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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta May 27th 2013

This is one long over-dued post. However, it was such a fun trip for me and my girlfriend. This had been a trip of many 1st, it took me so long to sort through the photos, feelings and thoughts. I had planned this trip as my first solo trip overseas. However, one of my gf had wanted to go for a quick get-away, I asked her to join me. I decided to change my plans from a diving trip to a mountain climbing one to accommodate her. As it was both our maiden trip, I decided to look for land tours. There were alot and we decided to go with the recommendation from one of my other girlfriends - Bali Excellent Drivers. As my girlfriend's flight timing is different from mine, our driver, Komang, was still ... read more
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -2
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -3
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -4

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta May 23rd 2013

Arriving back at Suji Bungalow in Bali was bittersweet. Bitter because, on one hand, it was the end of the trip. The end of all three of us hanging out together all day every day, the end of lazy days aboard a dive boat, the end of an adventure. On the other hand, sweet because it was a relief that we had pulled off a backpacking trip with our 10-month old baby without incident. We just had one more day left and then the dreaded 30 hour flight back home. We spent our final day escaping the humidity and craziness of Kuta by taking a private car and driver up to the rice terraces of Ubud. We headed out to see some of the steepest terraces first, just a short way north of Ubud just in ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta May 6th 2013

A Chip Off the Old Block Everyone else travels to Hawaii or the East Coast with a new baby. We, of course, in true Scott and Sharon style, had to choose somewhere a little more adventurous. Indonesia it was, with most of our time spent on Komodo and Sulawesi. For some reason, when Scott suggested that I go a week ahead of him to get Kyla time adjusted, I thought it sounded like a good idea. As the time approached, however, I wasn’t so sure. 30 hours in transit with a 10-month old suddenly seemed more daunting than exciting. On a cold and gray Sunday, Scott dropped us off for the 6:40pm airport bus from Carpinteria. That was the first time that I had actually carried everything at once: my big backpack, a shoulder bag, a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 26th 2013

With our final 2 weeks in Asia approaching, us 3 girls were extremely excited to be making our way to Bali for two weeks of beaches, sunshine and surfer perving after having spent most of our time since Thailand within towns and cities. Our flight to Indonesia was departing from Singapore so we headed down with afew days spare to see what the city had to offer. Sometimes when I write up these blogs, I struggle to fit just a weeks activity into one entry but in this case, while I am sure that sitting back in snowy England, you would love to hear the fine details of our every movement from sun lounger to beach lounger to vodka to club, I will condense our last two and a half weeks in Asia to a briefer ... read more
Merlion, Singapore
Legian Beach
Rosani Hotel

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 25th 2013

De Padang Bay je me suis rendu à Kuta, Kuta c’est un bout de Jakarta, avec son trafic et sa pollution que l’on aurait posé au bord de l’eau. Kuta se trouve à l’est de Bali tout prêt de l’aéroport de Denpasar, la porte d’entrée de l’île, La ville est réputée pour être le repère des backpackers avec ses nombreux bars et logements à petits prix. Pas de chance pour moi durant la période des fêtes les prix triplent et c’est la lutte pour trouver ne serait-ce qu’une toute petite chambre….Réservez donc bien à l’avance ou préparez-vous à sortir le porte-monnaie ! Kuta c’est aussi le repère des Aussies, les Australiens qui viennent semer la débauche loin de chez eux. Pour eux Bali c’est un peu l’équivalent du spring break et Kuta leur Cancun. On les ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta February 22nd 2013

As I travel I start to get critical, I can't admire everything I see any more :) At first any new place seems great. But as you gain experience you start to see + and – , not just everything WOW. I've just arrived in Kuta and was so surprised at what I saw here. I had such beautiful pictures of this place in my memory from my first visit. It was about 3 years ago, on my first trip. Everything seemed so bright, exotic and wonderful. And now I saw the shabby building of the airport that reminded me of dirty Kathmandu. I saw dust in the streets, importunate traders and taxi drivers, every 2 minutes someone shouts to you “yes! transport! motorbike!”. The Kuta beach… sand turned out to be grey with quite a ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta February 10th 2013

Gods Waiting Room And I'm well and trully confirmed to be in it. Strolling the streets of Kuta, I find myself receiving offers not of sex,jig-a-jig,mariuana,cocaine, ecstacy or even a lift on a motorbike. No, bloggees, this grizzle haired, sunken cheeked road weary traveller is being offered VIAGRA!. The apalling brass faced cheek of it. My ego, such as it was has been comprehensively de-tumesced as you might say. Deflated certainly. Impotent rage would be too pale a description ( as well as a bad pun) And all for Viagra. It's old hat. Used more on high altitude ascents then 3 in a bed romps these days. Bali hawkers clearly havn't heard if Cialis yet. That'll do 3 in a bed for 3 days! Or. if taken sequentially, can offer you the eye-popping 1 week w..k! ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta December 13th 2012

Hello - us again! Despite a delayed entry into Bali, we had an incredible time. Loving the heat as we got off the plane, our taxi journey proved rather chaotic - apparently its normal to have 4 cars across 2 lanes with mopeds going either way all around us. Georgia did not believe we would actually arrive at the hotel. But we did. The hotel was so lovely (thank you mummy sue!) and did great breakfasts - not that Max would know, sleeping in until 2 one day! Sophie and Georgia on the other hand, took full advantage of it as we couldn't afford to eat for the rest of the day. The pool was great with little islands and bridges on it. We spent most of the day there recovering from nights out in Kuta ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta November 5th 2012

My flight from Seoul to Bali was delightful. I got a fair amount of actual sleep and awoke pretty much as we arrived in Bali. It was around 11pm so the lines weren't too bad. I got a "visa on arrival" for 30 days for $25 dollars, then went through passport control and customs and out to the waiting heat. I took a fixed price cab to my hostel which we found after driving up and down the street it was on multiple times due to the lack of lights. When I got there everyone was out in the garden drinking as it was someone's going away party who had been staying there for two months. I grabbed a drink and hung out until it was time to go out. We started at Apache, a reggae ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta October 1st 2012

Saa blev det sidste dag her paa Bali, i morgen gaar turen videre til Thailand. Her har vi vaeret de sidste 14 dage. Vi har rigtig faaet slappet af og nydt at det har vaeret lidt mere turistet:) Men vi har selvfoelgelig ogsaa vaeret ude og se oeen. Vi havde lejet en taxa for en dag som saa kunne koere os rundt. Her startede vi med at se to templer. Her paa oeen er de hinduer og har derfor en helt masse templer. Herefter koerte vi op til en kaffeplantage, hvor de laver verdens dyreste kaffe 2500 pr. kg. Grunden til dette er at de plukker kaffeboennerne og giver dem til et yderst klamt dyr der ligner lidt en blandning af en rotte og en abe. Dette dyr vaelger saa de bedste boenner og spiser dem, ... read more
andet tempel

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