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March 31st 2012
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After 26 hours of travel i arrive in Bali to a warm welcome of sniffer dogs and a massive sign saying 'We support the death penalty for drugs' so that was a nice relaxing start to my journey..

I arrived about 40 minutes later in my hotel in Legian. By this point i REALLY needed a dring so i thought ill have one quick one and head right up to bed. no such luck! This is when i met Doug (picture 1)

Doug is an old American 'give me a nail i'll build you a house' kinda guy, i did'nt know if he was bored or just pissed but he instantly came over and before i knew it we were walking around the streets of Legian beer in hand. He was teaching me some of the tricks of traveling in Indonesia like 'If you've got balls bugger off', obviously i not into any of that but i just couldnt stop laughing.

Doug and i had a great night and the next day i pretty much just chilled with my friend Jodi. she is a really harsh accented aussie but with a heart of gold. (Pic 2)

the next day i went to oowatu. this is beautiful and i would recomend it. Big bro and Jo recomended it so i thought i would check it out. its about an hour by taxi south of Legian and the taxi cost a whole £6. pic 3 is of the sunset from a place called the rock bar, i think its expensive by Bali standards but it really didnt break the bank. this is where i met the two Aussies in the next picture. no idea what their names are but they were calling my hotel room last night at about 3 am so i must have told them where i was staying....

That brings me to this morning where i went off to Seminyak. Rach and i will be staying there next week so i thought i would do a reccie.

Sorry if this is really dull and all spelt wrong, im sure ill get better at it.

I might get Rach to do the next one

Bye xx

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