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November 9th 2009
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Almost a week into Bali
Bali is beautiful, but is also totally crazy. Flying into Kuta was a wild time and I was ready to get out of that wild city. The streets were packed with people selling hats, tee-shirts, and crap. Everywhere we went people grabbed at our hands and tried to pulls us around. I learned quickly to hold my hands behind my back. look down, and mumble "tidah" as I tried to dodge the dodgey people. Tommy and I stayed for two nights at an expensive hotel right by the beach and even though the pool was beautiful is was packed full of crazy drunken "Aussie" tourists. Which are the worst kind. So, on wednesday, I asked Tommy sweetly to get me the fuck out of Kuta. He just smiled and went down the street and rented a motor bike and came back and asked me to grab my bags. We were going to head south. We grabed our surfboard bag with two boards in it and strapped it to the side of the scooter. Then I put my huge backpack on my back and his between his legs on the scooter. We held on tight and began the pne hour trip to Uluwatu. The streets in Bali are MAD!
There are white lines in the road, indicateing two lanes of opposing traffic, but no one really pays attention to that and they speed by you passing you from both the right and the left. Sometimes cars are headed right for you before the slide into their own traffic at the last second. Thank goodness Tommy is so go with a bike, because it was a terrifing experience.
We finallly made it to Padang, were we rented a house unloasded our bags and began to chill out. The surf is AMAZING and there are hardly any people in the water really. The last couple of days we have been playing in the clear clean water and eating yummy street food for very cheap. Thank goodness we made it out of Kuta.


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