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May 2nd 2016
Published: June 23rd 2016
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2nd May

So the day has come for me and Zoe to fly to Indonesia for a month. Woo.. A month off work 😊 😊 So lucky that they let us both have it off and paid for 😊 Both double bagged, we set off to the bus station to catch the national express coach at 12.45. Oh my gosh the traffic was horrendous being bank holiday. There was a couple next to us who were flying back to South Africa at 19.00, we arrived at 18.30, who knows if they made their flight?

We were flying with China Southern Airways.. Not sure if I checked us in properly online as it took forever, then asked me to print out boarding passes and I didn't have a printer, then froze, so we asked a guy and I had done it, which was cool coz when I was trying to do it online, it said there was no seats together and they gave us seats together. All checked in, Zoe even got through with boiled eggs in her bag.. Haha.

Sat having a beer at the bar, got chatting to an Irish guy, who was off to work somewhere in the Middle East, then a guy from Liverpool, who happened to be on our flight to China, he was going on to NZ! his girlfriend finished with him and he quit his job and thought fuckit.. Getton bey!!

Love people watching at the airport, so many different nationalities, jus love looking at what they all wear.

Boarded the plane, set off at 22.45, had food which was beef and rice, red wine, beer, orange juice, water.. Haha, watched the film sisters, omg it's hilarious, literally laughed all the way through, it's defo a must watch if you haven't already!!

On off slept, it was so hot tho, felt like I was going to faint at one point! So we were messing around with the air con to get it a bit cooler, it was dark and Zoe pressed on this spotlight.. Boooom right on this Chinese ladies face, she woke up rubbing her eyes.. Hahaha. Sorry!!

3rd May

Woke and had food, nearly the end of our 11 hour flight to China - Gohonzon. My feet had swelled up, like soooo much, there was no definition between my leg to my foot, the worst they've ever swelled before and Zoe noticed this little hard bobble in her wrist that wasn't there before.. Whats happened to us :/

Sat in departures with matey from Liverpool, he had a seven hour wait, ours was only two and there's not really anything to do in this airport, we had taken the little pillows from the plane and Zoe gave him hers so he could nap.. Aww 😊

Onto the next plane, more food, on off slept again, five more hours and we finally reached Bali - Denpasar 😊

Collected our bags and go through customs to show our passports, mine was fine but coz Zoe's was old and frayed on the edge, he looked at her really stern and said NO ENTRY!! flicking the edge of the passport with his finger, both of us thought he was joking and jus stood there looking at him, he said again NO ENTRY!! Like wtf.. Why.. Oh coz the side is frayed, so why not refuse her in England or China, not right at the end of the line.. Geez!! So we said .. Well what do you expect us to do then, he said she would have to buy a new passport, there and then.. Dunno how that was going to work, then he asked what our return flight dates were then strolled down to an office, so ridiculous!! He strolled back and said ok you can go in, but never to enter Indonesia again with this passport. Jus being a jobsworth!!

4th May

So it was about 1.30am, we had booked to stay in Ubud, our accommodation was in the middle of nowhere, the jungle, so knew that the taxi driver would have trouble finding it in the dark, the plan was to stay at the airport till sunrise and set off then.

We went into duty free to buy some gin, as assumed it would be cheaper, we converted it and it was about £60.. Waaaat!! So we opted for this cheaper bottle which was about £20 still pricey we thought coz back in Heathrow it was only £11.

We sat in this cafe, ate rice, drank gin and played cards. This matey kept constantly walking pass.. Taxi Taxi.. No thank you!! We are waiting till about 6/7am. He waited and agreed on 550,000 which was about £25.

Got into his car and he was chatting and saying something about a faster car, we were jus nodding, didn't really know what he meant, then we pull up into the drive of this house somewhere, kids running around, and old lady pottering about, dogs tied up, he tells us to get into faster car, he changed his shirt from the floral airport shirt to a normal plain one, we both looked at each other and said this is weird, nearly two hours later we arrived at Tejaprana Resort in Ubud. Defo wouldn't of found it in the dark as its quite a bit out of the centre and he had to stop a couple times to ask for directions.

Gets our backpacks out of the boot and the reception staff sort of sniggered at our bags.. Hahahah.

