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May 23rd 2012
Published: May 23rd 2012
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There seems to be 4 names in Bali - Wayan: first born, Kedek: 2nd, Neoman: 3rd and Ketut:4th. If yopu to continue having children, God knows why, you go back to Wayan. Lol.

I'm living next door to Wayan the healer. She's very famous here. She's the lady that Wayan the healer in the Julia Roberts film was based on. You can imagine how the Americans eat that up. The other day just outside near the entrance she was holding this tourists head and he was knealing with his eyes closed in some hypnotic state. I started giggling. That image there that I've just painted for you is the done thing here. It's normal. It's ABnormal if you're a non believer. Every shop, restaurant, bar, warung (local stall), spa, hotel, hostel, homestay is catered for this sort of person. It's everywhere and I love it! Hahahaha... Many people here are searching. I've heased dropped or joined many converstaions in cafes baras etc with these people. Some are here to 'heal', 'focusing on me right now', 'connect'. Some woman in a cafe was here to learn astronomy...'oh see how your jupiter smiles at your sun there', 'yes the rising element is good in June'...and so on.

I've started yoga. And even though I'm not staying eith the painter I intended to stay with I'm really enjoying the namily life in my homestay. I'm going to do some painting at a few sites.

I've become very attached to my daily pancake treat. It's a bright green pancake rolled, stuffed with coconut and brown palm sugar. Very yum. Most roti (bread) is green. Or bright floresant pink.



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