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March 6th 2008
Published: June 21st 2017
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A couple making an offering to the Ogah-OgahA couple making an offering to the Ogah-OgahA couple making an offering to the Ogah-Ogah

The Ogah-Ogahs represent the evil spirits that are going to fly over the island on New Years (later tonight) and though they are fun for the kids, the adults take it really seriously.
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Nyippe is tomorrow, but that is the day of rest. Today is Nyippe-eve? I'll call it that. Today is Nyippe-Eve! It's like New Years Eve, and today is the day for the party! All the Ogoh-Ogohs that have been in preparation for the past couple weeks will get carried all through town (like a parade float of sorts), they'll travel to the football field in the center of town, stay on display there for most of the afternoon. Then, once the sun sets, they'll all make their big entrance down the streets again, and get paraded in front of the huge crowd gathered at the temple.

I followed my neighborhoods Ogoh-Ogoh to the football field, then found a nice pub with a view of the field, made friends with some nice Aussies so I could sit at their table with them (all the good tables with a view of the field were taken, sometimes it's good being a +1!) We drank Aussie beer and hung out until sundown. I got some great tips on hostels to stay at in Bangkok, and inside info on a killer SCUBA spot below an old oil rig off the coast of Thailand. The old oil rig has been converted into a basic hotel (GO Green!), and they have dive instructors on staff because there is a whole eco system that's sprung up right under the rig. A couple I drank with was there for a week, and raved about the diving there. I am so totally going to try to make that happen. They go me all excited about it.

I digress; Back to the Nyippe festivities. When it was our turn in queue, the men who carried the Ogoh-Ogoh got all riled up and ready for the parade. (They were grunting and jumping just like a boxer before a match.) I've got video! Then I followed it all the way up the street, and back to where we started earlier in the afternoon. It's the biggest holiday of the year, and man did these guys go all out. The town was packed; every street was like I was back in Manhattan again. It was fantastic, and a huge contrast to the actual Nyippe day. But I'll tell you about that later.

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Baseball hat & flip flops?Baseball hat & flip flops?
Baseball hat & flip flops?

What kinda deamon is this?
Firecracker gameFirecracker game
Firecracker game

The boys were playing with firecrackers all day. I realized after a bit that it was a game: see who isn't watching his ass, sneak up behind him, and throw a lit firecracker at his feet. When he freaks out, laugh. It never got old for them.
Nyippe-eve morning - Five Ogah-OgahsNyippe-eve morning - Five Ogah-Ogahs
Nyippe-eve morning - Five Ogah-Ogahs

These are the five Ogah-Ogahs representing my neighborhood. They are all lined up on the street outside my guesthouse. The big one in the back is the one you know already.
Ogoh-Ogoh construction siteOgoh-Ogoh construction site
Ogoh-Ogoh construction site

Teh head, I'm told, is made in a house up the street and added the morning of the festival.
Ogoh-Ogoh Donations boardOgoh-Ogoh Donations board
Ogoh-Ogoh Donations board

SO I guess the folks from town all donate money to the cost of construction of the Ogoh-Ogoh. Thsi board was right next to the Ogoh-Ogoh construction site on the street.
Our Ogah-OgahOur Ogah-Ogah
Our Ogah-Ogah

Everyone got their picture taken with it, and the anticipation of the evening was palpable.
Our Ogoh-Ogoh on displayOur Ogoh-Ogoh on display
Our Ogoh-Ogoh on display

After it has sat in the football field all day, our Ogoh-Ogoh was paraded back through town, and at this intersection was highlighted on display. There was a big crowd and an announcer, and the Ogoh-Ogoh carriers swayed the statue all over like it was dancing.
Posing with their Ogoh-OgohPosing with their Ogoh-Ogoh
Posing with their Ogoh-Ogoh

I didn't realize my lens was SO dirty! Iew!
Tom & Jerry Deamons?!?Tom & Jerry Deamons?!?
Tom & Jerry Deamons?!?

The weirdest cultural things are selected as exports. I'd of never guess this. And if I didn't have a picture, you'd of never believed me!
We're ready to carry and in position!We're ready to carry and in position!
We're ready to carry and in position!

The sarongs they wear are black and white for special occasions. The black and white represent good and evil as a reminder they they are always close by. A lot of the statues around town have a black/white sarong on too.
What the hell?!?What the hell?!?
What the hell?!?

I don't even know what this is about. Is this even allowed, crazy dominatrix deamon lady?

10th March 2008

this guy is not so cute. don't bring him home, please. :)
10th March 2008

American MLB player. "Show me the MONEY!!" <br><br>Evil Demons! LOL.
10th March 2008

Parade participants are in Black/White plaid? What a display!!
10th March 2008

I love that game! Let's play when you get home. K?
10th March 2008

Great pic of you. Except that creature looks like he is going to kick your head. :) Looks like you had a great time!
10th March 2008

Is there a reason they make the head separately?
10th March 2008

This is a great picture! Was this in the street?
10th March 2008

10th March 2008

I love the dude in the front of the crowd. Documenting the occasion. Hmmmm. Now why wouldn't he just put his foot next to the Ogoh-Ogoh? I wonder. (luv u, sista!)
10th March 2008

Great picture. Very creepy, indeed. <br><br>Is it me? My eye is always drawn to his belly-button!
10th March 2008

What a contrast to your normally quiet vacation!
10th March 2008

Two-for-One Demons!
10th March 2008

You're right, Suz ... I totally wouldn't have believed this!
10th March 2008

My question from earlier. :) That's a great reminder. No?
10th March 2008

Oh! Bring me some boots like that!! :) LOL.
12th March 2008

No way dude! This is too high stakes for me, I wanna play in the kiddie pool!
12th March 2008

LOL! I tried to get in a position where it looked like he was going to stomp on me. I love that you noticed! I did have a great time, the place was electric, it was a huge festival and the whole thing was free and in my 'backyard'!
12th March 2008

I'd guess, as I do most days about what's going on and why, its because it has a lot more detail on it, and is easier to make if you can reach it when it isn't on top of scaffolding. And I guess it's not so hard to attach afterwards.
12th March 2008

Yep it was litterally steps away from the front walk of my guest house, which is on a little side street caled Suwata off the main road Raya Ubud. <br><br>http://www.penders.co.uk/travel/map/ubud_map800x580.jpg<br>Here is
a map of town so you can see what I'm referencing, Raya Ubud goes E-W, and Suwata goes N from it on the W side of town. I'm staying in the Ubud Palace, just across the street from the Market.
12th March 2008

Yeah it totally was, there were big bouncer dudes protecting the crowd and pushing the float-bearers back towards the middle of the street, but we still all got shoved around every time it came near us. It rang through my mind more than on
ce that this kind of thing would never happen in the states, too many law suits and PC rules.
12th March 2008

Aaagh! I love it! Self-portrait in my pic. I didn't even see that! I'm glad you reminded me, I havn't taken a single picture of my right foot yet! I must remedy that!
12th March 2008

Yeah that's you, because I couldn't stop looking at his GInormous nipples. LOL!
12th March 2008

You said it!
12th March 2008

I still can't frickin' believe this. Indonesian Nyippie festival with Tom & Jerry represented as Demons. **Shakes her head** Jerry was particularly NOT depicted in a nice light here. The fangs and claws, just not cool to do that to t
he little guy!

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