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May 21st 2018
Published: May 21st 2018
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Happy peddlarHappy peddlarHappy peddlar

Came from Java to sell his wares
I was too wordy so had to do two entries!

Eventually our bus snaked it’s way up a mountainside where we encountered the northern terraced rice paddies. They were magnificent. We saw many people labouring in the fields. Some of the fields were just being planted while some were being harvested. There was no end to the work and it was all back breaking. There were bamboo huts in rice fields for resting out of the hot sun or eating. These Rice fields are passed down in families through the generations and are well maintained. When harvesting, the rice straw is cut with a scythe and it is tied in bundles. Then it is transported to drying area on a person's head or back or by scooter!

After rice the harvest the farmer let’s the rice dry for 10 days. Kids are allowed to play in the fields afterward to break up soil. After a few days the farmer will flood the fields and then plow it with 1 cow pulling a plow. We didn’t see that happening but we did see a young man trying to manhandle a motorized tiller while a woman used a rope to help
Plotting the paddiesPlotting the paddiesPlotting the paddies

Now, that's hard work
keep the machine from tipping over into the water. Cows are also let loose in the fields for a few days before replanting as the cow dung provides fertilizer. After plowing, the fields are flooded some more and then another crop Is planted. While waiting for the harvest most farmers work in building construction. No matter how you look at it, life here is “hard”. We are so very lucky to live where we do with all our creature comforts. That being said, we can stand to learn a great deal from these beautiful people.

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Rice TerracesRice Terraces
Rice Terraces

Huge areas of cultivation

This man had to be 70 if he was a day!
Filling the bagsFilling the bags
Filling the bags

He was filling bags by basket full.
Helping handsHelping hands
Helping hands

He was appreciative of the help
Sunny day in the paddiesSunny day in the paddies
Sunny day in the paddies

Happy to have seen this place

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