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May 6th 2010
Published: May 6th 2010
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Slugo the DMT DiveMaster TraineeSlugo the DMT DiveMaster TraineeSlugo the DMT DiveMaster Trainee

Steve Slugo the DMT with a new friend at the Wreck in Bali Diving USAT Liberty durring PADI Divemaster course
The PADI Divemaster thing is really a great work out everyday in the water today 2 dives and we taught a guy how to Free dive which kept us in the water for an additional hour. The PADI Divemaster course can be done in 8 days but If it esd me I would have felt ripped off as even in 15 days we are craming alot in and Steve now renamed Slugo the DMT came out here to Asia fairly well prepared.

I did not know that being dehydrated can be a way to increase the chances of getting Bent aparently recently here in Bali a diver, instructor with lots of dives was not staying up on his water intake and got bent even though his computer said that he was with in the limits. Amazing how important water is and the different ways that it is beneficial when you are drinking enough and harmfull when you are not. Today as the end of the free diving I was starting to cramp up which is a good indicator that you are not getting enough so I also went and ate a couple of bannanas as the potasuim helps retain water some how.

Drinking alot of water is really a big key for me on the diet thing I thought I was hungry after dinner and had a few big gulps of water and was no longer hungry.


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