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January 6th 2009
Published: January 30th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Well - finally I will update you a little more about our trip and promise to try to get a bit more on here in the next couple of days....

We arrived in Bali having confirmed the hotel reservation whilst in transit in Singapore (nothing like cutting it fine!). We were collected at the airport by the hotel transport (we're having a couple of luxury days at Febris hotel and spa). As we made it to the hotel for 8pm we just relaxed and had dinner - gloating to each other about how nice the room was with its fresh flowers and huge balcony. Our relaxing was a little short lived when we headed for bed!!! As Pete turned a key in the lock I could tell by the look on his face that something wasnt right...He then held up half a key at which point I realised he'd used the key for the padlock to open the door and being flimsy it had snapped off in the Lock!! Why did this have to happen when we're in the posh place I say as pete heads off for help! After about half an hour of trying to pick the lock with paper clips (receptions suggestion!) and strange looks from other guests we asked for further help. A security guy and the hotel owner appeared, fiddled with the locks and shimmied into the room via a small window above the door.. After an hour or so of gentle persuasion the door wasnt opening and brute force was called for. So at about midnight in this nice hotel (that has signs saying please have consideration for other guests and keep noise down after 10pm) these guys started hammering and kicking the door open. Some 10 minutes later they triumphantly let me into the room and installed a new lock. I'm mortified because of the noise and damage and Pete's really embarrased (of course a few days later and having received the bill for just $15 we laughed about it!).

Kuta's not really my kind of holiday destination - a bit Blackpool for me, the funfair, shops, and brightly lit bars! We explored the town, beaches and paid our respects at the monument for the victims of the Bali bombings. Other than that I think its a place for surfers and clubbers?? I think if I was here with girlies we'd be out dancing but Pete's dodgy foot just wont hack it!

What I really did enjoy though was our pampering day. Half a day to truly indulge...Jacuzzi, herbal sauna, foot bath, balinese massage, body wash and scrub, moisturising and facial...finished off with a flower bath where I was given chocolate brownies and ginger tea while in the tub. Pete was similarly pampered (the mens version) but was slightly put of by the black papers pants (Pete says its a thong!) they produced for us to wear!!! He got over it...

Weather in Bali is a mixed bag so far - there are sunny periods throughout the day but during the evening there have been huge downpours...I'm topping up the tan nicely though.


30th January 2009

Guess what!
I am having a chocolate labrador pup. I am going to see it tomorrow and i can have it when it's six weeks old on March 3rd so it will be here when you get home.

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