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July 17th 2009
Published: July 19th 2009
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Sanur to Kuta

Saturday, July 18th

We left Sanur early and headed for Kuta, Bali's party town, located to the west of Denpasar. If you're looking for a party scene with drunken college kids and surfers, this is the place for you. We, however, only came to drop off the Jimny and see what it's like before leaving Bali. Most importantly, it's conveniently close to the airport.

On the way we took a wrong turn and ended up at a big surf shop. We both needed a pair of long trousers for NZ so we checked it out. Talita got very cheap jeans and Ferdi got a pair of cargo pants. Then we continued on to Kuta. We drove around and around and around, trying to orientate ourselves. Finally we got our bearings but then missed the turn-off because we were looking for a road when it was actually an alley.
Kuta is a mess of small streets crammed with traffic, vendors, taxis, massage parlours, tattoo studios, surf shops and tourists. We're glad we're only here for two nights. We parked and walked around looking for a room. Every place we asked was either too expensive or full. After asking a bunch of

Waiting to give away our Jimny
places we found a hotel with room available. It was much cheaper than the other places we asked but still double what we wanted to pay. We didn't have much option so we checked in. We went back to unload our luggage and surrender the Jimny. We'll miss our trusty little machine.

After checking in we got into a bit of a tiff. As always, these fights are about stupid, pointless things that seem so very important at the time. We took a time-out and for the first time on the trip, we went our separate ways, hoping to find some clarity. Ferdi went walking on the beach and Talita hung around the hotel. We'd been each others only company for nearly six months and a bit of "Cabin fever” was bound to set in. It's also hard to communicate properly when you're so overwhelmed by the chaos around you.
Neither of us liked it on our own so Ferdi brought donuts as a peace offering and we talked it out. Being married isn't always easy, but it's still the best thing in the whole world!

With that sorted we went to explore a bit. We felt adventurous and decided to check out a tattoo studio. We spent a long time in there, looking through their portfolio, chatting to the owner and meeting his artist. These guys are really good! When we walked in we were thinking of getting something small, but after seeing their work we were inspired. We really wanted to get tattoos, but what to get? Usually we spend about two years deciding and designing them... Mmmm...

We decided to have lunch and think about it cause there was just too many ideas floating around inside our heads. After lunch, too tired to think straight, we headed back to our hotel. On the way we asked at the tattoo studio for a price estimate and were shocked to discover that they charge more than three times what it cost in SA. Guess who's not getting tattoos?

We had a nap, watched a terrible movie on TV, then braved the streets once more in search of dinner. We had salad in the hopes of getting off the slippery slope we find ourselves on. Asia has been too kind to us and it's starting to show (in the waist area).
Afterwards we walked the streets looking for a few more items. Ferdi finally bought a beautiful guitar (see picture) and we both got light-weight hammocks. Soon we were sick of the harassment and hurried home.

Today's highlights:
1. Surviving our first day in Kuta.
2. Getting the guitar and hammocks.

Sunday, July 19th

This morning we were determined to find a couple of long sleeve T-shirts for NZ. This sounds easier than it is. Some shops had a few but not in the right sizes. We found a shop with a small selection and Talita negotiated four shirts for a quarter of the price of one. We wonder if anyone actually buys anything at the prices these people start negotiating at. It's at least five times the going rate (usually more).

We walked all over Kuta and also visited the Bomb Memorial dedicated to those who died in the 2002 bombing here in Kuta. There was also a bomb attack here in 2005 and last Friday there was an attack in Jakarta. It's a good thing we're getting out of here tomorrow night.

We spent a while cooling off in the pool, had lunch, then watched a bit of TV and had a nap. We were suffering from detox headaches and not in the mood for much of anything. That's what we get for trying to be healthier!

After dragging ourselves out of bed we went for dinner and then blogged a bit. We’re very excited about New Zealand and can’t wait to get there!

Today's highlights:
1. Finding cheap long sleeve T-shirts.
2. Relaxing in the pool.

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Ferdi's new guitarFerdi's new guitar
Ferdi's new guitar

a little hard to get high notes

19th May 2011

thankyou.. Helpful info
Hi... I am currently organinsing a trip to Bali for October of this year. For myself and 2 sons (6 and 15years). I am going for 10/11 days and was thinking of spending half the time in Sanur and the other half in South Kuta or legian. After reading your blog i think it sounds best to stay in Sanur for the first half of the trip. This way we can ease into the bali way of life and surroundings ( and mum can chill a bit lol). Then on the 6th day head into the hussle bussle and do all the tourist stuff with the kids for the rest of the holiday. How does this sound to you guys?? Thanks again :-)
3rd June 2011

Your trip
We agree with you. Kuta is good to experience but not a place we'd like to stay. If you can you should visit Ubud. It's a bit touristy, but offers something unlike anything else in Bali. Enjoy every moment of your trip!

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