A lovely walk, a good lunch, and a lot of rain

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May 26th 2013
Published: October 1st 2017
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It was very humid and still this morning, and Paul still wasn't feeling well, so we spent the morning swimming, reading, and just chilling. Keegan left at 7am to go to Jakarta to visit a friend for the day (really; our jet-set kids), and Pas came over around 10am after brekkies. (For brekkies, we ordered our meals last night, and two chefs arrived this morning to cook it for us.) The power was out for 30-45 minutes, but the pool still worked, so I was fine. I went skinny-dipping, as we seemed to have perfect privacy. And, as we all know, bathing suits are the product of the devil. I visited Pas' hotel, which has a lovely garden but the rooms are less interesting for hanging out. Beautiful doors, though.

In the late morning, we decided to stroll along the beach. The beach is about a block away with easy access. We headed south-ish, away from the airport, mostly because the sun would then be at our backs. After passing a couple of hotels (the Orient Express, the Intercontinental), we arrived at a string of cafes. They were just setting up tables on the beach, and the interior of each café looked dark and uninviting. Plus, it was so still and SO humid and SO hot that I could not imagine enjoying lunch there. So we turned around and walked back towards our hotel.

While we strolled towards the airport, it became progressively breezier and cooler, so we kept walking past our road towards another set of restaurants. The first one had a friendly greeter, a menu that looked identical to all other menus at the cafes, and open tables on the beach, so we opted to eat there. The tuna was very fresh and quite tasty, as were the other dishes we ordered. While we ate, we watched a storm develop on the horizon, then head towards the airport. The planes had been landing from the sea and taking off towards the hills, and, at some point, the direction of traffic was reversed, and the planes were taking off towards the sea. The storm grew larger and larger but seemed mostly to be heading away from us … until we had finished our lunch and our beer, then it began drifting up the beach. We quickly paid our bill as the storm front hit, then hoofed it back to our hotel. The last few meters, the rain began to fall in noticeable drops, but we made it back to the safety of our villa right before the skies opened and it poured.

It rained steadily all afternoon, so we just chilled in the living room, reading, organizing our photos, and chatting. We ordered room service for dinner.

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