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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani July 16th 2019

Apart from Tana Toraja, one other place in Indonesia known for its unusual death rituals is the village of Trunyan, which is located along the shores of Lake Batur, about an hour north of Ubud. This village is unique because, unlike other Balinese who typically cremate their dead, they leave their dead out to decompose next to a sacred tree. The tree is said to mask the smell of the decomposing corpses. I’d been to Bali four times before and I’ve always wanted to visit this site, but each time I put off going there because it was difficult and expensive to get to. This time round, with Trixie in tow, I bit the bullet and booked a trip with a local tour company. Our driver and guide met us near our accommodation at Penestanan, and ... read more
Trunyan Cemetary
Trunyan Cemetery
Trunyan Cemetery

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani May 17th 2018

Just finished having my “Royal full body massage “ and finishing in time to catch “happy hour” at the poolside bar to enjoy my new favourite “Arak Madur”. The massage took 1 hour and 45 minutes and I have never felt better. Cost was a measly $57 so will likely do that again before we fly out next week. Our favourite bartender, Budi, told us it is unusual for guests to stay for 2 weeks. It seems like all hotel staff have memorized our names and they check in regularly to see how our day has gone. I went down early for breakfast today and the waiter said “ good morning Mr. Brent....where is Missy Dianne?” We must be sure to tip them well in the next few days as everyone has gone out of ... read more
Side street
Bali toilets
Taman Ayun Temple entrance

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani April 29th 2012

Jati Luwih - largest rice terrance - totally massive. green green green. Here you're either a farmer of a trader. Every household has a temple - over 2000 temples in Bali alone. Befriended some monkeys at the monkey temple. I'm growing to like our primate friends Royal temple - check then to Tanah lot - this is where i nearly drowned swimming out to the templ on the sea, named the rocky temple. I felt pretty rock once i managed it back with rice stuck to my face and a soggy flower falling from behind my ear Nonetheless... still beautiful xx... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani October 25th 2011

AS WE NEARED MUNDUK I breathed a sigh of relief – no more tourists, no more shops, no more people asking if we need transport - just the mountains, the mist, and us. It was the perfect place to relax, recuperate, and sip coffee while staring into the distance. So, that’s what we did. Munduk is a teeny tiny little village clinging to the slope of a mountainside in northern Bali. The village itself consists of only a couple small stands selling necessities, a few warungs and several home stays – all with breathtaking views. There are no attractions in Munduk other than nature, which for me are the best kind. Several waterfalls, coffee plantations, and a few rice fields are nestled in amongst the mountains. We chose a cute little collection of bungalows to ... read more
Village Of Munduk
Rainy Gardens

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani July 31st 2011

Bargaining - In Tulamben we didn’t need to bargain much. Matahari Dive Resort had everything we needed at really good prices. When we left Tulamben for Kintamani I realized my bargaining skills were not up to par. This realization occurred when we stopped at a fruit market on the side of the road. I chose some purple mangosteens (most delicious fruit on the planet) and asked how much. 30,000 Rupiah! I should have said “too expensive” and walked away but I really wanted the Mangosteens. I paid the equivalent of 4 bucks for 6 mangosteins! From that point I decided to put my foot down. The next day we went to a buffet lunch that was a set price of 80,000 Rupiah (10 USD), which is way too expensive for Bali. I said this out loud ... read more
Lake/Volcano Batur
Hot Springs
Lake Batur

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani June 27th 2011

Monday, 27th June 2011 I was up at 3am this morning, ready for my quest to the top of Mount Batur (1,717m) on our sunrise trekking tour. My guesthouse owner, Mr Gomeng and his son were also up early. Together, the 3 of us made our way to the town of Kintamani, about an hour’s drive from Ubud. Along the way, we were greeted by the cool morning breeze and the traffic-free conditions that made driving a real pleasure. By 4am, we had reached the base at the Office of the Association of Mount Batur Trekking Guides. The starting point was roughly 1,000m above sea level. After parting 260,000 rupiahs (SGD 38) as part of the steep admission and guide fees, we started our 700m ascend to the top of Gunung Batur. The target was to ... read more
The misty weather on top
Mount Batur from afar
Lake Batur

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani June 23rd 2010

A number of farms in the Tampaksiring-Kintamani area north of Ubud have realized that there are any number of visitors who have a deep interest in chocolate, coffee, and spices. These farms are open to the public, usually for free, figuring, and rightly so, that you will buy some of their products directly from the farm. My driver took me to Santi Agrowisata on the way back from seeing the holy springs at Tirta Empul, and I’m glad he did. With me, if you say coffee and cocoa in the same sentence, my little ears perk right up. Unlike rice cultivation, which requires dedicated fields, at Santi Agrowisata the plants are intercropped. That means that as you walk the shady paths you will find coffee plants next to vanilla beans around the corner from cocoa plants, ... read more
Cocoa pod
Coffee beans

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani April 5th 2010

Today was the day that I had scheduled my “gently downhill” bike tour with Bike-Baik Bali Countryside Tours. I chose this particular company because it came highly recommended by Lonely Planet and through customer reviews but most importantly because it supports an English language education program for a local school. Whenever possible I always try to find tours or hotels that support a local cause ... such an easy way to give back to the country that has so warmly taken you in. So it was only fitting that the tour would start with a quick stopover to the school that is the beneficiary of this support from Bike-Baik to go say hello to the kids. I have always wanted to visit a school so I was thrilled when he announced that it was our first ... read more
Bali Day 3 002
Bali Day 3 003
Bali Day 3 004

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani June 25th 2009

Day Two - 25 June 09 A sunny day, our highlight for today is Goa Gajah Temple, Kintamani, Titra Empul Temple, Tegallalang and end stop at Ubud. On the way to Goa Gajah Temple, we dropped by at Batik Factory, Painting House, Celuk Village, famous with its Gold and Silver work and Mas Village, a wood crafting center. We are introduced to the many varied faces of Bali. Goa Gajah Temple is also known as Elephant Cave, one of the oldest relics in Bali. The whole area is sectioned off into several chambers, each dedicated to a different god or goddess; we took more than one hour to explore the whole area. One the major spot is the famous religious bath side, believed to be separated for both men and women for sacred cleaning ceremony. Another ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kintamani November 12th 2007

I think we were surprised to learn that Bali was not typically Indonesian but an unusual island with a mixture of Hindi and indigenous culture. Bali is an anomaly – not only is it the only Hindu enclave in the world’s biggest Muslim nation, but the Hinduism practised here would be unrecognisable in India, flavoured as it is by Buddhism and, more significantly, animism. The people of Bali worship the big things - the trees, rocks and, most importantly, the mountain. We left the boat by tender and landed at a resort village where we were greeted by an extremely friendly reception organised by the ship's agents, but also to unbelievable levels of hassle by local sales people, of which more later. We were herded onto the coach for the tour (we had used some more ... read more
M at Penglipuran Village -  Wood Carving Compound
Bali -  M with Batur Lake in Background
Bali -  Batur Volcano

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