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July 21st 2010
Published: July 21st 2010
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Richard and I went to Kuta which is a 20 mintue moped journey if you don’t get lost. We were with two other divers with one person who was meant to know the way. Anyway after what was quite a long journey and a bit of scary driving from my friend Edwin who was driving the moped I was on. He is Malaysian and let’s just say, he ignores the red lights but so do most people. Richard was very English, waiting for it to change to green as lots of other drivers went straight past him anyway. I saw the memorial between all the clubs for all the people who died in the bombing in 2002. I was surprised actually because I thought the bombings in Bali had happened 20 years ago but apparently there was a bombing in Kuta last year as well as 2002. Kuta is awake all night and is for Australians, what places like Ibiza is for young Brits. It wasn’t really my scene but it was quite amusing. There was a Malaysian girl who seemed to have an interest in most the guys she saw that night and it was funny to watch Edwin and Richard politely step away as she dancing with them. I don’t think she liked me as she told a friend that I looked too serious and didn’t smile enough. Later she guessed my age at 30. I think we was quite embarrassed later on when Richard told her I was his sister as it probably wasn’t the best way to try and impress him. There were all you typical takeaways afterwards as well so of course Richard got the biggest burger you can buy! I think I’m here long enough that I’m allowed to have Western food whilst I’m here and it was pretty good!

I had my first proper lye in as well the morning after, half 9, and it actually felt like a lye in too. We had a pretty relaxed day at a beautiful beach with lots of people surfing and sleeping. I noticed that I must have been the only white person in the shade. When you looked around, you could see quite a divide with white people trying to tan in the sun and lots of Asian people avoiding the sun in the shade. Everyone wanting what they don’t have. I had to explain to Edwin why the Australian and British people lye in the sun. I realised I’m not going to be very tanned when I come back because I spend most of the day in a wetsuit or 20 metres underwater. I might have a tanned face and hands at the most. Richard is already more tanned than me. After going to the beach we went to a temple and I wasn’t that impressed by the temple but the view was amazing. We spent quite a while watching the waves crash into the cliffs and watching the monkeys stealing peoples sunglasses off their faces. I can’t believe I don’t have a camera to show anyone some of the sites.


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