Checked in but we couldn't have our room till 14.00 and it only being 9am, they asked if we wanted to have breakfast. They walked us over the decking onto a giant wooden canopy restaurant over looking the jungle. We were up so high, it was jus incredible, I actually felt quite emotional at how lush it was, so crazy!! It was so
All oursAll oursAll ours

posh, with an infinity pool to the left of the restaurant. Was like we were in this big tree house. No wonder they laughed at our backpacks.. Hahahahaha :/

Jus sat down and took it all in, all you could hear was wildlife, crickets, frogs, birds. We ordered breakfast, fruit, croissant, eggs, salmon, muffins with fruit compote and coffee (strong coffee) So much food. Jus kept starring out thinking how lucky we were to be here!!

We finished breakfast and they gave us a room in the spa to shower and freshen up, all the products smell lush.. Of lemon grass. I was drying off and Zoe came running out screaming.. WTF is that in that room.. I peaked in the door and it was only Kim K the wasp and she even brought Kayne with her this time.. Hahahah. (I had them in my room last time, it's massive wasp type things with really skinny waists and my sister captioned my picture with "if Kim Kardasian was a wasp" with a waist trainer on.. Hahaha, we were only joking about it before we left and Sam had said watch out for Kim K.. Hahaha)

Only left our gin in the taxi didn't we, luckily we didn't buy the £60 one.. Gosh!!

We chilled by the pool for the whole day until our room was ready.

Room 102, she opened the door and no joke it was like a honeymoon suite.. Huge, huge ceiling, giant bed with a mosquito net over it, making it look like a princess bed, couch I front of the bed, big tv, minibar, table and chairs, then the glass doors which led out to the terrace, with our own infinity pool, sun loungers, sofa and table, an outside stone round bath, all overlooking the jungle, loads and loads of palm tree. Then it led into the bathroom, shower, two sinks, toilets, wardrobes. Jus insane, we obviously knew what we had booked but the pics online jus do not do it justice.. So lush!!

We chilled by the big pool till the sun went down, then back to ours, Zoe went to sleep and I filled up the bath, chilled in that for about three hours, music on, a couple beers, was jus incredible!!

Zoe woke and we ordered room service, I had these chicken satay with peanut sauce,
Nailed it ;)Nailed it ;)Nailed it ;)

Herbal Essence
mixed veg and beansprouts and this weird rice, was in the shape of little bits of bread rolls but it was squashed sticky rice, really odd, but really moorish 😊

5th May

We both woke around 3am, wide awake, was really hot, so sorted the air con out and put tiger balm on our mozzie bites, they were so itchy, but the balm definitely sorted them out, we got back to sleep around 5am.

Woke to the phone ringing, I answered it, it was reception.. Hello Miss Petherick, jus a reminder that breakfast is served till 11am, so I asked what the time was, she said 10.45am.... Waaaaaaaaaat!! So we asked if we could have it in the room.. Scrambled egg, sausage, bread, fruit, croissant, juice and coffee.. With the view of pool, very nice 😊 Living the dream right now we are 😊

Good job they rang tho, dunno what time we would of woke up, stupid jet lag!! We showered and went down to the big pool to sunbath. A storm approached, so we headed back to our room. So lucky to have what we have. We jus played around in the pool, trying to nail the herbal essence flick the hair back in the pool.. Hahahah. Choking in the water.. Haha. music on, rain bathing with a few pina coladas and Bintangs 😊

Went down to the spa coz you get a complimentary neck and shoulder massage, then for afternoon tea in the restaurant. So yummy.

Chilled back at our room/pool. You literally wouldn't have to leave your room if you didn't want to.

Got ready to have dinner in the restaurant, its so cute at night, all low lighting with these giant basket type light shades going through the middle of the windy bamboo stairs. We had some lush hummus, so strong with garlic. Beef rendang, which was a coconut curry with potatoes in also, sticky rice (my fav) and these green stalk thing, which were really spicy.. So bloody lush 😊 😊 Then desert was black rice pudding, coconut sorbet and these squishy things, we had them in the afternoon tea earlier, taste like a brownys but the texture of a stiff jelly. So good, this was a meal to shout about for sure!!

