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May 1st 2013
Published: May 9th 2013
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Bali was a jinx trip. I reached the wrong terminal and because of uncooperative KLM staff, I also missed the flight despite reaching there 45mins in advance with a web check-in done. I decided I shall still fly and not succumb to stupid rules. I took another flight and landed in a relaxed Bali as planned. At the Bali airport, I felt as if I was in mini Europe with whites everywhere as I was standing in the queue to apply for visa on arrival. I slowly lifted my left foot to see a pink chewing gum stuck. Welcome to Indonesia!

Bali is a carefree land. I noticed that Ubud on volcanic rocks is so fertile that wherever you look there are terrace farms of rice. There are temples too made of dark rocks characteristic of this region. Brahma is worshipped here. People make offerings of flowers, cooked rice, biscuit and even cigarettes to stone pillars every morning, after lunch (for luck) and in the evenings. I saw a Kechak dance based on Ramayana and the lady danseuse bent forward from her waist so much that I imagined my back hurting from the effort. The dance is based on moving he long fingers more scissors working delicately cutting the thin air and the delicate expressions on the faces. It was followed by a trance trance dance by two girls for a good 45 mins with their eyes closed all throughout. They synchronized pretty well. Another horse dance where the man danced on burning husks of coconut. It was incredible. I bought some beautiful musical instruments made from simple natural things like bamboo and coconut shells. They make such sweet, melodious music. Walking on the streets in a Balinese sarong, I got some compliments and catcalls and did not miss India at all J

Bali is famous for spas. I tried one too and though did not find myself particularly relaxed, it was a nice experience nevertheless. Perhaps, I was already relaxed. The bicycle tour was unique as I did 32 kms through villages called Banjars, stood before temples for photo shoots and thankfully, it was all downhill. Cycling through narrow tracks between paddy fields required skill and concentration. There was one guide ahead and behind me. On main roads, they stood with flags directing traffic for safe passage. I saw for the first time in my life an active volcano. There was no smoke. The museum especially of Blanco was particularly distasteful and so were most of the paintings on the roadside art galleries.

Kuta is a cheap, beach full of young surfers with tattooed bodies and teeth black from smoking. It was amazing to see both men and women passionate about surfing and so easily riding on water. My hotel room was large with a ceiling fan. The phone did not work and I was at it at the hotel reception. I was home! I walked up north to the nicer beaches and saw an old man having lunch with an Indonesian girl a third his age. I felt like slapping the old man and twisting the ear of the girl! The shops and bars played English songs from my school days. This small island was stuck in time; 20 years behind much like how the Hindu religions here preserved its innocence and simplicity while in India, it has developed complex rituals, food habits and a caste system perhaps coming from the amalgation of different cultures which were introduced to the Indian sub-continent. I loved the simple lunch of big chunks of tuna in a curry rich with lemon grass and rice. Delicious!

On my flight back, I watched bend it like Beckham and had a laugh. Feeling inspired, I tried to bend rules in strict Singapore by jumping taxi queues but Singapore is famous for being ‘Lakir Ka Fakir’. So returned home on time- not a minute early or late but with a clean shoe minus chewing gums!

These trips remind me how regimented this city is and this is the very reason it is one of the most efficient cities in the world. However, in the long run, these regiments normally fall because chaos theory prevails. Therefore like an electron, I shall keep jumping out of the orbit to experience freedom but return to enjoy the safety, security, cleanliness and comforts of Singapore.


20th November 2013

Bali is Nice
Thanks for sharing the information's. Its tempt me to visit Bali.

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