The Asia Travel Diet Thing Again.

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May 3rd 2010
Published: May 3rd 2010
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Bali DivingBali DivingBali Diving

Bali diving Tuleamben Indonesia on the USAT Liberty wreck.
The Asia Travel Diet Thing Again.

Now I have my Aspen friend with me and we are diving Bali and all is good. Diving as I said yesterday is a great form of exercise which is a key component in every weight loss guru program and doctors recommended way to lose weight and to keep it off, Diet and exercise.

Scuba Diving is a low impact but high calorie burner as water is 2400 times denser than air so even moving slowly through the water is going to burn a lot of calories on top of that you have a 30 LBS tank and 10 lbs of weights and other dive accouterments and tools so when you are going into and out of the water you have to lug that which is a work out in itself. Yesterday we had some waves not big but a little challenge and it makes you work harder on the entry and exit.

So my buddy knows that I am trying to lose weight and he is kind of sabotaging it by coming up to me every twenty minutes or so and offering crackers and chocolate because he is really hungry as well. Now he is only eating one meal a day, I am eating two but I am not taking in any sugar. I am also making a point to leave most of the rice so all I am getting is the meat and vegetables.

I know that if I have some carbs and more protein that I will not feel real hungry, as you don’t want to starve the system, you want to change the ratio of calories burned vs. calories consumed. The other thing to do is to increase the amount of muscle and to increase the metabolism. I am sorry I have to stop now and eat some oatmeal yea as I just woke up and I need to drink at least a liter of water as well. More later!


3rd May 2010
Awesome pic! hostels valencia nest
3rd May 2010

How Much for a Hostel in Valencia?
Allways like to know where the cheap hotels are for my travel website if you want send me some pictures and a discription and I will put it on there for you if you like or for any hotel or guesthouse owners for that matter.

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