6th May

Woke around 3am again.. Urgh!!!! Got back to sleep around 5am. Zoe woke for yoga at 8 and I met her up for breakfast. Lounged down by the pool, checked out at 12, we booked onto the hotel shuttle onto our next accommodation down in the centre.

What a fab couple days we jus had, totally relaxed, ate and drank, in the most lushest place ever, jus what we needed to get over our jet lag.

So for the last couple of days we've been a bit isolated from the outside world as we hadn't stepped outside the resort, so here we are in the traffic and hustle and bustle of Ubud centre, we got dropped off by the museum, with our bags, gosh it's so hot, even more so doubled bagged up!! So from my memory last time I knew we had to walk towards the palace and our accommodation was a couple streets up from that, by the market. Got down a road which I thought it was, ended up having to ask a guy, he got it up on google maps and we were right opposite it, it was new so it didn't have a proper sign outside yet. It started to rain as we checked in, so lucky we jus missed walking in it.

Our next few nights accommodation is The Peacock Inn, cute little place, swimming pool, breakfast, wifi, all for £7.50 a night, right in the centre of Ubud, jus what we wanted for the next few days, as we were going out to explore now that we've chilled for the past couple days.

We were so hungry, we went to find a restaurant down the Main Street of monkey forest, as it was pretty close to us, we were lured in like a moth by these pretty lights of this restaurant, we weren't impressed by the food, I couldn't even eat it, which says a lot, it had this funny taste to it, was a sort of king prawn curry rice dish, with all the bloody bodies on still, which was a bit of a mission trying to get them off out of this hot sauce :/ We paid and left, jus chilled in the upstairs of this bar, playing cards and drinking Pina coladas (getting a taste for these.. Proper holiday drink)

7th May

Had a full night sleep.. Yeeaahh 😊 😊 The pillows are really comfy!! Woke and had breakfast on the outside little table and chairs by the pool, really pretty, fried rice, fruit, coffee and juice. Was really nice.

We decided to go to monkey forest as it only being down the road, I went last time, I wasn't keen, i don't really like the monkeys here, but Zoe hasn't been so we went and again I didn't like it, one hissed and chased me last time and I was on edge as soon as I got in there.. Urgh!! They're so big and there's so many of them. You look on Instagram and you see loads of people with them on their shoulders, jus don't fancy that at all. It's pretty in there tho, little river running through, with a giant fig tree. One monkey was playing with a spray can for ages, sounded like he was making music with it, then I went to take a pic of two and they literally started humping each other.. Hahaha.. omg!! We lasted about one hour and left.. hahaha. An hour was pretty good going mind as we were both walking around screaming and then running away from any monkey that came near us.. Probably looked
Jungle livingJungle livingJungle living

like right wusses :p

Found this cute little cafe down the road, which had the view of these little rice terraces, so pretty, I had the best spring rolls I've ever tried, soooo good 😊 and a pink lemonade 😊

Checked out the yoga barn. Suppose to be the place to be in Ubud, Zoe may do some tomorrow, saw they do a gong bath there.. Gosh.. Hahaha 😊

Ate in this raw food restaurant, quite pretentious, not really my thing, but try everything once I guess :p my food was quite nice tho, I had a fish soup with black rice and these thin bread things with tomatoes and capers.

We were both really tired so had an early night.

8th May

Today in Ubud there is a royal cremation. The King of Ubud died. We've been walking past this giant black painted cow in the street and wondering what it's for, so we watched this youtube video last night and it was jus madness. The person who dies gets burnt in this cow, in the middle of the street, in front of everyone. We're missing this today, sort of would like to see this as its something we'd never see again, but sort of glad coz the end part of this video, you see the person on fire, then the body drops, the leg gets caught and everyone shouts.... Wooooaaaahhhh!! Then they prod it down with the rest of the burning body, it's madness and this is going to happen steps away from where we're staying. It's nuts how different cultures celebrate death.

We had booked a driver for today to take us to see some sights, for 500.000 rupiah, which is about £25.

Had breakfast outside by the pool again, yummy pancakes, yogurt, fruit and coffee.

Got picked up at 9 and off we went..

