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June 30th 2010
Published: June 30th 2010
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Super Deal Dua Milyar!Super Deal Dua Milyar!Super Deal Dua Milyar!

What is behind Door Number Three?
One often overlooked export from the US to the rest of the world is old TV game shows. I have seen the Singaporean version of Deal or No Deal, country-specific versions of The Amazing Race and Idol (which itself is an import to the US from England.)

But perhaps my favorite is the Indonesian version of Let’s Make a Deal, complete with a slick TV host, contestants in wacky costumes, and the excitement of finding out what is behind Door Number Three. Interestingly enough, you do not have to speak one word of Indonesian to follow the action, but it is a fun and easy way to learn numbers. After hearing the countdown “Tiga, DUA, SATU! a couple of dozen times during the course of every show, you will forever after know how to count backwards from three.

“Super Deal Dua Milyar” translates as “Super Deal Two Billion,” and is broadcast every weeknight between 7:30 and 8:30, unless it is preempted by something important, like, say, a soccer game. A lot of small sums of money are given away during each program, and since 100,000 rupiah equals about US $11, it is also a good way to learn the

I would often find Ranu watching the Indonesian version of "Love Connection" in the afternoon.
words for hundred and thousand. The big prize was invariably some form of motor bike.

Another very popular program was the local version of Love Connection. It was not unusual to walk into a tiny, un-air-conditioned shop and find the shop girls glued to the set. Everybody, it seems, is looking for love.

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