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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta May 10th 2014

So after our eventful journey the day before we hoped for an easier day travelling to Bali. It didn't happen. We got up at 6 and jumped on the first bus down to Probolingo, arrived and got on a local bus to the train station booked tickets and waited an hour for the train. Our spirits were high. The train was even on time which is a novelty for Asia! We got off at the end of the line and walked to the boat to cross over to Bali. We then sat on the boat for an hour waiting to dock. By the time we arrived it was dark. The last leg of the journey was a bus to Denpasar. It was horrendously slooooow! As it was a local bus it stopped every time there was ... read more
Bombing memorial

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta April 22nd 2014

And so it almost comes a full circle. Some 23 months ago, on the fifth day of my Southeast Asian adventure, I crossed the straits from Eastern Java to Bali and arrived in Kuta. 23 months later, and nearing the end of my two year sojourn, I'm back again on the island paradise. Finishing off from the Visayas in Central Philippines, I took the flight back home for a quick week's break in Singapore, before heading back to beautiful Bali. This time though I came with a more defined agenda -- a good friend was getting married. While both bride and groom are from Singapore, they'd decided to hold the wedding reception in Bali. And who could blame them? If there were a more idyllic location within a few hours flight from Singapore, well I don't ... read more
The Long March
Seafood BBQ @ Jimbaran
Amana Resort, Uluwatu

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 31st 2014

With sadness, I left the charming and chill Koh Tao on March 23rd, with my SSI Open Water diving certification complete, and took a ferry to the port of Chumphon, and from there an overnight train to Bangkok. My sickness came back with a bit of a vengeance, and I didn't sleep well on the train bunk here due to both my cough and the rough ride, so I’m pretty much running on fumes arriving in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. I just chugged a few coffees and cruised the town and beach on my first day, and that's probably all I've got in me. In resort areas in developing countries, it's pretty hilarious to see prices 5x what they are 2 blocks away. Here on the beach strip, prices are like $5-$10 for mains, yet a local ... read more
Galaxy's shroom shake
Seminyak Beach

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 29th 2014

7th March, arrived late on the 6th but checked into my hotel sometime after midnight, I slept on the plane so wasn’t tired. Met two Americans in my dorm who had just got back from the Casino and were topping there alcohol up before heading out again as it was one of their birthdays, this was around 1 am, they were really nice and did invite me but I had only just arrived, so declined. They got in at 5 and discussed that one of them had punched the other in the face, lol. Hotel is next to a bar called ‘Jess Pub’ amazing! Woke around 9.30am as someone was getting up, good job or I may have slept all day! Headed out about 11am after breakfast to the MRT (tube) station near me in search ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 23rd 2014

Our final week in Bali was fun and busy as we tried to fit everything in one last time (especially the massages)! To us, Bali seems to be all about special cultural celebrations. Just about every time we are out and about we come upon a gathering of some kind often related to the Hindu religion or a moon phase. There are hundreds of temples and shrines around. Every home seems to have one in their yard. As well, each village has a temple and there are the larger district temples of which families and clans have their own smaller temple inside. You see people coming and going to the temples with offerings and incense all day long in every part of Bali whether it's a large temple or a small offering on the beach. We ... read more
The Indian Ocean from Kuta Beach
New Bali Dress
Beach Vendor Friends

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 20th 2014

Geo: -8.72412, 115.17Unless you are a surfer seeking out the world class breakers of Bali's Ulawatu Beach, Kuta is the most popular beach strip tourist destination in Bali. That is, if you are looking for a location which provides sun, sand, and seaside beach culture, as well as a zillion shopping opportunities from low to very high end, and a full range of spas, restaurants, and bars, all congested together in a strip of land that borders the ocean for more than a few kilometres. Every inch of land space in Kuta, Bali, is developed, and its beaches are similarly covered three umbrellas deep as far as the eye can see. If I could take you back, just for a moment, to recall the family of goats and herd of water buffalo that passed by "my ... read more
It Goes on Forever
Beachside Lounging
Beachside Musical Interlude

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 15th 2014

Our holiday in Bali continues! This week we had the chance to catch a glimpse of family life in Bali. We were very fortunate and honoured to be invited to Ane's home (Ane is the lovely lady who sells drinks on the beach and supplies chairs and umbrellas to the tourists). She has become a friend and we enjoy sitting at her place for a few hours everyday and have some good conversations. She has picked up some english just by dealing with the tourists so we are able to visit quite well. Anyway, she wondered if we would like to come to her home and visit her family. Of course we jumped at the chance. Her husband and older son (17 yrs) picked us up at the beach and drove us a few kilometres on ... read more
Youngest son playing the drum
Ulundanu Temple
Tanah Lot Temple

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 5th 2014

3-4 mars (Kuta, ile de Bali, Indonesie) On est en basse saison a Bali. Il y a trop de commerces pour le peu de touristes dans les quartiers. Les gens sont insistants: "Come my shop! Come my shop! Welcome my friend! Want Foot massage? Rafting? Look my shop!" Ca me rappelle la Thailande tout ca. Alors que je me fais dorloter sur une table de massage (5$ pour 1 heure. Qui dit mieux?) , une balinaise s'offre pour me couper les ongles pour quelques dollars... et une autre veut m'epiler la poitrine (!)... et l'autre qui veut me pedicurer aussi... tout en meme temps!! "Haircut? More handsome man with haircut." A la nuit tombee, l'artere principale s'envenime et la fete s'allume comme un feu. Chaos. La frenesie s'empare des bars et des clubs plus bruyants des ... read more
Tite grenouille
Mais qui exactement veut s'acheter une grosse quequette en bois pour ouvrir sa biere?

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta March 1st 2014

Well here we are in Bali. Hope everyone is surviving the wicked cold if you're back home. Think spring!! We had a smooth trip down to Bali from Thailand flying from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur and onto Bali in a few hours. The first thing we noticed was the humidity compared to the dry heat we experienced in Thailand. Bali is on the end of the rainy season and rains often through the night but is clear and sunny during the day. We're very happy with our Balinese style cottage hotel. The buildings and grounds are decorated in marble, carved wood and fancy concrete mouldings. The pool just outside our room is surrounded by lots of greenery and shrubs. For me it is paradise as I am a pool conisure! Our cottage is spacious, clean and ... read more
Kuta Beach
Buying shorts and getting a foot scrub!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta February 23rd 2014

Bali is very near to Australia. It is cheap in comparison. The laundry list in the hotel features 'singlets'. Not everyone feels it necessary to wear this garment for breakfast! We are always asked if we are Australian. There are three main obvious differences: We lie and fry in the sun all day, they stay in the shade We do not drink bintang from 10am and everywhere - in the street and in the pool (glass bottles!) We READ as we fry, not one Australian appears to have brought a book with them Kuta is most definitely the Balinese equivalent of Benidorm for the Aussies. I still like it though! We went down to the beach for the sunset - great atmosphere, really chilled.The sea here looks great for bodyboarding - maybe another time. The swimmers ... read more
Crowd on Kuta Beach for the sunset

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