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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Amed April 16th 2023

Imagine, we have been living in Bali since September/October...times fly isn't it! Rainy season start here around November and is over normally in early April. This is very different for example with Bangkok, where the rainy season is going from early may till end of November. I've lived 20 years in Asia, so can admit that rainy season is more than an habit by now. The rainy season in Bali is actually pretty nice with most rain occurring during the night...while we are deep in bed! Till, travelling around during the rainy season is not the we waited April patiently. As you may imagine, this doesn't mean there is no travelling. I was in South Africa and Congo in March, plus Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok in early April! Amed is 75kms from road this ... read more
Diving the USS Liberty out of Tulamben...
Super nice lunch at Galagan...
Tirta Gangga, even with some rain, beautiful place...

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Amed March 27th 2023

Five years. I did not even realize it had been that long since we last immersed ourselves in the ocean depths with our scuba gear, until I went to fill out my dive log later and noted the date of our last dive: April 4, 2018. We had been booked to dive in 2019 but had to cancel our dive trip after we both got head colds, as one absolutely cannot dive when congested. In 2020 our dive trip was cancelled as we were required to return to Canada early because of the Covid call back. We had the privilege of being reintroduced to scuba with a refresher course from Phari, the same excellent dive instructor who first taught us and provided us with our PADI Dive Certification in 2014. That was nine years ago. We ... read more
A Very Fitting Anniversary Toast
Exhilarating Shipwreck Dive
Diving with Phari Again ❤️

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Amed January 6th 2020

In the search of the traditional side of Bali, we have been quite succesful by visiting Sudaji in the North and staying in the ricefields in Tampaksiring. So our last stop in Bali was planned in the south, well, in the south-east that means. Because the south-west (being the centre of the mass tourism industry) was a no-go area for us. For whatever reason we found the widespread village of Seraya on the rocky coast in the very east. We had a private driver (the owner of "our" treehouse in Tampaksiring) who took us to Seraya. It was a beautiful drive across the countryside from Tampaksiring via Gianyar, Sideman and Amlapura. We passed very nice villages. Our driver was supernervous as it was extremly windy that day. So a lot of branches from coconut trees fell ... read more
Black Sand Beach near Seraya
enjoying our welcome drink at the Frangipani Inn in Seraya
great view over the White Sand Beach

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Amed July 4th 2019

The hotel said they’d give us a free transfer to the train station. We’d double confirmed with them it would be there at 5am. The station was a good 10 minutes away and we had to swap our booking confirmation for a ticket. The train was at 5:25am. There was us and a security guard who couldn’t speak English in a dark lobby as the clock ticked and it became apparently our ride wasn’t showing. We hadn’t waited until much past 5am to start trying to engage him. We had not got up at that time in the morning to miss a comfortable train ride, to spend double the time on an uncomfortable bus. It became clear that he didn’t know what to do and was just hoping it was going to show. By ten past ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Amed June 8th 2018

After a chill day of browsing the local market for souvenirs and getting a massage, I went to bed early since my alarm was set for 1.45am: I was going to do a sunrise hike! At 2.15 we were picked up and by 4am we were hiking up Mount Batur. It was very steep and the way up consisted of a lot of loose stones that caused many people to slip very often - thank god for my hiking boots! Some steps were so high that the guides would pull us up. It was very cloudy but every now and then, the clouds faded and we could see a glimpse of the start of the sunrise. By the time we got to the top and the sun started to appear on the horizon, the clouds disappeared ... read more
Good morning sun ❤
Mount Agung
Made it!

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Amed September 23rd 2017

Gdy pierwszy raz doświadczy się trzęsienia ziemi, a nie ma ono zbyt dużej amplitudy, wzrasta respekt przed siłą matki natury. Jest trochę jak podmuch porządnego wiatru. Tylko trochę innego, bo drżą od niego szyby w oknach i trochę wariuje błędnik. Gdy wczoraj popołudniu przyjechaliśmy do Amed, w recepcji hotelu ostrzeżono nas, że możemy odczuwać lekkie drżenia ziemi, spowodowane wzrastającą akywnością wulkanu Agung. Lecz uspokojono nas, że strefa zagrożenia to okolo 13 km a my jesteśmy ok 20 km od wulkanu :). Poza tym lawa zazwyczaj spływa (ostatnio w 1963 roku) bardziej na wschód i północ od Amed. No to już zupełnie wyluzowani poszliśmy na kolację. Tu odczuliśmy pierwszy wstrząs. Po godzinie drugi, po dwóch trzeci i już miałem problem z zaśnięciem, ponieważ podczas kolacji dostaliśmy insrukcję jak się zachowac, gdy będą mocniejsze. Obserwując ludzi widzieliśmy w ... read more
Tritta Ganga
Tritta Ganga

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Amed October 22nd 2016

David here... We left Munduk on time when our taxi turned up at 11:00. We were both wanting to stay longer, but felt that we had done everything in the area and we like to leave somewhere wanting more. We appeared to have the safest driver in all of Asia driving us; not going too fast, overtaking at the right time, not on blind bends or hills. The journey to Lovina took just over an hour and took us right to the door of Villa Jaya. This was a little more expensive than previous hotels and included a pool as the standard in the area for our normal price range was not great. We had been led to believe that tourists in Lovina are literally hounded by touts and hotels to book on the tours and ... read more
Lovina - Its a hard life
Lovina - temple gate carvings
Lovina - scary dolphin arch

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Amed June 7th 2015

Sarah: I am writing this from our little beachside bungalow in Jemeluk Bay, in northeast Bali. After Tom and Jen left early Thursday morning, we spent Thursday deciding how to spend our days until we were due to hear from the bank about our swallowed bank card... We were both ready to leave Seminyak so on Friday morning a driver picked us up to take us on the three hour drive up the east coast. We arrived at lunchtime to our little beach bungalow and were met by an army of helpful faces. We settled down for a bite to eat at the cafe attached to our accommodation and were delighted to see that there was plenty of choice, all for less than £3 a dish. Nasi goreng and grilled calamari with rice were the orders ... read more
Snorkel face
Rice terraces near Tirtagangga
Nick at the Water Palace

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Amed March 5th 2015

Amed is located on the more remote east coast of Bali and is relatively new to tourism. It is renowned for its diving sites - particularly the Liberty wreck dive site to the U.S. cargo transport ship that was torpedoed by the Japanese during the Second World War - as well as for its prolific colourful fishing boats; and its black sand beaches. As were only able to spend a couple of days in Amed, we decided to dedicate one day to touring the coastline, and the other to diving. The roads, although narrow, were newly paved and not very busy, so we enjoyed a few hours of beautiful biking through rice fields and alongside those coal black sand beaches, which provided stunning backdrops for the vast collections of colourful fishing boats. These boats are tiny, ... read more
Colourful and Prolific
The Life of a Fisherman
Off to Another Day on the Ocean

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Amed June 16th 2014

If Ubud felt a bit centered around tourism, Amed at the east coast of Bali is even more so. While most things in Ubud seem to center around Balinese culture, in Amed it is all about beaches, snorkeling and diving. Most houses in the towns (the area consists of 7 separate towns, but as they are growing more and more into each other they are all referred to as Amed) are offering lodging, food, diving or all three of them. There are also a lot of fishers living there and many of the beaches are filled with fishing boats, but the tourists probably consume most of the days catch every evening. We had originally planned to try to find some kind of meditation and/or yoga center and spend some days snorkeling and stretching, but while googling ... read more
Amed - snorkeling at the Japanese wreck
Amed - say 'Aaa...!'
Gili Meno - Sun set

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