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December 22nd 2006
Published: December 22nd 2006
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Well, my mood is much better now. The sellers still pester me on the beach, but I've just learned to simply say "no thank you" and move on. Never say "maybe later" although you think that maybe later you might even like to look at their stuff, they will then set into pestering you all day long until finally you resolve to NOT BUY ANYTHING and simply "no thank you" and they leave me alone now. Yesterday I had Putoo (our chef Gede's brother in law) drive me on his scooter with Frank and Kristianna (whom I earlier mistook for Kristina) following on their scooter, to an unbelievably beautiful waterfall in the mountain. No tourists (and I do mean 0 ) and therefore no sellers. It's what I pictured in my head Bali might look like, except much prettier. Next to our hotel is a small family run Warung which is like a local restaurant, where F K and I went for dinner. We wanted a dolphin trip, and they quoted us 700,000 Rp...which I think is the going rate. We bargained them down to 150,000 Rp for a "fishing trip" (so as not to annoy the other families around them) that left an hour after the regular dolphin trips all leave. We were thinking that this might affect our chances at seeing dolphins...well it did. Way out from Bali we found ourselves the only boat surrounded by, no exaggeration here, 200 dolphins. We followed them along for about 45 minutes. Absolutely fantastic. The 'captain' was such a nice guy and really put out the effort to find us dolphins ( Frank informed me that on the earlier dolphin trip they took 2 days earlier, the boat only went out 1/2 as far and they saw only 6 dolphins at a further distance). Because of this, we tipped them 30,000 Rp , had coffee at their restaurant and I told them I will return for dinner tonight.
Tomorrow I will go to Amed on the East coast of Bali where I will dive the wreck of the "Liberty" and snorkel a smaller japanese wreck close to the bech at my destination of "Good Karma" which is a promising name for a hotel, and comes recommended by Frank and Kristianna who stayed there earlier this week. As all internet in Bali is very slow, I will not be posting photos until Singapore (hopefully) and as this particular internet spot is too expensive (although right outside my hotel) I will sign off now. Ryan.


22nd December 2006

Holy Dolphins!!!!
200?????????? Oh my you are so lucky
23rd December 2006

Happy Birthday
Hey Ryan, Happy birthday -- sorry I am 3 day late but I am up in Sechelt now and have a better internet connection. Sounds like you have had the highs and lows in your last few posts... Travel can certainly be that way. I had a terrible day in Venice (hard to believe) and then the next day was amazing... anyways we are up here now and Kris says that you maybe able to MSN chat us -- so we'll be listening. Nikki says Hi and happy birthday too (just now) and Kyra has something to say.... "Happy Birthday Daddy! I'm sorry that I am late -- but I was really thinking about you your whole birthday. I was unable to write. I am really looking forward to seeing you soon and celebrating then and giving you my present. Lots of Love Kyra..." And that was word for word! So from me -- keep having more of the highs then the lows And keep the spirits up over christmas -- you will be home soon enough! Greg
24th December 2006

merry christmas, with love
we will miss you at our x-mas feast. happy christmas, traveller!
25th December 2006

Merry Christmas
Just to let you know that we received your email this am -Happy ho ho day. Loved speaking with you - Miss you soooooomuch 0X- 0X Be good to you. Love and huggies

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