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May 26th 2016
Published: November 28th 2016
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Sun going downSun going downSun going down

Uluwatu beach

26th May

Woke up, looked down and the white t shirt I had on, it had this big blood splat on the front 😞 😞 I jus froze and thought oh gosh there's gona be a swatted bug underneath, but there wasn't, I jus got the t shirt off straight away and put it in the bin.... Brian however was covered in bites, like so many, on his forehead, the back of his neck, that bed bug I flicked off my bed must of had a right feast last night.. Hahaha. Still didn't mention the bugs and jus let them think it was mozzies.

Packed up the backpack, checked out, but stayed to have breakfast as the boat wasn't until 11.30. Ang came over to say goodbye, we were all sat out having breakfast and Brian was going nuts about these bites.... Oh these fucking bites.. they're so fucking itchy, the ones on his Head and neck were absolutely massive, it was hilarious.

So glad it was our last night I spotted the bug, coz it instantly puts you on edge.. Urghhhhh!!!! The hostel is awesome too 😞

Was about to leave and these Indonesian ladies were having a group photo and literally the whole hostel jumped in, they wanted us too, about 20/30 people, it was a really funny moment, Brian wouldn't get in the photo and everyone was shouting Briiiiaaaannnn get in the photo :p this little Indonesian lady held my hand.. Aww 😊 I hope we come across this photo one day.

Stood at the place where we had booked our boat and we bumped into the Iranian guy who we helped find his hostel last night.. Hahaha. He was really smashed last night and lost his mate who had the key, I was like ahh it's you.. He looked spun out at first and then remembered and said ahh girls thank you so much for helping me.. Hahahah.

Got chatting to two girls who were also going to Uluwatu, so we decided to all share a taxi once off the boat rather then taking the bus with everyone else.

Couple hours later we arrived back at Padang Bay, found the girls and sorted a taxi out with a guy for 600,000. We had the transfer bus which was included in our booking, but it only goes to the main areas like Kuta, Seminyak etc, so we would of still had to get a taxi from there to Uluwatu, its a bit out of the way and no sweaty bus, seemed a pretty good deal 😊

What a long long drive down, i spoke to one of the girls pretty much the whole way down, they were from Norway and jus been doing a dive course on Gili T, she said that her dive instructor showed her a tiny winy seahorse that was half the size of her finger nail, like she wouldn't of even spotted it if he didn't say.. how cool 😊

Driving away from the busy tourist spots into Uluwatu, automatically seemed more chilled, really pretty scenery, we pulled up outside our accommodation which seemed to be in the middle of no where, then one of the girls made a comment like.. oh we've booked to stay by Padang Padang beach, right in the centre lets hope they have a restaurant inside your place.. haha.. alright love.. gosh!!

Walked through a little stone doorway to Satria Bungalow, lush big garden, loads of lotus plants, trees and about six bungalows either side of a cute pool.. Aww 😊 Shown to our bungalow, it had this massive four poster bed.. hahaha.. so we asked if there was one with two single beds, we got walked over to a bungalow opposite and by the steps there was a dog, which had five puppies.. Oh.My.Gosh!!!! They were adorable, the guy said the dog was called Jerry and she's from England :p hahaha the pups were a couple weeks old.

We decided to take the original room as it was much bigger. Straight away, got everything out of our backpacks and gave it all a good shake off jus in case there were any bedbugs lurking :/

Showered, we looked on TripAdvisor to see what sort of restaurants were around this area, there was a little one next door but we jus wanted to check the place out, so thought we could get a taxi there as it was dark and didn't have a clue where we were going, found this one place and asked the guy who runs the place if he could book us a taxi, coz nothing drives past other than local people on scooters and the taxi quoted us 200,000 each way, that's so

Fresh spring rolls and King prawns
much money, so we asked him to recommended us a place to eat.... YeYe's, he said is a good place to eat, so he arranged for a taxi to pick us up for 100,000. Taxi pulls up and its blatantly one of his mates.. hahaha. On route, he picked up another one of his mates, 5 minutes later we arrived at YeYe's, which was around by Padang Padang beach side, so that cost us 100,000 for a 5 minute taxi ride, that's so expensive!! Walking through to our seats, this American guy yelled at a couple 'are you moving because of the moths in here as well' Waaaaaat!! That's so random, the couple didn't even look at him.. hahaha!!

