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August 26th 2008
Published: August 26th 2008
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Bali Surf weather todayBali Surf weather todayBali Surf weather today

Aloha, this is Irina with your Bali Surf Forecast effective Wednesday afternoon. Ula Watu should have some rippable surf coming in from the S or SW areas at the end .... Dominant Swell and Wind Direction ... stay tuned & hang lose
Aloha guys, how is life on the other side of the river, for sure the grass is greener, correct ? In case you might have forgotten us, it's us again, the two supersonic travel monkeys, jumping from branch to branch, sneaking from coast to coast, still seeking the ultimative thrill.
We set up camp on Hawaii 1 week ago ... to be more exact, it's Bali, we call it Hawaii of Asia. All the surfers and windsurfers know why and shall definitely catch the meaning in the title. To begin with, The name Indonesia has its roots in two Greek words: "Indos" meaning Indian and "Nesos" which means islands. It is an appropriate description of the archipelago as there are estimated to be a total of almost 18,000 islands !!! The islands and people of Indonesia constitute the fourth most populated nation in the world. Well, we stranded in Bali, which we choosed due to the fact that some of our relatives spontaneously decided to inspect our temporar home. After some initial rejections, we finally agreed to cooperate. Staying with the company in the refugee camp, permantly guarded by government supervision and heavily armed military staff is a little unconvenient, but
Ayam GorengAyam GorengAyam Goreng

Before we ordered chicken with fried rice in our favourite foodstall we discovered that our candidate was a real fighter, we made our bet, won a bunch of Rupias, the cock won the battle ... but this didnt help him much, he ended up as Ayam Goreng on our plates.
we're positive we will get through this very soon.
Ok, cut the crap, we're doing very well, riding high waves, moving low pace and miss u folks.
Kisses, Iri & tonyboy

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Beware of agressive hawkersBeware of agressive hawkers
Beware of agressive hawkers

Bali is maybe the best prepared tourist spot in total Asia. Even the monkeys constantly try to sell u useless & overpriced stuff like sunglasses.
Native LifeNative Life
Native Life

Always keen to run into authentic experiences, we were lucky that day. Far off the radar we came across real aborigines, people descending directly from the orang utan, living a very simple life in the deep rainforest. We put them in decent clothes and took them out for dinner. They were so thankful and wanted to leave us the women as a gift ... which we kindly refused (-:
Splish Splash, taking a bathSplish Splash, taking a bath
Splish Splash, taking a bath

can be so refreshing. It's baking hot, enjoy the momentum ...

2nd September 2008

So what next ?
Ok so you did some virtual surfing(on a stationary surfboard levitating in mid-air -;-)) then you moved to some monkey business and got over the cock fight ;-) have you decided upon your next destination ...or are you lost in the forests of Java Sumatra ? take care and stay fit !
10th September 2008

at home, drinking italian prosecco, nice to see you here again
seit heute mittag sind wir wieder zu hause. dicke wolken, regen und missmutige gesichter - welcome to germany!!! wir haben euch doch noch im warung jawa verabschiedet (danke für den tipp!) und waren gestern abend zum abschiedsessen nochmal da. cleo durfte ebenfalls mit den affen in ulu watu bekanntschaft machen - ihre brille musste dran glauben... den cock fight hat sie dafür vorzeitig verlassen, emelie kam von anfang an nicht mit, und mir wurde kurzzeitig auch ganz anders... so, wherever you are, enjoy every moment and take care of you! greetings from marion, emelie & cleo

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