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December 15th 2017
Published: December 15th 2017
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We arrived in Sanur by 8pm, left our bags in our room and went for a cheap dinner in a local 'warung'. We came back to our room, which was nice although not the cleanest, and went to bed. At about 2am, I woke up to use the bathroom. In a daze (and not wearing my glasses), I thought I saw things on the floor but wasn't sure until I opened the bathroom door and turned the light on. A little shriek escaped my mouth when I saw a cockroach about 6 inches long crawling its way towards me. Shaun woke up and I turned the light on in the bedroom. I then realised that I did actually see black things on my way to the bathroom, which turned out to be happy cockroaches dancing around on the floor - I jumped on the bed where I thought I would be safe, and Shaun and I tried not to freak out. We both miserably failed at 'not freaking out' when one of the cockroaches reached for the mattress. At that point, I had had enough. I tiptoed around the room, changed and put my walking boots on. Shaun did the same and we felt a bit safer with our shoes on. We packed our bags and left the guesthouse. By 3am, we were sitting in a local warung which wasn't really open but served us Bali Kopi (Balinese coffee) nonetheless - and the owner tried to mug us off. After a bit, we decided to walk to the main road to find a MacDonald's we had seen on the map. On our way, we were so on edge that we would jump at every noise and moving shadow. God, I have never been so happy to see Ronald and his big yellow M. We sat down, ordered food and made the most of the free wifi. At 7am, we arrived in a nice (more expensive) hotel where we didn't only get very early check-in free of charge but also got upgraded from a bedroom to a studio!
We tried to sleep a little bit but couldn't stop thinking about cockroaches. We had a slow, relaxing day. We enjoyed the pool (!), went to the shop to buy lunch (we really enjoyed cooking lunch in the kitchenette!), and Shaun went for a ride on a scooter while I was resting (our new habit!). In the evening, we had dinner with our friends Joti and James.
On the next day, on our way to the Turtle Rescue Center, Shaun had to stop and park the scooter as I was being sick. We went in a restaurant where he chatted to the very kind waitress while I was using the toilets. When I started feeling better, we hopped back on the scooter and came back to the hotel. I was sick for most of the afternoon so Shaun went for another ride on his own. Then, I had ordered a cheap massage through an app so I had a massage (for £3,50 but it broke my back!), and then we decided to order food! The food wasn't that nice but it was good to eat in a private place on our own.
On the next day, we had a swim in the sea, then in the swimming pool before leaving for the airport. Destination: Sumatra.

Pictures to be uploaded.


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