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September 24th 2016
Published: September 24th 2016
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Early early start today. Booked the breakfast with ourangutangs at Bali zoo today. Pick up is 0700, but be ready by 0645. Sure enough, van is here at 0645. Pack bags, water bottles, etc. and away we go.

Arrive very early at the zoo, almost the first group into the zoo. Sat at our table and told we are next to where the ouranguatngs will be on show. Nice. Breakast served and not too bad. Go back as many times as you like, and the noodles were great. Eventually the ourangutangs arrived, followed by the elephants. We went to the elephants as we were told that we had to wait for our turn for the ourangutangs.

they had lots of other animals out on display so we got a good look at lots of interesting breeds. Our turn comes for the ourangutangs and they play nicely, mostly. Jessica gets a cripple nipple from one of the Borneo monkeys, and Charlie nearly gets a gotcha call, but avoids that one nicely. they know how to get into places you wouldn't imagine with great ease. Watched them getting up one girls blouse and making themselves very comfortable amongst her bosoms.

We finish our breakfast session and move off. Book elephant rides for the McGinty family and watch them mount their pachyderms. We decide it is time for a quiet drink. Bingo bango. Bintang for me, pineapple frappe for Stephanie and a tequila sunrise (minus the tequila) for Chris. Very peaceful and refreshing to boot. Eventually the others appear on the said pachyderms. A few pics then more drinks and we do the rest of the zoo. Bloody hot now, so finding shade is good.

Birds of prey show, petting zoo for Pippa, the n extend our driver for another hour so we can see more of the animals. Charlie gets to feed a tiger, we do the lions and then more drinks required. As we sit, the zoo people bring animals to us, so another show happens I our bar - bonus.

finally done, pics obtained from the official photographers then to our driver at last - luckily the same one as Charlie's sunglasses were win the van from drop off time - phew. Ask him to drop,us in Ubud central so we can watch the AFL final. Timing sounds good, footy starts at 1515 so we get a short time to eat and get ready. Stop at first bar that has an AFL finals sign out the front. Told we are very early as the game doesn't start till 1930. No, we say As we know it starts earlier than they had advertised on their board out the front. Anyway we sit and get settled as Pippa has finally gone to sleep. Check with Maggots and get verification that our time is correct.

Eventually the owner of the bar appears and we are able to prove that his times are wrong, especially when he finally sees the game about to start. His major worry is that he has told his customers the wrong time. His worries, not ours. Stephanie has taken the kids for a walk and found the monkey sanctuary which is just down the road. Without going inside they have seen and been hassled by the monkeys. evidentlynthe monkeys even tried to nibbl Charlie's shorts.......

Game starts and we are settled, even though there is a major downpour outside. Stay all day and love the game, interaction with people loving the game and the fact that the kids enjoyed it and were extremely well behaved in such a noisy environment.

Got take away dinner from the same bar and headed for home. More taxi bartering (think Jessica is staring to enjoy this bartering thing) and found our villa once again. All in all, a good day for kids and adults as well. And the rain has stopped now.


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