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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 14th 2011

This was one of those unplanned day trips that I decided to take while I was in Bali for a conference. When my friend Faizal asked me if I wanted to join him for a cycling trip to Ubud, I immediately said yes. I had always wanted to wander around Ubud, going through the small streets and explore the villages. We were lucky enough to find a great tour operator, ran by Nyoman ( who was ready to pick us up in the morning near Maya Hotel Ubud. We didn't require transport and drove ourselves to Ubud, and even though the tour included breakfast at Kintamani, we skipped breakfast and went straight ahead to see "a coffee plantation", which was far from being called a plantation!. It is an area planted with lots of local plants ... read more
The villager with a pig
Our easy ride
The man with a tattoo

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 6th 2011

Surfs up in Bali! After a couple of days of relaxing on the beach, (attempted) surfing and wandering the streets of Kuta we headed out of town for an afternoon. First stop Dreamland. Finding ourselves amongst many over excited Chinese tourists on the picturesque Dreamland beach, surrounded by more professional surfers than we found in Kuta. This beach is beyond beautiful. It had everything - rockpools, boats way out to see, golden sand, and surfers carving up the crystal clear waves. The one not so beautiful site, but a serious entertainment factor, was a portly Chinese fella working the speedos. Following a quick dip we ventured on to Ulu Watu. Having been given sarongs and a firm warning about the monkeys we had a tight grip on our possessions as we entered the temple's clifftop grounds. ... read more
Beach Salesman, Kuta Beach
Dreamland Beach

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud August 2nd 2011

After spending a semi-sleepless night in Tirta Gangga, with the suicidal fan which spent the night attempting to self destruct, we jumped into the minibusses and headed for Ubud in the rain! I think this was the first time I had seen rain since arriving in Indonesia. On the way, Nyoman had planned for us to stop at White sands beach but, due to the rain, I didn't expect this to happen. I was reminded that this is Indonesia, not England, and my expectations for rain and how long it lasted needed reallignment as it stopped not long after we set off. An hour later we arrived at white sands with the minibus heading down a road which would have been challenging for a 4x4. To the drivers credit, we arrived with us and the minibus ... read more
black rice with honey and coconut....... mmmm
bat asleep
bat awake

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 30th 2011

Our guide, Apel, took us to a local market with no tourists. People asked Apel in Indonesian where we were from and if we were rich. They thought I was a movie star. Unlike the tourist markets, no one really spoke to us because they didn’t speak English. The hallways were narrow and there was a lot of clutter like other markets I’ve been in but the one difference was the water flowing below in cement streams. This seemed to keep it cool inside all the tarps. My mom and dad tried mangosteens for the first time. They share my obsession now. I had snake skin fruit for the first time which was also yummy. At a certain point Aple told us to stop and turn around. He said we were approaching the part of the ... read more
Bali Aga Village Cock Fighter
Monkey Forest Family

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 23rd 2011

Prologue My 2011 visit to my parents' home in Singapore was a bittersweet one. My parents had sold my childhood home and I went to pack up as much stuff from my first 24 years as I could fit into two suitcases. I supported their choice to downsize. The downside, however, was that my childhood home, which was an actual house built on freehold (fee simple) land - a rarity in land scarce Singapore - would be torn down by the new owners who would most likely build a soulless custom McMansion on the plot. Not only did I have to say goodbye to a structure that housed so many memories, I also had to figure out what to keep and what to toss. Even though I am relatively unsentimental about my past, in hindsight I ... read more
Goodbye, Childhood Home
Close Up Of An Offering