So sat down and they have these really low lights and because the restaurant is half outside, there were loads of tiny moths flying at the light and falling on the table.. hahahah.. So that's why he was shouting that. We ordered fresh spring rolls, king prawns, prawn curry, was really nice, but the staff were so off.

We got a taxi back for 100,000 which seems to be the set rate around here, its pretty expensive, so tomorrow we're going to look into getting a scooter.

27th May

Went and had breakfast next door then headed out to find Uluwatu beach as its suppose to be about 10 minute walk from us. Walking up and down the hilly windy roads, Its so laid back here, really nice vibe. There's all these little stalls/shops, places to drink along the cliff, over looking the beach where everyone surfs. We stopped and bought some presents and clothes 😊 Walked up past Single Fin towards the other side of the town and hired a scooter, it seems to be how you would get around this place for cheap and more convenient too. Got one for 50,000 a day, pretty good, seeing as a one way taxi is 100,000, filled up and off we went for a drive, stopped off in a nice little cafe called Mangos for food, chilled by our pool before going to Uluwatu temple for sunset. We sort of knew where we were going as past the road entrance yesterday when driving here, about 15 minute drive we reached it. Paid and they gave us some extra clothing to cover up more. Really big pretty gardens, then a massive cliff, looking out over the sea with the temple on top and soo many bloody monkeys, one stole a guys pair of sunny's from his head, ran off with them, a security man had to go chase the monkey to get them back.. hahahaha. They make us feel so on edge, like we were scared to walk past four that was sat on this walk way we needed to go down, so walked around another way which happened to be a dead end, so had to go back around.. urgh and walk past them really fast, probably look really silly as everyone else seems to like them :/

Drove back towards our place to find somewhere to eat, parked up in this little place we've driven past a couple times, it always seems to be busy, ordered food, whilst that was being made we went next door to get some snacks for later. As we walked into the shop this guy was sat outside having a beer said hi to us.. he thought he had met us before.. nope not us but ended up sitting with him to eat, his name was Maday, from Morocco, lives here, great hair, like long spiral curls. Never heard someone speak so much bull shit, like how many girls he's been with etc, it got draining, then a storm started to approach, so we said our goodbyes and drove back before it hit to heavy, but it hit heavy half way back.. ahhhhhh :/ We were soaked.. hahahah. All we could think about was the little pups, so put on our raincoats and headed over with a torch to see if they were ok, it was pitch black mind and shown the torch on them, we woke them up.. aww all their little faces, we were like shit.. oh well at least we knew they were fine 😊

28th May

Woke and Jerry was asleep on our porch, so gave her a little smooth and went over to see if the pups were alright 😊 They survived the storm 😊

Yesterday we spotted a massive infinity pool jus up from Uluwatu beach, so wanted to chill in that for the day, but first we had to park the scooter, the scooter parking area is like a sea of scooters, a right mission, i got off and
Watching the surfWatching the surfWatching the surf

Uluwatu beach
Zoe went to park it, she was jus at a standstill in there jus revving it, i was crying, it was soooo funny, then this guy was like .. Hey do you want me to park it for you.. hahahaha.. Getton then :p So that out of the way, we walked up to the pool and chilled there for most of the day.

We were hungry, herd some things about 'Babi' which means pig, we had spotted a couple places along the road sides that sold it, but couldn't remember where it was, so we went on a mission to find it. Drove about 30 minutes and came across one, parked up and went in, didn't really know what to expect really. She handed us a whole plate of different bits of pork, a bowl of broth with a big pork bone in it, crackling also with rice. It was ok, i wouldn't go out of my way to order it again. We ended up having quite a bit left over, so put it into some tissue and took it back to Jerry on our way back to the pool 😊 She loved it 😊

Got all our
Watching the surfWatching the surfWatching the surf

Uluwatu beach
stuff from the pool and went over to the cliff of Uluwatu beach to watch the sunset. In Uluwatu its really good for surfing but you have to be a pro and the waves can get quite dangerous from the reef.

