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April 9th 2009
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When I signed up to go white water rafting in Bali I thought, how bad could it be? It was way more thrilling than I certainly had anticipated! We took a bus from Jimbaran to Ubud then had to walk down 1000 steps (yes a 1000!) to get down to the river. It was a breathtaking view but I must say that my calves were burning by the time I got down to the bottom. They had parts of a leaves rolled up and stapled together as a biodegradable dixie cup for water. What a brilliant idea!
It was Jerri, Brad, Kalin, Jennifer and myself in one raft. I've never laughed so much in my life! In fact we said that we wished we had taken this tour on the first day and would have done it again in the later part of the trip it was that good. Our guide was hysterical and got us splashing the other boats as we went down. We stopped by a waterfall where the water was cascading down so hard we couldn't even hear. The boys were in the front of the boat but didn't seem to be working as hard as us girls were in the back of the boat. At one point Kalin fell out of the boat. What a surprised look on his face when he hit the water. We had a couple of opportunities to get out and float with the current, not to mention that we had to stop at the one shop along the way to buy a bintang beer. Bathrooms were....behind the trees.

We had level 2 and 3 rapids and went approximately 14 km down the Akung river. We had a wonderful buffet lunch afterwards (although I would recommend skipping the pressed rice cakes for dessert - ugh!). Then it was a long walk (not 1000 steps this time) back up to the bus. Certainly a good time was had by all.
I can't wait to post some pictures....got to run...more fun awaits


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