ... à part que ma Desjardins semble ne pas fonctionner dans aucun guichet ! Je dois m'occuper de ça aujourd'hui. J'ai donc changé l'argent que j'avais sur moi, faites changer la carte SIM de mon vieux cell (Merci Catherine Blais pour l'info!) et j'ai pris un taxi jusqu'à mon hôtel. Mon hôtel ! ... read more
Mon bain en or !
Justine ... tu capoterais!
Mon beau gros lit relaxant

Asia » Indonesia » Bali September 17th 2014

I’m starting to feel like a traveller I guess. This is now my Fifth adventure (World Trip, Dubai-Singapore, USA/Caribbean, New Zealand Cruise). Leading up to a dreaded 0 Birthday, I was never going to go well. I have this thing that something always bad happens, so thought best bet was to leave the country for it. I had been investigating things for a while and so many different thoughts crossed my mind. I really loved the idea of doing an Intrepid Vietnam to Bangkok as an adventure, but I ended up feeling that would be too big a culture shock to survive on my first ever Solo Trip. There was a point where flights to Paris were going for only AUD $1600 return, and I know I really want to head back there one day, but ... read more
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