Headed back to get ready and go out for food, it was quite late, we found this restaurant that was still serving food, it was full of Brazilian and Portuguese guys, got chatting to them and we all went to a party on Padang Padang beach.. It was really cool, all the rocks were lite up with different colours.There was a reggae band on then house music 😊 We got chatting to a guy.. Lewis, from Oz, well actually he was born in Bradford, random, then Jenson who is friends with Maday (from last night) came over.. He knew Lewis and we were all like ahh heey, yeh we've all met before, then Lewis turned around and said oh you must be the English girls Maday was on about, he was basically saying to Lewis that me and Zoe wanted to sleep with him.. Pahahaha.. No mate, we were happy the storm came so we didn't have to listen to your chat any longer.. the cheek of him. We all found it hilarious. We then spotted Maday hanging out over by the band, he ended up walking past us and seeing us all together dnacing, he looked a bit sheepish and didn't stick around.. hahaha. Lewis was doing this funny worm sand dance, it was hilarious, his face was covered in sand and then he split his stitches open on his head.. Silly :/

We called it a night and headed back on the scooter, it was pitch black apart from the light on the scooter, we turned a corner and there were about 10 cows in the road, we panicked and stopped, the cows jus starred at us the scuttled into the bushes.. Gosh it was so scary coz no one was around, that could of been really dangerous :/

29th May


Had breakfast and drove down to the beach, Padang Padang, where we were for the beach party last night. Lush beach, small, was really busy, a Chinese group was sat in the sea with all their clothes on, letting the waves go right over them, bashing them about, they found it hilarious. Was really nice to watch, i bet they are from mainland where there isn't a beach/sea in sight.. aww 😊

We had food in this little roadside restaurant, smoothie bowl, spring rolls and a juice, so tasty, literally could of ate more, was about to leave and we spotted packets of of chicken and rice 😊 😊 this is all we've wanted since Lombok, so bought a couple to eat before we go out later.

On the way back we stopped off at Uluwatu beach coz the tide was out, walking around the caves, then out of no where a massive wave come in and nearly took us out, we were soaked.. hahaha.

Chilled back at our pool for a bit, suppose to drop the scooter back at 1pm today, but thought we'd drop it back when we go out to Single Fin, so that we don't have to walk in the heat and get sweaty, next minute two guys came rushing in shouting 'we taking the scooter.. you're late' so we handed them the helmets and off they went.. hahahaha.. So that was that plan out of the window.. Bye scooter.. hahahaha :p

So Single Fin is suppose to be the place to be on a Sunday (Sunday Sesh) people come from Kuta/Seminyak to party all day and night, what better way to spend our last eve here 😊 Got there for sunset, rammed it was.. Tune were playing.. Bumped into Gabriel (Brazilian from last night) then Karl (from the boat) then Moira.. how mad was that.. Was only saying to Zoe earlier how its mad we haven't bumped into anyone we've met yet.. and here we all are 😊 Having such a good night, all dancing and joking about all of us opening up a hostel on Gili T and calling it Slaggy T :p Winston the security man was such a ledge.

We had to call it a night as we were flying at 1am.. Everyone was like Waaaaaaa you're are flying at 1 and you're partying here now.. hahahaha. We got a taxi back quickly packed our backpacks and off we went to the airport pissed right up.. hahahaha.

Bye Indonesia .. We were so not ready to leave 😞

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Surf Sun ShakeSurf Sun Shake
Surf Sun Shake

Uluwatu beach
Surf Sun ShakeSurf Sun Shake
Surf Sun Shake

Uluwatu beach
Padang Padang beach partyPadang Padang beach party
Padang Padang beach party

With Jenson and Louis
Beach partyBeach party
Beach party

Padang Padang beach

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