First stop was this Balinese play/dance. Barong is a lion-like creature and character in the mythology of Bali, Indonesia. He is the king of the spirits, leader of the hosts of good, and enemy of Rangda, the demon queen and mother of all spirit guarders in the mythology tradition of Bali. The battle between Barong and Rangda is featured in Barong dance to represent the eternal battle between good and evil.

Gosh it was so hot watching it, we were sat there looking like tourist fanning ourselves so down .. Haha.

Second stop was the Tegalalang rice terrace.. Wow what a view!! Tiers and tiers of lush green rice fields, beautiful blue sky too, which made the pics look great 😊 in Ubud you're surrounded by loads of rice fields but these are something else.. Jus incredible. We walked down around and up them all.

Third stop was a coffee plantation, we walked in and there was little caged animals, quite sad really. Kopi luwak farmers gather up the droppings of civet cats which eat cherries, digest them, then digest them in their faeces, then made into coffee. It's suppose to be quite expensive in Indonesia.

We sampled about 15 different teas and coffees, so good, Balinese coffee, coconut coffee, vanilla coffee, rice tea, ginger tea, mangostein tea, all in these little cute glass cups.... Then we tried the luwak coffee.. It cost us 50,000, we shared it coz, well basically it's made of poo, so wasn't sure what it was going to taste like, I had a sip, it was rank, Zoe asked for some milk and they came out with this thick yellow stuff, emptied it in, she drank it but still said it was rank!!!!

So today we actually drank shit.. Something to tick of the list I suppose!!

Fourth stop we went to view Mount Batur, the volcano I climbed last year.

We were sat down and this Indonesian lady was sat next to us with a little boy.. Last year my Grandad gave us a bag of little Christmas cracker toys he'd collected over the years, I brought them with me to give to the little kids, so I picked one out and gave it to the little boy, he was very shy, his mum said thank you, as we went to walk off she shouted "miss I have another son" so I walked back over to give him something, next minute I had about 20 kids/adults around me "miss please can I have one" even an old man, it was very sweet, but quite intense I jus said.. have the bag and left them to it 😊 aww 😊 The little things aye.. normally those type of things get slung out witht the rubbish and they loved them 😊

Went down to find somewhere to eat with the view of the volcano, it was so misted over you could barley see it, what a shame. Was still a nice view tho as we were up pretty high, seen the little village below with the lake. We shared fried rice, chicken satay and spring rolls, then headed back up to find our driver. He was peeling an apple with his mate, he was like oh oh lets go.. so we said noo finish your apple, we in no rush. He is such a sweet guy, we tipped him 100.000 which is about £5, when we handed it to him he said.. 'ahhhh all for meeee.. Wow thank you so much' That's like £2.50 each, its nothing to us, but loads to them, you can see it in their face, they're so appreciative 😊

Got back, the cremation was over with, i sort of thought we'd be able to smell an odd smell but it was jus normal. We had a swim in the pool, spoke to Sam and Rudie on facetime and got ready to go out for food.

We headed to this place we had seen the night before called Biah Biah, its always busy, we had to wait for a seat, but got the one facing out onto the front cute little street. Its super cheap and traditional Indonesian food, sort of like little tapas dishes for 8.000 each, that's why its so busy. We ended up having a massive platter on our table, chicken with shredded coconut, beef in this Balinese sauce, same with pork, chicken satay (the best yet) green beans, all so good and then some dessert things, green pancakes and these green rice balls with this gooy stuff in them call klepon. It all comes out in these little banana leaf bowls. We stayed in here for drinks coz the bintang (large) is so cheap, 29,000.. Wish we found this little place before 😊

Info for traveller

Prices in Rupiah

Taxi from Denpasar to Ubud (centre) is 400.000 takes about 1-2 hours.. We paid more as we were quite a bit out of the centre

Monkey forest entry is 40.000

Driver for the day to see some sights is 500.000

Our fav place to eat was Biah Biah, super cheap and local food for around 25.000 for a meal and bintang is 29.000 for a large

Boat and bus from Ubud to Gili T is 250.000/300.000 Single.. 500.000/600.000 Return

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Biah BiahBiah Biah
Biah Biah

The best :)

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