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December 29th 2008
Published: January 1st 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

we actually did something worth writing about today, we went to a monkey shrine/temple and they were running about all pver the place! we baught bananas and the cheeky things snatched them out of nicks pocket, nearly pulling his trousers down in the process (it was a good job it was nealr as he was commando!) i had a mum and tiny baby sit on my knee for ages, must be my maternal nature! ha ha. then we went to and elephant cave, not real 1s, its a stone carving inside a cave and no-one has any idea how long it has been there. most balinese are hindu so they give thanks to the gods 3 times a day by putting offerings at shines or temples, so everywhere you go there are little dishes made of banana leaf filled with everthing form flowers to mimi chedders!

so it was a good day, tomorrow we are going rafting at the real elephant place so should be good then maybe to turtle island if we get uo in time to do both. will keep you posted

love to all xxx


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