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November 10th 2014
Published: November 11th 2014
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I am a Thai woman, who lives in Australia, who decided to take a holiday in Bali with my Aussie friends. I had visited back in 2002, and I loved it. Bali has become a popular location on a global level because of its beaches, heritage, rich culture and history. Additionally, the people are friendly and the weather is perfect.

Bali has famously been known as the Island of the Godsbecause of the rich variety of hills, mountains, sandy beaches and rugged coastlines. The area has a deeply spiritual and unique culture. People have access to top-notch surfing and diving adventures.

When my friends and I traveled to Bali over New Year's, we had no idea what we were in for. Bali has something for everyone, and while it is a heavily traveled destination, people can still locate peace and quiet. However, having been here before, I told my friends that we should avoid the southern section of the island to get the most authentic and traditional Balinese experience.

What we loved about Bali was that the discounts and accommodation were outstanding for the price. We’ve booked the room through Their provided information was very useful for us. However, Bali's most famous attractions are the numerous Hindu temples. Legislature requires through customary law that every village construct and support a minimum of three temples. The best part about this is that Balinese Temple design is influenced by local geography, which means that no two temples look the same. My friends and I visited the Directional Temples, also referred to as Kayangan Jagat, which are Balinese sea temples that left us awestruck.

Next, we visited Kuta Beach . The surf of this area came in long symmetrical breaks. Some say this is where the tourism in Bali began. The locals sell beer, soft drinks and treats. Additionally, you can rent a surfboard at amazing prices, which is what my friends and I did. It was after leaving Kuta Beach that my three friends and I got into a severe car accident. We had heard that traffic accidents in Bali had increased, but we had no idea that we would become a statistic. Because of the lack of good transport in Bali, the police are not over selective about people who ride scooters in the area. The lack of good public transportation has led to infamously bad road congestion.

We were leaving the parking lot of Kuta Beach and pulling onto the main road when a drunk driver struck us from the driver's side. My friend Mia, the one behind the steering wheel, got it the worst. She broke a few ribs, both legs and her right arm. While healthcare and emergency facility standards have improved in the area, they are still below the standard of medical assistance we could receive in Australia. Mia had to be medically evacuated from the country, and it was a good thing we bought travel insurance. However, from our experience, we highly recommend that you check your policy, and make sure it pays for medical evacuation. If we had not been carrying that insurance policy, Mia's evacuation alone would have cost $47,000 out of pocket.

After the accident, I looked into personal injury lawyers who could manage a claim in Bali but in the end I contacted my husband's lawyer at Carter Capner in Brisbane. As far as compensation lawyers go, he helped us to get the money we needed to cover ourselves. It was thanks to a competent lawyer and travel insurance that our Bali experience did not become an expensive nightmare. I teared up while profusely thanking him when we won our case. Our enjoyment of Bali was cut short, but that does not mean that every person will have a car accident. However, it is always a good idea to take precautions.

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