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May 19th 2005
Published: May 19th 2005
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I'm still here in Bali. Four days left.

I am starting to actually get COLD here! I freeze at night. I shudder to imagine how I'll cope with the temperature of Big Sur.
The massage workshop has been good. Good for me to ease back into massage gently. Unfortunately my personal practice has totally suffered - I've been doing yoga and Spirit Dance with the class, instead. I am fully exhausted (I fall asleep in all the massages I get) and getting up at 5am to do my own breathing and movements before I put-out for the class at 6:45 was at good idea... but it ain't happening. I really miss my own thing and I miss my FREEdom. I'm not ready to give it up, partially or completely...

Sooooooooooooooooo, since I have a visa that will give me 3 more weeks of FREEdom in Indonesia, I am investigating postponing my return ticket home. To stay 1-3 more weeks.
I think I'll find a homestay to live in, a wantilan to train in, and a school to take classes in bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). Maybe call up Flora. Maybe visit the north and west of the island - so far untouched by my feet. Maybe go back to Sidemen and see it again, and visit Tengannan (sp?) home of the Bali Aga (the original Balinese race before the hindus came) and gringsing made there (a special double ikat fabric (warp and weft threads are tiedyed before weaving them together, producing a design) that is said to protect the wearer from malevolent spirits). I'll continue relearning to walk, relearning my feet, relearning my center of gravity (no I'm not recovering from an injury, I just didn't learn to use my feet properly the first time).

Who was it that foretold the extention of my stay in Bali? Was it Angela, my soul sista'? It seems you know me better than I know myself.

I may still leave Bali on monday. The chances are 50/50. Having trouble getting my airline on the phone. My visa expires on June 14th, so I'll certainly be on a plane (to somewhere) by then... I love you all madly,


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