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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tulamben June 23rd 2009

It's nearly been a week since we last said anything to you guys so thought we should check in! From Lovina we headed down the coast and went to Tulamben (which I, tiff still cannot say without getting it wrong). Tulamben is absolutely tiny, and there was just one restaurant. We stayed in some bungalows owned by the diving school, got kept up half the night by random dogs woofing- I believe the technical term is barking, and some bloody roosters crowing, from about 2am onwards. Anyway the next morning we got up, donned our rather attractive wet suits and headed to the swimming pool. We did about 20 mins in the pool, doing the basics and then we left the dive school and walked over the road and into the sea. We did three dives ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tulamben March 30th 2009

Polly: We arrived back in Kuala Lumpur on 24th March and checked in to the Tune Hotel at the airport. Tune is one of AirAsia's products, and whilst fairly cheap, is really only comfortable if you are the size of a hobbit. After checking in, Ross caught a bus into town to collect our wedding outfits which had been kindly looked after by George at Alex's Homestay. On the way back Ross paid a visit to the Colonel for some chicken drumsticks and spicy fries, and although they were finger lickin' good, his fingers needed more than licking afterwards. Even after a thorough scrub with soap and water they were tingling, swollen and inflamed. This continued for a few days until the skin started to peel off. I don't know what they put in their spice ... read more
The pool at our diving lodge
Beautiful Bali
Volcano at the back of Tulamben

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tulamben December 28th 2008

Underwater Photography never meant much to me before. It's like pressing down a button every time a fish passes by (when we're diving). My dad would lend me his camera every once in a while and i would just... click the button, but i was enjoying myself. Although the results weren't so good, I was very happy about it. Only until this August (2008), my dad introduced me to the real meaning of underwater photography. He said that I'll have a course (him as well) with Jeff Mullins. Then he bought 2 cameras (Olympus SP-350 and Canon G-9) with their casing, and an Inon D-2000 strobe. He allowed me to use one of the camera, the SP-350. As it was brand new and I had no idea of how to work it, I read the manual ... read more
Harlequin Shrimp - Hymenocera elegans
Ornate Ghost pipefish - Solenostomus paradoxus
Bearded Lion Fish - Scorpaenopsis

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tulamben September 18th 2008

It's 6.30am - I'm awake - eyes wide no time for coffee; and I'm heading up to the dive shop, the streets of the sleepy village of Tulamben are quiet - the only sounds are from the ever present cockerels and the hiss of scuba tanks being tested and filled. Tulamben is famous worldwide to divers as the village where you can shore dive the Liberty wreck. Thirty meters out from the rocky shore and 30m down is the sunken remains of World War II freighter the USAT Liberty. In it's former life nearly 70 years ago - the USAT Liberty was shipping materials to Australia, across the Lombok Straits, torpedoed by a Japanese U-boat and taking on vast quantities of water, the ship was beached on Bali's north shore. An eruption in 1963 left the ... read more
Into the unknown
USAT Liberty
The Liberty Wreck

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tulamben July 29th 2008

Wow, wat a mistake to go on a Dolphin watching tour in Lovina.... we could have slept in at our third day at Bali, but we decided otherwise... so we ended up at six thirty early morning with 60 boats cramped around a couple dolphins. I guess i would not use my snorkle and mask and swim around here with the possibility of scaring the dolphins away and have left 59 other boats with angry people on it!! Well our first couple days on Bali (Lovina) were quite alright, take it easy, go for a swim, read a bit, get a sun tan and have some drinks and some good food!! The second day we drove around the north of bali on a motorbike and visited a great waterfall (Gigit) and enjoyed the scenery with rice ... read more
Tanah Lot, Bali's most photographed temple
Gigit Falls
One of the few bali temples

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tulamben April 9th 2008

The diving is getting better and better... The divemaster in Timor helped me improve my breathing, so now I get a decent amount of time out of a tank. The timing was perfect - in Labuanbajo the diving was mindblowing, the best I've done so far, and so much better for being able to spend over an hour at a time drifting around watching turtles, reef sharks and all manner of weird and wonderful fish, crustaceans and other submarine life. Above water, the Komodo National Park is interesting for one very obvious reason - dragons. They're huge... Now I'm in Bali after a two day boat trip and another overnight ferry, and I just dived a wreck off the north coast. I'm doing it again after dark tonight. Then I may spend a day in the ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tulamben May 19th 2007

Fri 11th: Got the 6am bus from Kuta to Tulumben thinking it sounded a nice place to celebrate Matt's 25th birthday. Tulumben by the way sits right under an active volcano, last erupted 1964. After quite a long drive we arrived at Tulumben and got the driver to drop us off at a hotel (Bad idea as it tuns out). The Putri Mardhi hotel was nice, and we got it down to a good price. The beach, whilst made of volcanic rocks was about 40 metres from our room and a further 40 metres from the beach into the sea was the wreck of USAT Liberty (An American war ship torpedoed by the Japanese in World War 2). After standing by the room waiting for the driver to remember he hadn't taken the Rp 190,000 ... read more
Rice fields.
View from our hotel porch.
The beach.

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tulamben February 12th 2007

How many times on my journeys have I stood at the ocean or sat on a ferry while crossing a beautiful sea and wished that I could dive? I can't remember but definitively too many times! But this time I was ready and well prepared with a diving licence in my pocket for venturing into the deep blue... Scuba Diving is undoubtly one of the most incredibly beautiful and rewarding hobbies you could ever choose, especially when you are a traveller as some journeys will lead you to places of this green-blue planet with some of the most beautiful beaches, seas, lakes and diving spots. So diving surely adds another perspective and activity to your journey with new impressions from the world under the water surface which you would not see as a non diver, and ... read more
Silly me
Clowns Fishes

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tulamben December 15th 2006

J was keen to scuba dive in Bali so he signed up for a wreck dive at the Liberty in Tulamben (on the northeast coast of the island). We were picked up from the hotel bright and early for a two and a half hour drive (each way) through the Balinese countryside to the dive site. The scenery was unreal with rice terraces, volcanos in the distance, and beautiful beaches. The dive was off a volcanic beach of large black rocks. When we arrived, several women greeted us at the van and proceeded to carry all of the dive gear down to the beach. Most impressive was that they carried 2 dive tanks each ON THEIR HEADS! Amazing. The wreck is just 30 meters offshore with the shallowest part of the wreck at 7-9 meters and ... read more
Rocky Beach
Volcano and Farms
J  & Dive Buddy

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Tulamben December 5th 2006

Atlantis International picked me up bright and early in the morning to go back to their shop to get outfitted with gear and join the group going to Tulamben dive site. My group consisted of two Canadians living in India (works in Energy business), an English couple living in Russia (guy works as boss in casino and has taken two months off to become a dive master), a guide and me. The first dive we did was the USS Liberty ship that was hit by a torpedo in WWII. Two destroyers tried to tow it to a base to be fixed but ended up beaching on Bali. When the volcano erupted in 1964 the blast knocked the ship over so the water covered it. It is now an artificial reef. This was my first wreck dive ... read more
Underwater photo
Underwater photo
Underwater photo

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