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May 18th 2001
Published: January 21st 2012
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I'm using Hotmail att he moment as there are no cheap international phone linese available to us my little pocket emailer. This afternoon I will try one of the international telephone offices to see whetehr I have more luck - most will probably be like the Post Office - with no stamps!

Yestarday was very quiet but we spent thre afternoon going to Tanah Lot Temple towatch the sun go down. Very touristy but it was great to sit and watch the waves hit the little island that the temple was perched on. Last night we again ate at our favourite little haunt and spent the evening talking to a couple from Norway who have a son on AFS exchange in America. And listening to latin and jazz musicthey even had Buena Vista Social Club in their collection.

Today has also been very quiet. with lunch at a new restaurant we discovered - we had the most wonderful pizza. They also have attached tot he restaurant a pretty little guesthouse I'm tempted to move into to. The area is no doubt full of similar places to stay but like this one are all hiding behind walls.

Still our place is fine and the staff running it are very nice. I certainly feel very safe there - even wandering around late in the evening. At the moment we are across the road from our guesthouse sitting in a very pretty hotel garden and using their pool. It cost us $1 but is well worth it - and it shall probably be todays big expense!

Not really as this evening we are eating at a very traditional Balinese restaurant. We presordered smoked duck as the staff need 24 hours notice as the duck is steamed for 6 hours. The restaurant is in an enormous garden (wehad coffee and banana pancakes there one evening and decided to return for a special meal after checking out their menu). It was lit with dozens of candles and clouded with incense. Banana pancakes will be also ordered again - large thin pancakes stuffed with sweet tiny bananas and covered with freshly grated coconut and lime juice.

I'm getting very used to having all my meals cooke dfor me all the time - it will be hard to start cooking again when the time comes. I seem to be spending a lot of time talking about food but we are doing a lot of eating! And sleeping! In fact I've never slept so well.

From my position next to the pool I'm watching a procession of women each carrying 3 besser blocks on their heads, walking backwards and forwards between the road and a building site behind the hotel. I don't know how they manage to carry the weight on their heads - let alone do it so gracefully.

The footpaths have to be seen to be believed - they are up and down every couple of steps by about 18 inches. Every ten yards one paving stone is totally gone and there is a gaping hole suddenly beneath your feet. You really have to concentrate where you step next. We would be safer walking on the road - if it wasn't for the chaotic cars and motorcycles.

Devin has extended our flights yet again and we've now decided to go to Singapore on Sunday and have booked (no more airport hotel touts) a hotel for a few nights upon our arrival before we head up to Melaka in Malaysia. Singapore shall punch a hole in our daily budget but we've gained a bit here and I'm sure Malayasia shall be chepaer again.

Jerry is showing off in the swimming pool..... He's having a ball here and a thoroughly wonderful time talking to all the locals and drinking arak with them of an evening. Untill next time..


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