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September 4th 2014
Published: September 5th 2014
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Sorry I couldn't finished my post yesterday because of the wifi not available at the hotel. I'm going to finish it now.

When I last write it was about my delicious food in the lovely artistic cafe, where I did few skype and finally decided to keep on walking in Ubud.

I walked around and was amazed by the beautiful shops which surround Ubud, I tried to resist to buy everything, lucky the prices are a bit expensive, still very cheap for what it is but I am sure I can find cheaper in Bali as soon as I will be in less touristic city.

I end up in a cafe with a really nice view of a rice field, called tropical view cafe just before the monkey forest. I drink a Nojito which is a mojito without alcohol. The view was great then I keep on walking, this time I found one of the spa that my sister advise me to go. I stop there and book a massage, the only availability was at 7:00 so 2 hours after. I decided to keep on walking, lucky I love walking. I went to Ubud market, this is a nice market but make you tired in 20 second, all the ladies jump on you like the taxi man, even worst actually, to make you buy their goodies. I walk passed the faster that I could without even enjoying. As soon as I was outside I took a huge brief and say ouff '. Their stuff was lovely but when you are tired after walking 4 hours I don't advise you to go there. You have to go there first.

I came back to the spa thinking it was time; I don't have any watch so any idea of the time. My appointment was at 7:00 pm, I arrived at 6:20, so guess what I did ? I keep on walking ! I came back straigh at 7:00 wihtout any watch so I was happy.Unfortunately the lady at the reception was so sorry to tell me that there were a wait of 30 minutes. I wait there this time, I wasn't able to walk anymore. 30 minutes after, my massage start. I didn't regret at all the wait, it was amazing, I booked for a good Karma massage, which is a 4 hands massage with two ladies to massage you. Dream is here !

I left the spa plenty of energy, and relax. I wanted to go to a last place before go back to my room so I went to the "Havana cafe", there were a band playing salsa song it was great, I ate brie cheese croquettes and garlic bread with a cocktail called "Flora Roseta".

I came back home with a taxi bus for 2 dollars 50 because my home stay is a bit further up and it is very dark, and hips of dog, not good to walk at this time. I arrived safely at the room and went to bed around 10:30, with plenty of images in my head !!

See you tomorrow,



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