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September 22nd 2010
Published: September 22nd 2010
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How much?

20,000 Rp ($2.50)




Such is life on Bali. Persistent. Waves of water. Waves of kindness. And yes, waves of offers.

These days (I'm aware this is my first blog entry) I'm resting my head in the one-dimensional outpost of Balangan on the Bukit Peninsula. Bukit is a very popular surf destination for everyone who comes through Bali. It has some of the most famous waves in all of Indonesia, and therefore, some of the most frustrating crowds.

I'm staying at a family run lodge, (does it need walls to be considered so?), on the beach. It has a floor. And a roof. My room has a bed. And a fan. Surfboards, leashes, and drying supplies, litter the remaining space. Travelers from France, Austria, Australia, and Brazil share the day's events. The family (as most everyone) are wonderful. They are Mama, Papa, Sunny, and Wayan.

This is at least the 5th Wayan I've met in 10 days. And it isn't a gender specific name. Wayan told me about a good motorbike deal in Kuta. Another
My sweet ass rideMy sweet ass rideMy sweet ass ride

Traded it even up for the van.
Wayan rented it to me. Wayan offered me a massage on the beach. Then her mother, Wayan, offered me one too. And now I'm staying with Wayan, her husband Sunny, and Sunny's guessed it, Mama and Papa.

Here in Balangan, most people come and go-- mainly visiting for the day. There are exceptions. Rasta has been here off and on for 10 months. The 23 year old dread-locked Australian (whom everyone calls fact I don't even know his actual name) says he's worked 15 days in the last three years. Nicky is from Switzerland and has been here 4 months, and will be here another 2 before heading to visit and travel with Rasta. The three of us spend our down time playing cards and listening to music. (There is a stereo with an ipod hook-up!!!) Everyone has a bill book, where you right down what you take--beer, water, etc... and if you want something to eat you just tell Wayan or Mama.

My day begins one of three ways. 1.) Surf. 2.) Eat a pancake. 3.) Yoga. Drink Nescafe is an accompaniment to the pancake, of course. Whichever comes first, the others follow. This
Kuta Beach Kuta Beach Kuta Beach

isn't a bid for jealousy. It's just the way it is.

My trip began in much different fashion in the chaotic jumble of Kuta-- a sea of vendors, crazed drivers, and drunk vacationers. (See beach photo for verification.) Here, I spent four days haggling for a surfboard, securing a motorbike, and opening a hole in my pocket, through which my money had an easier escape route. Everything costs more in Kuta. Whereas in Balangan I spend less the $20 a day, Kuta was more like $75. Yikes.

I'm going to keep this short because, well, my fingers aren't used to this kind of work. All is well here in Bali, and I'm so grateful you are reading this blog. Subscribe if you want, write comments (I love them), but either way-- thank you.

Additional photos below
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Just like thisJust like this
Just like this

Just pop up. It's easy. Take board. Paddle. Stand up. Good time.
A little tree trimmingA little tree trimming
A little tree trimming

Just don't look down.

Popular surf break...when there's swell. Huge resort development:(
Harpoon fishingHarpoon fishing
Harpoon fishing

Papa with the days' catch. Harpoon fishing off the reef.

Daily Hindu OfferingDaily Hindu Offering
Daily Hindu Offering

You see these everywhere. Sometimes dogs eat the flowers.
Home sweet homeHome sweet home
Home sweet home

Suzuke's. I still don't know who Suzuke is.
When the tide is outWhen the tide is out
When the tide is out

The birds come out to play.
Sunny's businessSunny's business
Sunny's business

Anticipating disaster.
Simply effectiveSimply effective
Simply effective

I like that room is listed fourth. And I've never known there to be a seafood bbq. Though I'm hopeful.
Rain, rain, go awayRain, rain, go away
Rain, rain, go away

Mama waiting to put out the days offering. The offering gets put anywhere in front of a dwelling.
Not the biggestNot the biggest
Not the biggest

Or the best. But a wave nonetheless. It was the biggest day so far. Maybe double overhead. This is a very fast lefthander. It's a get up and grab the rail wave. (For us regular footers).
My roomMy room
My room

That's it.

22nd September 2010

just like this...not so easy
What about the part where the instructor tells you "if you miss a wave (and crash), hold onto the board, don't fight the wave, and you will spin like a washing machine a few times under water before popping up"...or is that instruction only reserved for sister from brother? Glad you're having a relaxing (yet enjoyable) time!
22nd September 2010

Happy Ending? Hmmmm.... How much? Thanks for posting this! I was just thinking about how things might be going for you. It looks like you've settled in nicely.
22nd September 2010

So excited to get the blog. Pictures are great. I was just reading about the naming of the children and the daily offerings. I'm glad you left the book. I'm learning so much about what you're experiencing. I actually wish we could experience it ourselves. mom
23rd September 2010

Great to hear from you
only 5 offers for a massage? It seem that everyone gives massages in Asia! Great to hear you are getting settled in. How did you get the picture of you surfing? Life is pretty simple over there. Excited to hear more about your travels. take care of yourself!!!!

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