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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua January 12th 2020

Gosh, I realised it’s been ages since I updated my world’s seven wonders series. Yes, some hiccups have caused the delay and busy is not the word I like to use. So, I ended my adventures in Bali. Why Bali? because it is the perfect place for me to relax either at the hotel pool or at a beach under an umbrella sipping iced cold watermelon juice after a long dip in a calming sea. Ah...what a great way of resting from long-distance trips. Bali has a special place in my heart not because I am Indonesian but it is where I can truly unwind from my Amsterdam routines. Additionally, Balinese cuisine is too delicious to resist. Not to mention the people are ridiculously friendly which makes it hard not to go back. Delish food, friendly ... read more
Kelingking beach
Studio hotel room
Wining in my backyard

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua December 15th 2018

We decide to spend our last few hours here relaxing by the pool. Unlike all the other days we’ve been here there aren’t too many people around today and we have an almost unlimited range of sunlounges to chose from. Just as we get comfortable a middle aged Russian couple takes up residence on the two lounges right next to ours, and both of them immediately start puffing away on their cigarettes. They could have sat just about anywhere else, but no, it had to be right next to us. We move to the other end of the pool. Issy craves one final massage in one of the small huts on the beach front. She is disappointed. She is told that all twelve huts are being held in reserve for a delegation from a tobacco company ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua December 14th 2018

We waste most of the morning of our last full day here sleeping, and then set off for reception to see if we can get a late check out tomorrow. We are approached by a young European staff member who speaks to us in a tongue that neither of us can understand. Issy asks him if he can repeat whatever he said in English. The look he gives us suggests that he was speaking English the first time, and perhaps unsurprisingly our request for a late check out is denied. We head back to Bali Collection and hoe into large quantities of pizza and bread at an Italian restaurant. We are sitting right next to a large fan, and when we finish our cans of tonic water the now empty cans start sliding around randomly on ... read more
Nusa Dua by night

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua December 12th 2018

We see signs in the bar telling us that the hotel has a “no straw policy”. This comes as a bit of a surprise as most of the drinks we’ve been served here so far have come complete with thin plastic tubes that seem to fit the definition of the word straw, at least where we come from. That said both Issy and I have commented at various times over the past few days that our straws have split as we’ve tried to use them, and we’ve then had to revert to the time honoured method of lifting the glasses to our lips. I wonder if the hotel has managed to develop biodegradable plastic straws and these are then considered to be consistent with its no straw policy. I think that the world’s oceans would be ... read more
Swimming pool rules
Chinese flag planted on Nusa Dua beach
Nusa Dua beachfront

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua December 11th 2018

There seems to be a huge focus on celebrating Christmas here in predominantly Hindu Bali. There are Santa Clauses, Christmas trees and every other imaginable type of Christmas decoration everywhere we look, and it feels like Christmas carols are playing constantly from every available speaker on the island. Today we saw a Christmas tree made entirely from full wine bottles. Admittedly a lot of this is probably for the benefit of the tourists, and we haven’t spent enough time away from the tourist centres here yet to know whether it’s more widespread. Even so, religious tolerance seems to be well ingrained here in Bali and celebrating each other’s festivals is something that most seem more than happy to do. This is a far cry from the ridiculous lengths to which political correctness has been taken back ... read more
Balinese musicians, Nusa Dua
It seems that you can buy almost anything at Bali Collection
The beach club, Nusa Dua

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua December 8th 2018

Issy decides to sleep in and give breakfast a miss, so I bravely head off on my own. Our hotel, the Sofitel, is massive and a bit over the top luxurious for either of our likings. One of the main reasons we came here was that we managed to find a special deal on a holiday website. This made it a whole lot cheaper than going to our originally planned destination which was a very downmarket and much less interesting resort on the central coast of New South Wales back in our homeland. Go figure. One of the downsides of coming to the Sofitel is that it‘s so big that I get lost coming back from breakfast. This is not helped by the room numbering system. I’m fairly sure that the Sofitel is a French chain, ... read more
Balinese temple, Nusa Dua beachfront
Balinese temple, Nusa Dua beachfront
Benoa beachfront

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua December 7th 2018

To get to Bali cheaply we need to fly to Brisbane first. I think we may have been closer to Bali when we were still in Melbourne. As we get on the plane in Brisbane we notice that the first two rows of economy on both sides of the aisle are occupied by men who all look suspiciously like pilots. We hope that there are also pilots sitting in the cockpit, but just to be sure I ask a cabin attendant if he’s sure that at least some of the pilots sitting in amongst the passengers shouldn’t be up the front driving the plane. He looks at me very seriously and assures me that while there are in fact fourteen pilots on board he can confirm that they are all sitting where they’re supposed to be ... read more
Over northern Western Australian coast
Beachfront statue, Nusa Dua
Beachfront statues, Nusa Dua

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua May 13th 2018

Left Melbourne with still really lovely weather but after a very hectic schedule for the past few weeks with THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR and grand children for a week we were really looking for a break and a month in Bali not doing too much was the ideal getaway. Had booked a Luxury Escape deal to the Sofitel in Nusa Dua for the first nine days and that was so relaxing, we have never stayed here before because we felt it is just too isolated, but isolation was probably the best thing for a complete relax. We had a lovely room at the Sofitel, with loads of different pools close by, and the resort being right on the beach meant we could walk the boardwalk around the edge of all the different resorts and did ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua June 22nd 2017

to travel from Kuta to Nusa Dua with all my luggage I ordered a Grab taxi. First driver had his own idea about grabbing Second one did not know the address Third one was wonderful and took me to the cabin you see the roof of in the picture for 51000IDR only I love Bali and love Grab... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Dua June 22nd 2017

There is a gecko, in my cabin. To find out if it is dangerous in any way, while googling I came across this amazing tip on how to find out if you have one in the house; if you see it running up the wall, you have one ! Here is my tip; if you hear one in your house, you also have one . There are many ways to try get rid of them that seem quite exhausting , so will keep my AC running and see how it goes. It seems to be not dangerous,... read more

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