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February 14th 2010
Published: September 3rd 2011
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Bali, the surfing paradise from Indonesia, that was our destination for Chinese New Year holiday, to save the cost we made a lot of connections from Shanghai to Bali, Shanghai to Shenzhen, Shenzhen to Macaw, Macaw to Singapore, Singapore to Jakarta, Jakarta to Bali, and we had an unusual episode from Macaw to Singapore, at least I only saw in the movies, there was a passenger passed out on the plane, and we needed to land in Vietnam by emergency, then we lost the flight from Singapore to Jakarta... to continue the trip to Bali, we bought a ticket from Singapore to Bali, it cost us a lot of money, but it's OK, finally we arrived in Bali, we stayed in Kuta.
I never surfed before, and my idea was to surf by first time in Bali, I was walking on the beach, looking for the surfing points, but there were almost no waves for surfing, but I found a ceremony happening, they were communicated to ocean God, there were musics, dances and prays, the people from Indonesia are very religious, the main religion there is the Hinduism, everywhere we walked there were the offerings for Gods. Symbols and entities representing the evil and goodness are very common.
Besides the surfing, Bali also has so many places to visit, beaches, volcano, rice terrace, forest and temples. There are a lot of tourist from whole world, and a scene we saw on the street was very interesting, we were in the car going to somewhere, there were newspaper's seller on the street, he saw me and showed the Japanese newspaper, then Chinese, then Korean, when he saw my Brazilian friend, he showed the English and then German newspaper, not only many of different language newspapers, the sellers and instructors also speak a lot of languages, they are not fluent in those languages, but they can speak many phrase in different languages, English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and so on, that makes the people there extremely receptive.
Being in Bali is really relaxing, beautiful beach, warm weather, nice people, great and cheap food (at least for me), that is why so many people from the whole world are there, just missed one thing for me, the surfing, and the last day of our stay there, the nice waves begun to appear, but we are leaving now...

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