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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 18th 2012

This guy lones me a bike for a pound (these keyboards don'e have the pound symbol). I decided to cycle to this place that's up north. It's being considered for UNESCO. It's an ancient collection of temples carved into stone set in a vally of jungle. It was fantastric when I arrived but it took bloodly ages getting there. I took a friends advise and went off the beaten track. Julian, who lives next door has been here for 10 months. He showed me a hidden route. there where barely cares on the tiny road. a few scooters every now and then. It was across vast rice filed planes. famers and small villages every now and then. It was so beautiful I can't even descruibe it. I started off so snap happy. but as the journey ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 16th 2012

Wayan and Ketut the couple I'm staying with offered to take me to their family temple. Wayan's daughter, Kedek, and her young family also came. We took offering baskets with food and flowers and I was given a kebaya and sarong to wear. I was the only foreign person there. It was an honour being allowed in and to participate in the prayers. We had to sit on the ground. Kedek who is heavily pregnant had to be lowered down and pulled up to stand. Not what you want to be doing in the heat. I felt as though I was going to pass out. There's insence everywhere. You use flowers to pray with. After each prayer you place the flower in your hair. Then after 4 prayers - four flowers - there's holy water which ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 11th 2012

De 3e dag Bali (2e dag in het stadje Ubud) was zeer geslaagd! We gingen te voet naar het apenbos. Toegang was zeer goedkoop: 20.000 RP per persoon. Nog maar 1 voet binnengezet of er zat al een aapje in Jan zijn broekzak te prutsen op zoek naar eten. Het is een zeer mooi bos met grote , oude bomen, lianen, watervalletjes , riviertjes en natuurlijk apen én baby apen. De makaken hebben mijn dag ervoor goed gemaakt. In de namiddag deden we een dutje. Slapen over de middag doet bijna iedere toerist hier. Het is hier snikheet en veel te warm om rond te lopen. Rond 16u stonden we terug op en deden we een ongelofelijk mooie wandeling tussen de rijstvelden. De rijstvelden geven je een gans ander beeld van het zo toeristische Ubud. Er ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 11th 2012

Deze morgen namen we de bemo bus vanuit Kuta richting Denpasar. De bemo kostte ons 20.000 Rp voor 2 personen (€2) voor een halfuur. Helaas spreken de chauffeurs weinig tot geen engels en heb je geen idee waar men je afzet. Onze chauffeur zette ons af bij één van zijn maten en we kwamen overeen dat voor 110.000 RP (€11) de andere chauffeur ons zou voeren naar Ubud. Een uurtje later, in de boemelbus , zonder airco – 30°C warm, kwamen er 2 afgepeigerde Belgjes uit de bus. Een seconde later werden we aangesproken door een vriendelijke Balinees die vroeg of we een cottage wilden zien. We hadden beter es goed gekeken op onze kaart want de cottage waarin we nu verblijven ligt nét buiten alle attracties. Hij verzekerde ons dat de cottage rustig was. Jan ... read more
our room/onze kamer
chickens ready to be eaten/kippen klaar om op te eten

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 10th 2012

Ubud is a town designed for hippies. Everyone is floating around wearing linen and button necklaces. Having massages and reflexology. There's 'organic' and 'vegan' signs everywhere. Random herbs in drinks: maca, spirulina, wheatgrass... Everyone is meditating and doing yoga. Spiritual is definately the word. Quite different to Kuta! I'm staying in a Homestay with a lovely family. There's also another family: Kadek is the cleaner. She stays in one room with her husband and 7year old son. They live right below me. I went to a traditional Balinese dance show at a temple one evening. The dance is very perculiar, based on small movements of fingers and eyes. But very lovely setting. I've found a man that rents a bike for the day for a pound sio have cycled to a place called tegallalang. It's a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 5th 2012

We had such a fun time on the bike tour and I shot lots of video clips to "TRY" to capture the countryside and the local life.... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 4th 2012

Our theme for this 10 day vacation was to chill, relax and enjoy each other on our last big Asian vacation before we return to the USA. It was accomplished and I hope you enjoy all the photos. Bali is one place we WILL return to someday, I don't say that for every place that we have visited so it truly made a lasting impression on me (and Pete). 1st Stop Ubud May 4th-7th A little info about Bali but why create my own when Wikipedia says it so well already: "With a population recorded as 3,891,428 in the 2010 census, the island is home to most of Indonesia's small Hindu minority. In the 2000 census about 92... read more
Balinese scarecrow
Street in Ubud
Rice Paddies

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 30th 2012

Hey everyone, I am having a gret and intense time on my retreat. We are supper busy and I don't really have time to write too much. After this has finished I will recap you all on my adventures. Heaps of yoga and meditation and other cool stuff. All I can say is this retreat is very challenging in a bitter sweat kind of way and I am learning heaps!!! Take care everyone Sending big smiles from Bali :)... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 27th 2012

Hi everyone, Well I have been in beautiful Bali for 11 days now. I was lucky to have my good friend Kristin join me for my first week here. We had such a great time together! We stayed in a place called Swasti Eco cottages where we were very well looked after. We ordered many fresh juices and herbal teas and had most of our delicious meals sitting on comfy cushions in the bungalow restaurant and had many swims in our salt water pool to refresh ourselves from the heat. We rode push bikes through rice fields and I was very proud of myself when I rode 9km up hill. (Kristin said it wasn't really a very big hill) but it was in the middle of the day and you could have rung out our t-shirts ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud April 18th 2012

Since my last blog entry, our lives have been "full" and we've had many adventures. My sister Kim and her daughter Sharaya visited us from Canada for 3 weeks during their spring break. It was fun to be a “tourist” exploring Bali and visiting the Gili islands again. Gemma was happy to show her cousin around and finally have a "buddy." We went whitewater rafting, hiking up a volcano, visiting waterfalls, snorkeling on the Gili islands, and of course shopping. Our house was full as Lucas’ friend Justin is still with us – so there were 7 of us in total. We spent lots of evenings playing games, telling stories and laughing. We worked well together taking turns doing dishes, etc. It reminded me of how many people in the world live - with their extended ... read more
Our guide & friend Gede
Kim & I hiking Mt. Batur

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