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 23rd 2011

22.7. Syötiin aamupala terassilla seuraten riisipelloilla uurastavia miehiä ja pihapuussa lenteleviä kolibreja. Kympiltä mentiin sitten molemmat spahan ja sekin on niin tyylikkästi toteutettu, että ei voinut kuin ihastella. Pelkästään jo sinne mennessä rentoutui. Meille annettin sarongit ja pienet mustat mytyt, joista sanottiin, että underwear. J oli aivan kauhuissaan, kun muovikääröstä kuoriutui paperiset alkkarit. Sain vakuuteltua, että ne pitää nyt vaan laittaa jalkaan, jotta hoito voi alkaa. Ensin meidät molemmat hierottiin perinteisellä balilaisella tekniikalla, joka on kyllä hieno keksintö. Aivan taivaallista, vois thaikut tulla ottamaan oppia ja jättää ne omat hakkaamistekniikkansa! J:n hieronta vielä jatkui, kun mulle levitettiin kahvikuorintavoide ja sen jälkeen papayanaamio. Näiden jälkeen mulla oli vielä ohjelmassa maitokylpy ja lämmin jacuzzi... read more
Katukuvaa Ubudista
Vesipalatsi, hetki ennen renkaiden puhkomista

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 21st 2011

18.7. Tänään herättiin ekan kerran joskus kuudelta kun munkit alkoivat hoilata (ilmeisesti karaokea) naapuritemppelissä. Hyvät bileet tuntui olevan, mutta poliisi ilmeisesti puuttui asiaan, koska hiljenivät tunnin huudon jälkeen. Onneks saatiin vielä nukuttua, ja sitten haettiin aamupalaksi kaikennäköisiä piirakoita ja pullia ja mentiin teelle ja kakulle lähikadun kahvilaan. Kakkukauppoja on tässä maassa muuten ihan käsittämättömästi. Jokaiseen pieneenkin kylään mahtuu monta kakkukauppaa riviin. Varmaankin brittiperintöä, kuten koko teekulttuuri. Kahvilasta jatkettiin yksille markkinoille ostamaan reppu, koska ollaan ostettu ihan nuijan paljon mausteita eikä tietty jakseta niitä raahata koko loppureissua, vaan lähetetään ne vanhempien mukana pois. Taas tuli kaikenmaailman "auttajia" tuijottamaan ja kauppojen teon jälkeen yksi kaveri lähti vain seuraamaa... read more
7snt per punnitus
Botanic garden

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 16th 2011

Hello everyone, So from Sengiggi we caught the bus to Lembar, the slow ferry to Padangbai and then the bus to Ubud. We booked the trip with Perama which is a local tour company we've been using a lot to get around Bali and Lombok. The slow ferry was a busy experience with lots of noise and people shoving all kinds of snacks and drinks in your face for you to buy, but it wasn't as slow as we thought and we arrived to Bali ahead of schedule. The bus to Ubud was fine but we arrived in the dark. We walked from the Perama office to Monkey Forest Street (the tourist name given to it because of the Monkey Sanctuary at the bottom of the road). We went into an expensive looking place which was ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud July 1st 2011

First off: HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!! We were up early this morning to drive to Ubud, a town in the rice fields area of Bali. We arrived just before 9am when our cooking class was to start. There was about 12 people in our class. The first thing we did was walk over to the market not far from the restaurant. Our instructor went over all the vegetables and spices they use in Balinese cooking. The market was really busy and it was a really fun experience. Back at the restaurant we started the class. Unfortunately this class wasn't one where we got to do the actual cooking. It was more demonstrated to us and occasionally some of us could go up and help her. We got a cookbook that we could take home. We got to ... read more
Ubud market
Ubud market
Ubud market

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud June 28th 2011

Tuesday, 28th June 2011 We were back at Ubud Dream by 11am this morning in time for our late breakfast. This was a nice serving of Nasi Campur, courtesy from the guesthouse owner, Mr Gomeng. It consisted of pieces of chicken, an egg and some vegetables. After breakfast, it was time for me to hit the bed for a much deserved rest. The heavy rains that plagued all morning made it a perfect excuse to confine myself in the comforts of my room. Not that I was complaining. In fact, I was so glad that I had more time to catch up on my sleep in such a peaceful environment. After the rains, it was business as usual for me for a late lunch at Three Monkeys Cafe. As usual, I chose a seat overlooking the ... read more

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